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  1. Yeah, I think I did the Golem Dungeon 20+ times to get the Golem Enthusiast trophy. The rest were fine for me, as were the end game trophies. It's weird how this varies per player Oh, no doubt. If you're not a Kickstarter backer with a copy of the game already, I would definitely hold out. Dealing with all these trophy/graphical/gameplay glitches will sour one's opinion about what could be a pretty fun game when it's fixed.
  2. I posted this elsewhere, but figured it might help out here too. If you're going for the 1k kill trophies in each dungeon, don't quit the game. The kill count WILL reset. And for the 10k kills, the Tech Dungeon has a enemy that will respawn other enemies that you have killed. It's how I got the 1k tech kills, which took about 40mins. If you're running the tech dungeon, look for similar rooms. Easy kills, but it's still going to take some time. [ame= ] [/ame]
  3. Does anyone know yet if the disc version's save are the same as the PSN version? The reason I ask, DS2 disc and digital used different saves. And I really don't want to start over on DS3.
  4. Is anyone having problems with GREETINGS, FELLOW CHICKEN? I had no problem getting the trophy, but my brother has tried 3 times and still nothing
  5. Just wondering if anyone knows if there's an option for English language. Or if it's easily playable without understanding Japanese?
  6. You're complaining the DLC is cheap but you bought it anyways? If you think it's cheap, don't use it. If you don't want grinding, don't play an RPG. Problem solved.
  7. Just curious but am I the only one who hasn't been able to upload once since the game launched? Also the website is always down every time I check it
  8. High school cheerleader with a chainsaw, who's voiced by Tara Strong, killing zombies while carrying around her boyfriend's severed head. What else is there to want?
  9. ^ This. I usually don't mess with the video, it usually messes me up somehow. I usually have the audio setting anywhere from 80 to 90.
  10. This is getting patched as well as the High Five exploit. So I wouldn't rely too heavily on this; they'll probably decrease the value of High Fives.
  11. Ah, last night I was wondering if ejecting the game I had in would cause a problem. Good thing I didn't do it. Nice tip
  12. Happened to me when, bored out of my mind during a survival wave, I put new batteries in my official Sony Blu-ray remote. I hit the PS3 button on it to make sure it worked then again to exit the XMB. I then noticed the left analog on the controller quit. Out of curiosity I turned the Blu-ray remote off and problem solved. I don't know if there are other causes for the left analog to quit, but that's the only one I've experienced so far.
  13. Did you create a new user on her PS3 first?
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