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  1. Anyone got the game yet? I would love to get it if this works the same as Blue Estate. In that game you could reset the aim to the middle of the screen by simply pressing 1 button. Does House of the Dead has a similar option?
  2. Not at home now, but will be available around 19.30 CET for the friends for life trophy. Also need the 2 others, but not sure I can dot those today. If you the time suits you add me Psn: ruben-fcu
  3. Looking to get rid of the 10 squad battles co-op trophy and also need the volta and pro clubs win. Want to do the squad battles first. Ps5 Psn: ruben-fcu
  4. Looking to boost 10 wins in squad battles trophy. I like to mix this with the current objectives for winning on wordclass difficulty. Should be no problem when player the weaker teams. Psn: ruben-fcu PlayStation 5
  5. Trying to add you, but I cant due to your privacy settings. Anyone want to boost be my guest trophy add me. Psn: ruben-fcu Platform PS5
  6. Thanks Slamma! Great to use it again!
  7. I believe it is still very hard to get the PS5 right? Haven't tried so far, but would like to get one this year. Any tips for the Netherlands?
  8. Are we able to see our own wishlist again yet? Kept adding games ever since and would really like to see me wishlist now.
  9. How hard is hard mode without continues? Trophy list looks great, lots of nice trophy names that I would like to get
  10. So I noticed the 'add to wishlist' button is back, which is great news for me. However I can't seem to find my wishlist anywhere. Is this already available, or will it be added in a future update?
  11. I Don't see a pro dropping in 2021. Probaly late 2022
  12. I don't own a ps5 yet, but I never use rest mode (PS3 or PS4). No logical reason to use it. I can wait a few minutes when there is an update. I have CAT7 cabled to my PS4 currently. Makes no sense to use the electricity and risk a fire. Don't forget that electronical devices left on overnight are still in the top 5 of firestartes, at least in my country.
  13. keep going at like I have always been doing. Only play the games I like, hard or easy and 100% them all😎 As I love me some nostalgia I really hope they will keep releasing retro games as well.
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