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    Trumpeter, 90's child, Michigan-DC transplant, 1st-gen Pokemon fan, cat enthusiast
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    craft beer/sake/whiskey, language learning, model cars, anime/manga
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    Goal: have 30 plats by end of the year (esp RPG's for the leaderboard) and get my overall % to 50+

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  1. 2018 has been pretty light on video gaming for me so far, mostly because I decided to avoid any game purchases this year. Then I got Kingdom Come: Deliverance as a gift for my birthday and am actually enjoying it thoroughly! Not worrying about completing trophies yet, but it is nice to see them pop from time to time.
  2. Got a bit of trophy-hunting fatigue a few months ago, but I slowly worked my way up within a percentage point of 50% recently... aaaand then got some birthday games and am back down around 48%! At least it didn't hurt too much.
  3. My only general "resolution" for 2018 is to not buy any games. I went on a bit of a buying spree with leftover Christmas money, so I should be good on that one. While I'd like to cut back on cumulative video gaming time in general to focus on other life goals, I'm hoping to dedicate some focused time to my (purchased but not started) backlog this year. First, though, I'm planning to work what's already on my profile until my PSNP percentage reads something more like 60-70%. Minimum 50% per game (except for TESO, haha), and we'll see where it goes from there...
  4. The "first plat" was incorrect on mine and my listed total playing time was just plain startling. Hoping that included the time I left my systems on!
  5. Almost everything about this campaign's "story" makes me , especially that total dope Pierson. I guess I like Zussman. And Stiles (He's a cutie!). Still, can't wait to get the misc objectives mopped up so I can say I'm done. Online is okay, but feels cartoonish and cheap in comparison to BF1, and I'll probably ditch it quick as soon as I get the trophies. The verdict is still out on zombies; haven't gotten to that mode much yet...
  6. Finally got my hands on some Bell's Black Note Stout in bottles! I got to try 2016 on tap once and have been eagerly looking for more since... just got two 4-packs of the 2017 batch!
  7. Discovered this today while browsing the Playstation Store, and it definitely looks like my type of game. I'll plan to pick this up when I have some extra funds, hopefully soon!
  8. Considering my PSN username is Musicat, I clearly need to check this out. Also appropriate that PSNP showed me a Febreeze Fresh Step cat litter banner ad while I browsed the trophy list.
  9. I desperately wanted an Xbox 360 for Christmas years ago entirely due to an advertisement I saw in a gaming magazine for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I hadn't even played any of The Elder Scrolls games yet, but I was convinced I had to have it. It was near impossible to find the 360 that Christmas iirc, so I got an original Xbox instead, and bought Morrowind (which, though I would eventually truly enjoy Oblivion the following year as my Christmas present, is still my favorite). To this day I'm a rabid TES fan.
  10. Damn, I'm really sorry but it turns out I won't be able to make it.
  11. Voted for health, but attack power and new skills are close. I guess stocking up on extra HP feels like the most natural character progression no matter which build I'm going for (usually a sword wielder with a few archery skills and some basic healing/fire spells).
  12. PSN: Musicat13 Game: I was going to go for BF1, but if just Rocket League is happening, sign me up! I have both. Mic: Yup Host: No, sorry
  13. I'm trying out PST on my PS4 browser for the first time and enjoying the new cheap Insignia keyboard I bought for it (also for ESO). I tried connecting a Logitech mouse, however, and had no luck. No big deal, but I guess I'll just be getting by with the keyboard and navigating with my Dualshock 4 for now...
  14. If Oblivion and Morrowind were re-released for PS4, I would probably end up playing nothing but this series to the end of my days...
  15. The bf and I are watching Shetland right now... I think we're on S3E2. Really enjoying it but occasionally have to rewind to catch lines with the accents.
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