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  1. You need an option to disable the auto play of gifs. Some people have them as avatars and it's f^%$ing painful scrolling through the site seeing them flashing on the side of the screen.
  2. I'd like Life is Strange 2, but I think it's more likely closer to September when the new one releases. Maybe August would be a good time for it.
  3. Yeah, now if it could just figure out how to show add-on content on a game's page.
  4. Oh, I actually hit the 1,000 file limit for PS4 saves last month. Only reason I knew there was a limit. 🤣 But as far as I can remember I had never deleted anything from the cloud until then, and I had quite a few games with a large number of saves each. Like, in the 30-60 range. Transferred a bunch of older stuff to my PC to clear up room on the cloud drive for new games.
  5. Granted, that's a little odd. But I don't think it matters since there's a 1,000 file limit on the cloud storage that pretty much guarantees most people will never reach the size limit.
  6. Number of Games Played - 51 Top Games: Dragon Ball Fighterz - 352 Persona 5 Royal - 278 Marvel's Avengers - 276 Top Genre - Action-Adventure Top Genre Hours - 589 Total Hours of Gameplay - 2335 Hours Played Locally - 2135 Hours Played Online - 200 Days Played in 2020 - 285 Top Day of the Week - Afternoons on Thursday Total Trophies Earned in 2020 - 952 Platinum - 21 Gold - 58 Silver - 194 Bronze - 679 Top PS5 Game - Demon's Souls 63 Hours Total PS5 Hours - 106 Total PS5 Trophies - 232 Top Game Played Online - Dragon Ball Fighterz - 181 Hours Kinda interesting to see. Not sure they're all accurate, but still interesting.
  7. Well, just check on the store now. I can tell you that having bought the Ultimate Edition the store will still let me add the base version to my cart. Can't be sure about the reverse, but just go to the website or the console store and see if it says "Unavailable" or shows you a price.
  8. Of course, I buy Control Ultimate Edition in the holiday sale and now it's on Plus.
  9. I think it turns itself off after a few minutes. If I'm watching a show and leave it sitting for 15 or 20 minutes then try to pause or rewind, I always have to hit the button two or three times before it works. And then it works just fine until I leave it sitting again.
  10. I'm predicting an Indie Roguelite. Let's say Dead Cells. And then, an old Shooter. Maybe Doom. Yeah, both those games are included in Playstation Now, so that makes it even more likely right?
  11. I think what you're looking for is labeled as "Shadow of the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Extra Content" It's on sale on the US store right now for $5.99, not sure about the EU store.
  12. I'm done. I can't do anymore on this. Best of luck to the rest of you.
  13. Finally finished Color Guardians (horrible game btw) Submitted the plat for another unique, and the rest of the trophies for Scrooge. Brings me to 131 total submitted for Scrooge today, and given the time, I think I'm done. Oh, also tossed the plat video for an extra there.
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