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  1. This worked perfectly. I just got the platinum. For those who are not good at controlling or fighting, like me, you can definitely win those fights and the game in HARD mode with good preparation and strategy.
  2. Thanks for your explanations. So there are no differences between easy and hard difficulty of the chapter. I heard someone said it might be easier if loading the chapter with easy difficulty, even the fight is in hard mode. I guess he was wrong about it. I have been trying different strategies and following all videos I can find. It seems to be no way to beat bahamut if using more defensive ways with ice protection and I am not good at any pure attacking ways, as it requires timing correctly. I saw someone suggested using fire protection on armor. But Without ice protection, I couldn’t beat Shiva. Any suggestions?
  3. My question is if I load Chapter 17 on Easy difficulty, will those fights be easier? Thank you!
  4. Did it work for PS4 Pro? I just rented the game from Gamefly. Without the newest Patch (1.03?), it always showed the disc was not readable.... Not sure if the disc is damaged. I didn't see any scratches or dirty things on the disc. I wonder if PS4 Pro won't play the game without the latest patch???
  5. Have you got the 65 scenes yet? I need them too. Thanks. PSN: LINCONANANN
  6. My save corrupted after hours of play. :mad:So I started over and this time corrupted again around 6 hours of play. I gave up. Anyone here has the same problem for PS4 version?
  7. I played using PS Now. I didn't have any glitches or crashes. I uploaded my save very often, as I heard the game has many glitches. But I didn't see any.

  8. In the walkthrough, it says 210 for a tower and 140 for a spell to fully upgraded. But it takes much more for me, which makes get two trophies in one playthrough impossible. Is this different for PS4??? There are 6 levels for each upgrade (4+10+14+18+24+50=120). So a tower need 360 barrels and a spell needs 240 barrels... Is this true for PS4 version?
  9. Did you have any glitches with Indiana 2 Lego?

  10. If you followed any walkthrough for this trophy (e.g.: https://psnprofiles.com/guide/4109-heavy-rain-trophy-walkthrough) and did not get it, like me, please try the following first: Replay Trapped: Escape the car by yourself, don't let time run out. The first time I just let time run out and Scott escaped in the cutscence. I didn't get the trophy. The second time, I escaped from the right side door (but didn't save Lauren) and the trophy popped out in the news episode. I am pretty sure I did the rest of the play exactly the same as before. The only difference is the second time I escaped from the car! I know there are many versions of how to get this trophy. I just wanted to let you know this might be an easy solution rather than replaying a lot of chapters. Hope it helps.
  11. 3-4/10 for the beginning. 2/10 after playing some levels. Not a hard game, but not fun either... All levels are exactly the same. Some moves need practicing, but very easy. You need to figure out the timing to press two buttons. Then it is a piece of cake for combos.
  12. Not sure if those terrible glitches got fixed or not? I just platinum it. Other than freezing here and there, there was nothing glitching in those trophies. I played it on PS Now in US. I am not sure, but it seems those glitches might be fixed...
  13. This game looks great. Just wonder if there are hard flying races like those in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. I couldn't platinum that one because of the flying races... Hope this one has no hard flying races. Thank you!!
  14. I had to give up this game. There is no way to do Level 33 for me... Hate those fish monsters. Starting from Level 31, this game changes from a 2/10 to a 6/10 difficulty.
  15. Agreed. Act III is completely no fun act. The first level (31) took me ten more times to beat it without dying. I couldn't use the method suggested by the walkthrough, because using PS controller is very hard to aim and make perfect shoots like they did. I will continue the rest 8 levels after a break...
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