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  1. Extra Note that i'm not 100% sure about it but logic stands it should work, The Trophy basically wants the 3 Race Cars from GT5 Trophy however on GT7 the Jag isn't the Race Car Version and i still unlocked the Trophy, so what i'm trying to say is if you find later the same Jag as Race Version or the Ford and the Ferrari as NOT the Race Versions chances are those Cars should count too.
  2. Platinum Finally... anyone know if they fixed the cafe trophies btw? because there was a problem and those trophies didn't trigger on the 2nd Version
  3. I got 4 Winners now (the possibility of Glitch is there) but honestly i still stand with the logic the 12.000.000 Jaguar is 1 of the 3 because its description said it was made to race there but never did, the Trophy description is complete bullshit but the word "destined" is not random, when i hear that word i don't expect to buy cars that won the 24 Hour Races, those cars are not "destined" to win... they already did it so its just can't be that... either way i got loads of cash so i'll keep on buying winners (if its glitched) and still look out for car descriptions same as the 12mill Jaguar.
  4. Yes i can only hope we'll get what we need with the 5 new cars tonight.
  5. How sure we are about this? there are way more than 3 #Le Mans Cars already on the Legend Shop and i got 3 of them, so its either my original theory that its cars that were meant to race and never did like the 12.000.000 Jaguar or... well the Trophy is Glitched like the Turbocharges Trophy for example, you may need like 6 or 7 cars to make it pop... which is pathetic and they need to patch it.
  6. Yes it doesn't count and yes you can get it for free, however lets pretend it did count, the Trophy says "buy" so would the free one you receive count in that situation or i'd have to buy it.
  7. Let me know how the Sport Races go for you, the Trophy used to be Glitched and it poped like after about 20 Races.
  8. The 12 Million Jaguar XJ13 is one Car that counts, the way i understand the Trophy Description is cars that should of raced 24 Hours but never did, the Jaguar XJ13's description said it was made to race the 24 hour le mans race but never did, if you find a car with similar description you should grab it, i think i have 1 more Car like that but its description wasn't super clear on the matter so i either need 1 more or 2.
  9. https://blog.playstation.com/2022/03/25/gran-turismo-7-an-update-from-polyphony-digital/ We'll go back to normal and perhaps from what i read, make even more credits than before? finally....
  10. I'm not sure how to close this topic ( or if i even can ) but if a moderator can close it that'd be awesome, patch 1.09 is going to fix the credits issue on events so we don't need this anymore.
  11. I think the first thing we should all do is warn people not to buy GT7, not worth the grind (especially after 1.08) for just a plat, cause its an easy plat anyway so its not like GT Sport to feel accomplished, that's me anyway, everyone else don't need to feel the same way as me, if they would double or even triple the race prices (pre 1.08) then i'd change my mind cause imagine making 200.000 or 300.000 every 3 minutes in that Dirt Race that used to be everyone's grind spot (pre 1.08)... anyway overall an easy but very grindy Platinum.
  12. I honestly found S7 harder than S10, S10 is not bad if you keep calm, but then again S7 was only hard for me because i had no idea Nitro was available and i did it without it xD
  13. The Tokyo track needs to be done with no fear, you will be close to the wall the whole time xD i know its not an easy one and honestly a gentle touch to the wall should be allowed but why would they give us a second to breath xD
  14. Yeah i've been there and that's why i tend to avoid these kind of games if i can, there is nothing meaningful about a grind when the grind makes no sense and its only there to make our lives miserable, i get when a game wants to give you 200+ hours of content and so you can keep on playing doing different side quests etc... but what is the point for a game to keep me playing it like a prisoner repeating the same thing over and over for god knows how many hours just to buy an expensive car or an expensive armor etc... you may say "well don't repeat the same race" well sure but then the grind will take x3 times as much, that kind of grind makes you hate a game, its not healthy.
  15. Only problem now is with 1.08 is after you are done with Licenses etc... you are left to buy 3 Legendary Cars (that we are not sure yet which ones) although i think cars like that 12.000.000 Old Jaguar count for that Trophy because the Car was "Destined" to race Le Mans 24 Hours but never did... anyway back to my point, they reduced the cash prices instead of increasing them so now we need x2 the amount of hours to grind cash, Patch 1.08 is a Dark Day for Gran Turismo. They also didn't bother fixing the issue with some Trophies such as the "cafe" Trophies on the 2nd Version towards the Plat, what i mean is, if you already got the Cafe Trophies on the PS4 Version and now you are doing the PS5 Version, most Trophies need a trigger to pop but the "cafe" Trophies can't be triggered nor auto pop so they need to fix that, all they cared to do so far is ruin the game with 1.08 (as for the tires... they didn't have to glitch out with 1.06 so that's on them too)
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