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  1. Looking to boost fifty online matches (PS5) and I also need the “Flawless Hair, Check!” For beating an opponent online without losing a stock. Happy to reciprocate if something needs this too. PS5 - WhosBroden16
  2. Looking to boost all three online trophies. Add me on PSN if interested - WhosBroden16 Edit: Got the trophies but if anyone still needs help, feel free to hit me up. I need the coins! Likewise, if anyone wants to boost races for coins, send me a message!
  3. Looking to boost both online trophies. I haven’t played the game before today so I’m pretty woeful, but if anyone is interested, shoot me a message - WhosBroden16 on PSN
  4. If anyone is interested in knocking out the “Invite Only” trophy, shoot me a message on PSN - WhosBroden16
  5. If anyone wants to boost the online trophy, shoot me a message on PSN - WhosBroden16. Happy to go idle for the three hours.
  6. If anyone needs another person to team up with for squad goals, send me a message on PSN - WhosBroden16
  7. Willing to help out anyone who still needs Infallible for the next couple of hours. I’ve already got the trophy, so we should be able to get through boosting sessions quicker. WhosBroden16 on PSN.
  8. If anyone still plays this and wants to add me so that we’re able to chip away at contracts, my PSN is WhosBroden16
  9. All good mate - thank you so much though. Achieved it in 8.34 after like six hours of continuous failed attempts 😅
  10. Finally unlocked the final trial. If anyone wants to help out or team up to go for the String It Together trophy, shoot through a message on PSN - WhosBroden16 🙂
  11. Looking to boost all of the base game multiplayer trophies. If anyone else needs help too, add me on PSN: WhosBroden16
  12. Looking to boost all of the online trophies over the weekend. If anyone is interested, add me on PSN - WhosBroden16
  13. If anyone is interested in knocking out the 25 online races, let me know. PSN: WhosBroden16
  14. If anyone is feeling super generous, I’d greatly appreciate some assistance. I’ll hop straight out of the crew as soon as the trophy pops. PSN: WhosBroden16
  15. Even with the invincibility glitch that’s been found for this challenge, it’s practically impossible to complete solo. Your AI teammates die often and quickly. If anyone else is stuck on this, I’d be happy to help out. Shoot me over a message on PSN - WhosBroden16
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