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  1. Jumped onto Yakuza: Kiwami 2 for the first time because of all the hype for the new game made me wanna get back into the series.
  2. I guess the one positive from this is that they can't really delay it much further, otherwise they lose the 2020 appeal. I've paid off the pre-order, so I don't have to worry about that anymore.
  3. I pre-ordered Melody of Memory for my birthday. It comes out the day after. Hopefully it will make me feel better as both my brothers are getting PS5s on release (which IS my birthday) and I didn't make the list.
  4. Well, I have a lot of strong pokemon in my home, so it shouldn't take too long.
  5. I've been waiting to play it. I'm borrowing my brother's sword to get the legendary first. It's the only one I'm missing from Sword.
  6. 1,815. Ooof. Too be fair, that last post was a while back.
  7. Skyrim on PS3. Trying to plat old games that I played years ago.
  8. Skyrim - doing the Nightingale mission to return to key and there's a trial of darkness and I'm here dancing in the light. Burned to death like four times.
  9. Crawling back up with 61.29% Can't remember being over 60% before.
  10. Is there no work around to the Oblivion Walker trophy glitch yet? Guess I should get all other trophies, then trade the legendary copy in for the regular version and try again.
  11. Cats and Dogs expansion for Sims 4. Was desperate for the Triplets trophy.
  12. American Gods - Neil Gaiman It's really hard to get into this.
  13. This isn't the month for me, but that's okay. SotC, for me, is a game I'd watch but not play. I've also not heard good things of Sonic Forces, so I think I'll sit this month out.
  14. Running the new FFXIV raids and no one knew what to do and everyone learning together. So great. It's favourite part of the game, and it's been so long.
  15. I haven't gotten it yet no, but that's a good tip. I'll keep a look out for the status screen. Thanks
  16. Only 48. Moving and depression has been keeping me off gaming lately.
  17. My last two plats I started I think at least 6 years ago...? it's still an achievement, no matter when you get it.
  18. PlayStation is having a whinge with game discs again, so I decided to make myself and friends in Sims 4.
  19. Just gonna confirm that if you already have Pokemon in the bank, you don't need a game card or a sub. If you have gone downloaded already, just update the bank, click on it, then it'll ask If you want to send Pokemon to home. You do need a premium plan with home, though. If you don't have Pokemon in the bank and would like to send Pokemon in the home, bank is free this month so have fun!
  20. Home is out, trying to figure out how to get my Pokemon from bank to home. I don't have a 3DS Pokemon game right now, so fingers crossed I don't need it.
  21. Anyone know if you can track companion ability kills? I've lost count.
  22. Mine's never turned itself off. Maybe it overheated. Maybe cleaning it might help, if you haven't done that in a while.
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