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  1. I don't have the new Suzuki VGT which is 450k. The rest I need are all 800k or more with the majority being 1m. A few 2-3m and then all the ones above 10m that I'll never buy. I did see the Ferrari F40 in the dealership which made me sad as I have a model of it at home on the shelf. There's also a 2.5m Cobra (some American coupe?) which I would've also purchased had the Tomahawk exploit still been a thing. I was thinking before that I could do the Le Mans 30 min race to grind up to buy these but I can't be bothered as I've played the game to death and it feels like I'd be flogging a dead horse. I really wish they'd add more races every update rather than 'here's a new CE and 3 new events in career mode'. I feel like they could add another 10 menus each month if they wanted but they would prefer to drip feed players with miniscule content that you can finish in 2hrs tops. Side note, I gave the final mission challenge (Lake Maggiore with Gr3 cars) a go and laughed as the AI just pulled away again. Another fail by Polyphony. I don't understand how you can make sets of missions with ascending difficulty but then make the final race so incredibly hard with rubberbanding AI. You pretty much have to drive flawlessly for 60 min which is ridiculous. I did really enjoy the new Watkins Glen track. I had never raced on it before but it was super fun and the CE full lap gold was a decent challenge. I struggled with a few corners with TCS at 0 as the car would oversteer and spin if I hit the gas too soon so for these corners I quickly changed the TCS to 1 to remove any chance of spinning out. It was also fun testing the boundaries of how much I could cut in the 'chicane' part of the track....you can really brake late and cut right over the top of the kerbs.
  2. I ended up playing some GT7 last night and this morning as I saw SuperGT said the new Watkins Glen track was awesome. I have to agree. I did the 3 new events and CE to full gold before picking up the new Menu rewards for free. Was gutted that a 6 star gold roulette wins you an engine! How stupid! The whole tuning parts rewards system is so utterly pointless. I think I've put over 250 hrs into this game and never once used a tuning part that I won. Had over 2.5m credits so bought the Suzuki Escudo and Ford Roadster from the Hagerty dealership....370/433 cars so not bad. That'll be me until the next update...now for Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga!
  3. To anyone struggling to move to Difficulty 2 for the latest DLC Molten Mirrors, I found a solution that worked for me: Turn off your network connection then load up the game. It should allow you to increase difficulty now. As soon as you enter the higher difficulty, turn your network connection back on. Note, if you don't complete all 4 difficulties in one attempt, the next time you login and attempt difficulty e.g. 2-4, you have to logout of the PSN as in-game it wouldn't have unlocked the next difficulty that you want to start. Simple but annoying fix. Original source: https://www.trueachievements.com/a363138/destroyer-of-chains-achievement
  4. He is by far the hardest boss IMO along with Wastard on level 16/17 as their ward regen is insane. It practically makes them a bullet sponge. What you need to do is acquire high powered lightning weapons for the second phase where he regens his ward. You should level up a bit if you're struggling and try to do some later chaos levels with friends. I'm probably also lucky because I'm a Sporewarden/Graveborn build so I have two companions and even when I get downed, I have an ally that can revive me = very hard to die. Did you have any issues with the other levels? I struggled with Dryl too and then after beating him, the others just felt really easy.
  5. Just keep doing Sport races. You're probably just a handful of races short as many people had the trophy unlock at 55-60 races completed.
  6. I think each higher difficulty unlocks in the following weeks for example, next week difficulty 2 will unlock then the following week, difficulty 3 etc...
  7. I'm not 100% on this but I do recall some people unlocking this trophy at different stages when the game was first released - some people unlocked it after 30-40 races and others had to do 60 or so races. I recommend just keep racing online and it should hopefully unlock soon.
  8. I voted 3 as I played the game on the Easiest setting. The campaign isn't hard and none of the side trophies are too difficult either. I had a few trophies bug out on me where my progress stopped being tracked e.g. Chaos chambers but after doing chamber 20 with a friend (me as host) I unlocked both trophies. Chaos chambers are the hardest part with Dry'l in chamber 7 being probably the hardest if you don't have strong lightning weapons to drain his ward. It's important you spend your crystals for perks during the chambers to make the bosses a total breeze (get gun damage, ward regen, ward capacity increases, dmg reduction etc). For Mule Character which requires 332 million credits, use the save/cloud exploit to get this amount in 1-2 hours. I did it last night after having 15 million credits and got 720 million credits in no time. It's a very effective way to get a crapload of cash without endlessly grinding and selling weapons from chaos chambers for months on end. Overall a very fun and enjoyable game. I'm onto the DLCs which are a lot shorter and easier.
  9. I'd have more interest in the game if the reward system was better. I don't really want to do the Le Mans track for 30 min just to get 800k over and over just so I can have enough for a 3-4m car that I'll hardly use. I think in this respect Forza does it better as they practically hand out cars. There needs to be a mixture of the two where you have to work for the car but not endlessly grind. It's also hard to acquire the credits when you've done 95% of the Circuit Experience to gold.
  10. It's nice to see the Suzuki Escudo back in the game. I'd love to buy it but no longer have a good amount of credits and since they patched the Tomahawk exploit, I haven't played GT7 following getting platinum. Watkins Glen track is a welcome addition to the game.
  11. I had the exact same problem! The same solution works for me: complete chaos chamber 20 either by yourself or with a friend (make sure YOU'RE the host) and upon completion, both chaos chamber-related trophies unlock. I did the first 6 chambers solo before giving up on the bullet sponge that is Dry'l in chaos chamber 7. I found a few people online and did later chaos chambers with them in the hope of getting better gear. Better gear acquired. Went back to Dry'l and smashed him along with all the chambers up to chamber 16. Still no trophies. My trophy progress was 70% and 35% (7/10 and 7/20 of chambers) even though I did the first 16 solo. Note, some people unlocked the silver trophy after doing 13 or 14 chambers so it's quite random. I got fed up and wanted to test if the trophies would unlock by doing the 20th chamber with a friend (me as a host). Sure enough, we beat chamber 20 and I unlocked both trophies. I think in total I did the first 15 chambers solo and maybe 16 and 17 co-op with 20 also in co-op. I also did a few chaos chamber 27, 32 and maybe one other with a friend. This is definitely a buggy trophy as I manually changed chaos levels upon every completion and checked before I entered the portal but my progress never changed from 35 and 70% respectively. My progress only 'stopped' when I started doing coop with a friend and not being host so if you want to make sure, I recommend doing everything solo but given that the above 'solution' seems to work, it might not matter provided you do approximately 20 chambers and ensure you're the host for the 20th chamber. Best of luck with it guys. Just keep doing them solo and then try chamber 20 with a friend but make sure YOU'RE the HOST.
  12. Wow, this thread died after the last car appeared in the dealership lol. I can't say I'm surprised as the reward system is shit and there's not much incentive to play unless you enjoy Sport Mode. I hope you can get the plat, Baron.
  13. I thought this trophy was glitched for me - I had completed all the side missions but no trophy. The next day when I booted up the game, it unlocked as soon as my character spawned in Brighthoof. Incidentally, I also encountered a bug where the Dungeon Ender trophy didn't unlock after I finished all 7 dungeons. I completed everything but the game still said I had completed only 6/7 dungeons even though everything was ticked off on the map. I also unlocked all the buffs at each shrine. My solution to this problem and to unlock the trophy was to replay another 4-5 dungeons before it unlocked at the completion of the last one (it unlocks after you enter the Overworld). It's not ideal but at least I didn't have to create a new game etc! Hope this helps anyone struggling with these trophies.
  14. Hi all, I just started playing this game and so far, I'm really enjoying everything about it. I picked Spore Warden as my primary class as I heard great things about it, enjoy the supporting mushroom and powers such as the ethereal bow. I'd love to have a strong supporting cast of minions to assist in large fights and for taking down the bosses. What would be a good secondary class to go with? I've seen on various forums that Graveborn (hydras) is great along with Clawbringer (dragon). What would you recommend I go with?
  15. Congratulations on the birth of your son! You haven't missed much except the new update which has some new races and a few new cars. The Tomahawk exploit has also been patched so I hope you still have some Circuit Experience to do!
  16. This also happens in the Human Comedy endurance missions as I've been hit very hard by the AI on the inside to corners. It's like they see a gap and just go for it. I think in online you just expect things to go wrong due to human error so it's probably better to be extra cautious.
  17. I agree. I think they want to encourage players who don't normally play online to try it out instead of abandoning the game now that a lot of people have the platinum trophy. They just don't seem to understand that the majority of the community would stay and play the game longer if there was more content in the game instead of drip-feeding us with 5-10 new races and very few new cars. How hard can it be to bring out say 10-20 new cars, 20 new races, the ability to sell cars and a wider number of used cars on sale at any time???
  18. Did the Gr.1 championship to get a 6 star roulette which gave me the AMG VGT but I had already won this car in a previous roulette 2 months ago! Oh well... I can definitely recommend the Dallara F1 car to smoke the AI. Daytona and St Croix are easy and in sunny conditions. Suzuka race has heavy rain for 60% of it and I recommend Heavy Wet tyres not Intermediates. Kei and Gr.3 endurances races are frustrating BS with rubberbanding AI and tyres that degrade like crazy after just a few laps - seriously, why are the other endurance races so much easier than these? Cbf with last few remaining CE so that's a wrap... Doesn't look like anyone has a new Tomahawk setup so it looks like any grinding is over!
  19. You don't win a car after each race, you win a car after completing the 3 races and fulfilling the criteria e.g. make podium. I did the Kei car championship and won the Radical (already purchased), got a daily mileage ticket and won an exhaust then I did the VGT championship and won a gold 6-star roulette ticket which got me 500k in credits. Cars used: Kei championship: Honda S660 (tune up to 400PP) VGT: Dodge Tomahawk, TCS to 5 and Racing Soft tyres for maximum grip I've trialed the Gr.1 championship and the Dallara F1 car works wonders! It's super light and handles brilliantly to catch up and overtake the AI. One thing to note is (I did 4-5 laps of Suzuka) is that a monsoon rained down on lap 4 much to my surprise so everyone had to pit. I didn't have HW or Intermediates so exited the race. The reward for this championship is a 6-star roulette ticket as well....
  20. Excellent - now THAT's an update....I'll test out the Tomahawk shortly. I'm sure naffantait will be looking for a new way on his YouTube channel to use the Tomahawk. If it is indeed patched then I can kiss collecting the majority of the cars goodbye as I've already gotten 90-95% of circuit exp to gold and done pretty much everything else in-game except 2 endurance races. Edit: Tomahawk is now patched....my car has PP of 1314! Suzuki VGT is 1m credits as expected, the Rampage is 300k and the new Toyota is 3m credits. I think I'll tackle the new menus.
  21. Haha man that's a small update considering we hadn't had one in a month. I bet the Suzuki and Toyota will both be 1m each....not sure on the Rampage? 🤔
  22. There is some info in-game and on their website and they will change some of the PP restrictions for some races. Other minor fixes etc but nothing about the Tomahawk. I'd be surprised if they patch it but will try to do some more grinding tonight if I can before probably moving on from this game as I'm a bit burnt out by it....I'd probably stay and play more if there was more in-game content (I cbf doing the last 5% of CE to gold standard tbh) and cars didn't cost such a stupidly high amount....
  23. One thing I won't miss now that I have platinum is the stupid unrewarding roulette ticket system. Nothing screams success quite like getting a 4 star ticket only to get suspension set that I won't use for a car I won't drive! Woo hoo! Edit: had an epic 1hr Tsukuba Mazda endurance race but managed to win it by 15 seconds. Easy difficulty proved too hard as the AI set 0:57 lap times but by changing to Hard, the best they could do was 0:59:670. We all had to quickly pit and re-pit again as the weather changed so much. Glad I stuck with heavy wet instead of intermediates as they suited the change to monsoon lol 😆 Bought the McLaren VGT to take my tally to 367 cars. Two more endurance races to go: Kei cars on Autopolis and the evil Lake Maggiore which has cheating AI....fun.
  24. Yeah it'll go up a lot as long as the Ford and Jag are available. As soon as one of them disappears from the dealership then we'll see another period of no platinum achievers....my gut feeling is when the Jag disappears as it costs a lot and most people will have the Ford by now.
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