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  1. Thanks for the guide! I encountered a bug, maybe? When I was going for the Teleporting Technician trophy it didn't popped for me.
  2. Yes I confirmed it can only be done in only matches. Thankfully it wasn't as hard as i thought it would
  3. Can the Brainz Unattained and Paradise Paver be obtained by making a private match using the split screen with another controller? Don't really like to join public matches because I have a very bad aim 😓
  4. Yes it is! A lot of new players pop up since the new update and there are some nice vets that are willing to help out.
  5. I just beat the game on crushing difficulty and went ahead to get the speed-run related trophies when the game crashed and a "corrupted save file" message popped up on the screen and I'm locked out of tweaks when I ran it again. I know this means I have to start over again (╥_╥) but I want to know if my save files from UC2 are corrupted as well? I haven't beaten brutal trophy on that one yet
  6. Do I have to finish the game in one sitting once I use tweaks or can I use it whenever I want to continue where I left off? Asking in case the latter question might void me of getting the trophy.
  7. It's hard to find info about the missions list. Is the last mission in World 1 the mothership? Will there be a World level 2 after I beat it?
  8. It's not a glitch. When you jump off the batmobile, fire the line launcher and create a tightrope so you can "perch" on it.
  9. I find redirect quite useful (direction of enemy + X, X)
  10. Thanks for the guide, helped me with cleanup a lot but I'm missing 1 confetti from The Caverns. I've replayed the level multiple times now, double checking and collecting the now white confettis.. I'm sure I got everthing during the "falling part", where the scraps first showed up, the rolling on the rail sequence, when an X platform has touchpad jump, jumping from X to another X and the one from the end before entering The Lair. EDIT: I finally found it! TTATT I somehow missed it around an island with the pipes.
  11. My brother borrowed this game from a friend so I thought I check out the trophy guide first... seems daunting :S I sucked horribly with the RE remastered, did okay with 6, got nauseous with revelations so I dropped that but surprisingly did well with 7 lol. I'll give this one a shot and see how it goes.
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