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  1. good imo. i know people complain about the graphics but its a good game. its not really a final fantasy game tho if thats what ur looking for. its like a nioh game (co developed by team ninja) with the final fantasy lore. and it works imo. i really enjoyed the game but i played it during the same time as elden ring and elden ring just is so much better. i still recommend stranger of paradise tho if u like nioh
  2. update: total points 181 minus ganbare minus heroes trials (they both only count once and i see them twice in there) total points 179 update: Babylon's Fall (ps4) Babylon's Fall (ps5) Black Desert (europe) Dauntless (ps5) Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance (ps5) Elden Ring (ps5) Elden Ring (ps4) Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force Far Cry 6 (ps4) Far Cry 6 (ps5) Far Cry: New Dawn Granblue Fantasy: versus Horizon Forbidden West (ps5) Minecraft Dungeons Illusion of L'Phalcia Stranger Of Paradise: final fantasy origin (ps4) Stranger Of Paradise: final fantasy origin (ps5) Toukiden: Kiwami new total points: 197
  3. the sega games got denied years ago cause it takes like a few minutes to get most trophies done
  4. thanks. i will update my games i done later. but if ganbare and heroes trials only count once u gotta remove 2 points of the 181 points as at some point it was decided they counted multiply times. im fine if they only count once so feel free to remove the extra 2 points
  5. i went back to gem of wars. i havent played the game for several years but i feel like it should count on this leaderboard as it is very similar to marvel puzzle quest. edit: yes i prolly will buy sakura wars regardless if it makes it or not as after rewathing a few videos it looks interesting to buy
  6. i honestly dont remember what i said but i will let majority decide. personally i looked up gameplay again yesterday and i will stay neutral on this 1 and let majority decide. laburnski has the final say tho so guess we will see what he says
  7. wel i meant to say that the strip mechanic is weird. aside from that its not a bad game. and i dont think there is a way to reduce it. edit: i said to avoid it cause if u worried about fanservice its defo a game that should be avoided. but i wouldnt call it a bad game i guess
  8. its 1 of the weirdest jrpgs i played so i dont recommend it. i not sure if i ever going to play the other one on ps3
  9. i think far cry 6 should be on here. it has gear pieces, sidequest, main quest and perks on the gear. i know some of you wil disagree but any game where u can stack fire defense and almost take no damage from fire should qualify. like darksiders 2 etc. i played granblue, god of war recently and i all think they are very light on the rpg elements but i accept the fact they are on here as the majority decided. i hope far cry 6 will get a pass
  10. im kinda leaning towards what applekratue is saying with the 90 percent rule but i think we should just make it simple and let every game under an hour or under 45 minutes just not count. offcourse there are people who speedrun games like dark souls 1 but if the top 50 exist of people who done it under 10 minutes the game shoudnt be on here. as for stacking i still have the same opinion either let them count or make a game count only once (like ps3,ps4, vita only counts once) the reason why is cause there is no difference between autopopping or making clever saves to unlock trophies on another platform (skyrim, immortal phoenix) it just that making clever saves doesnt give it away easily but its still unfair to remove autopopping and not clever save as its basically the same. at the end of the day autopopping takes 3 seconds while making clever saves can take like an hour but i dont see why thats fair. so like i say allow stacks or dont and yes i more leaning towards still allow stacking edit: also the last time i talked with laburnski he said i gotta play ff14 expansion and i havent heard from him since 🤣
  11. ah i see 3 achievers now and 1 of them is defo a cheater
  12. yo why is the lost child unobtainable? i remember when i platted it only 2 or 3 people in europe did it and i gotta say that it can take 500 to 800 hours as its long and very luckbased to get all the weapons. i took 400 but was told by someone i got lucky and it took them alot longer
  13. i actually have been playing scarlet nexus and i fully agree with u but at the same time i wanna get both plats and if i can save lots of times i will do whats needed. however if there was no autopop i would either play ps5 only or do ps5 first then maybe do ps4
  14. i didnt realise judgement had a ps5 version thats amazing! at some point i gotta plat it on ps4 cause i lost savefile as my pro bricked a long while ago anyway +1 nioh (ps5)
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