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    I'm a Sub-Contractor in the Floorcovering Business & I'm a 38 y.o. Gamer
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    Hunting , Bass Fishing & Playing Games
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    BF3 & Skyrim - But I own over 100 games , most that I haven't even played yet , so my backlog is

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    PS3Trophies.org & PSN & spending time with my beautiful lil girl that was born August 25th 2

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  1. Same here, I'm stuck at a loading screen for the 3rd time. I'm starting to get tired of restarting this damn thing.
  2. You can limit freezing to a minimum by letting the game save after each hand before pressing the button to advance to the next hand. Playing offline not connected to the internet also limits lag & freezing. As far as skipping parts of the game, you can but it's very limited. At times you can by pressing the button. This only works when the isn't a hand being played & the other characters are just talking before the next hand is delt. I know this isn't much to go on, but this is all I can offer on this issue
  3. This would make sense right here. I can see that happening every time.
  4. Why doesn't this game have multiplayer. If ever there was a game perfect for it, it would be this one. I would have a blast playing this with family & friends.
  5. I've gotten it about 10 times now. I get into the game, go to an Ark Fall & get kicked back to the main title screen & this message appears every time.
  6. I'm having the same problem in the demo too. Starting to get on my nerves. On to a better side of it though, Claptrap is halarious...lol
  7. Well I've been disconnected from the servers & kicked back to the main screen 5 times in the last 1 1/2 hrs. Every time it has been in the final minutes of a Major Ark Fall. I've about had my fill of this glitchy mess. I really wish they had left this patch out considering all the trouble this one gave them on PC & Xbox.
  8. Thanks a bunch for the input. I'm liking this game alot . This is my 1st MMO & I'm having a blast doing the Ark Falls. Guess I need to stop goofing off & start playing the main story...LOL. I just wished some of my friends had this game too. I'm still in the 1st chapter of the game because I spent the weekend chasing Ark Falls. I got to the Kam Radio station in the story last night & started to wish I had some people with me, but I had to do it solo. Anyway thanks for the advice & the links
  9. southurnbuck


    Other than the starting point of the game, where can I find better vehicles? I have the quad right now, but I keep seeing all these buggies & cars running around. Where can I find them or how can I unlock them?
  10. Yes I can confirm this too. I'm at level 71 now & had 36 matches left out of 50. Left the game to do something with my daughter & when I came back they were gone. I'm not happy about this either
  11. I gave it a 2. The game isn't hard at all & the collectibles aren't that bad either. The MP grind was AWEFUL!!! But I finally platted this game & it'll go in my top 20 games list.
  12. Yes I have, When I get done farming an area for what few I can get I fast travel to the next area, all without dying. I always get the save logo at the bottom of the screen when I do so it should be saved. EDIT: Finally got it & the Plat. I just reloaded a save before last segment in the game & grinded it out til post game play & then only took 3 more Dodge Counters to get the trophy.
  13. I'm starting to get upset with this trophy. This is all I need for Plat. I know I've done this well over 50 times now. I hit & then when promted & enemy is still standing. Then I hit & then when promted & enemy goes down to his knees & then get promted to do a finishing move with This is the correct way to do it right or am I doing something wrong.
  14. Completly understand what you mean in your GOW trophy name and respect your opinion, but its labeled as a over 18 game, and awares the consumers about all the content in it.Don´t see how can it be so diferent from the same phrase being said in so many movies and series.take care.

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