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  1. Backed the main game on Kickstarter, so got this at a discount.
  2. Newest 100%-Maneater: Truth Quest (DLC) Maneater is finally back to 100% with the completion of the Truth Quest DLC. It's largely more of the same, but that's not the bad thing. The commentator has turned from a documentary host to a parody of a radio conspiracy theorist, which makes things more amusing. The bosses seemed tougher this time around and the final boss was definitely no pushover. I will stack this on PS5 if the time ever comes.
  3. Well, one good thing is the servers will be a lot more active until they’re gone.
  4. Still enjoying Maneater: Truth Quest. I have said I will stack this game on PS5 in the past. It still stands.
  5. Heavy Metal Machines has been delisted and will be going offline August 30. https://www.heavymetalmachines.com/site/noticia/heavy-metal-machines-will-be-discontinued-on-august-30th-2022/
  6. Maneater: Truth Quest. It's pretty fun so far.
  7. Currently at 291. Got my first month with over 100 since August 2019.
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