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  1. Hi Viper I checked and it wouldn't allow me to change it will let me change email address and the other option but Overview it won't let me change Also a huge apology to PunkRocltopus, I tried to boost them for UFC 4 but we had trouble connecting and the few fights I did have I couldn't get hit in so I gave up Sorry PunkRocltopus
  2. Viper thank you Also can I change display name? CelticParkDude isn't my PlayStation ID DavidMCoulthard is my ID CelticParkDude was my original account I thought I changed but it appears I haven't
  3. Update A few hours ago I accomplished Unforgettable Trophy for WRC 10 I took painstaking challenge of trying to figure out how to improve Arganil (Portugal) and I realised handbrake helped at times and I only just achieved it by something like 0:161 anything more I would have had to do it again then some Finland one which took me a few attempts and then trophy popped It popped during Anniversary Mode in game All I got to do now is get club trophy then I'll have platinum I'm starting fresh career and do things realistically and reach 80 then I'll have platinum
  4. I've continued and again achieved another one but still no trophy Is Unforgettable Trophy bugged?
  5. I've not obtained plat but difficulty wise I thought 8 and time I'm reckoning around 50 hours I've given up on platinum, I've done nothing all week but try and get races won (I got 12) 12 separate races yes some of them were same country and track but I done them and trophy didn't pop I've spent hours upon hours sitting trying to do certain races and failing and making myself ill because I can't sleep or eat etc until I've achieved something I genuinely can't stomach this game anymore even the club games thing I've avoided but it's done for me I'll definitely not be getting another WRC game because Anniversary Mode Races Events are shocking and I found them extremely challenging and even when I successfully do 12 different races trophy doesn't pop and I'm getting mixed messages Ducks_AWESOME12 claims they got them from Career but few people saying it's got to be from Anniversary Mode in game, if it's from Anniversary Mode in game then I'm screwed because 3rd one is Arganil with Fiat Abathi and I'm struggling to get anywhere near 7:30 nevermind 7:16 closest I've got it 8:03 But I'll be wasting no more time on this, made myself sick enough without stomaching anymore
  6. I completed 12 anniversary races in Career Mode, done 12 separate challenges 2 Acropolis 2 New Zealand 2 Argentina 2 Monte Carlo 2 Sanremo 1 Mexico 1 Sweden All in Career Mode and trophy didn't pop, help?
  7. I've been wanting to ask this for a while but wasn't entirely sure on wording but I'll ask anyway but does the challenges in WRC series get more difficult every year? I'll be straight and upfront I'm not huge on racing rally, I've had Dirt 4 and recently got WRC 6 when it was 80p in Store mid November and did 40% of trophies it's definitely not my first rodeo however I'm not exactly experienced either Reason I delved into rally was because I'm used to F1 and despite platinum them I wanted a change of discipline racing instead of going fast and all I wanted something different so for Christmas I got WRC 10 & Wreckfest (hardly played Wreckfest because I was enjoying WRC 10) WRC 6 has a few tough ones and to be honest I don't have desires on platinum WRC 6 because of the manual racing part because I suck at manual so I'm not really bothered enough about not getting platinum for WRC 6 For the most part I've enjoyed WRC 10 but the anniversary races have held me back from platinum As I type I've successfully done 7/12 across 3 separate careers although I'm wanting level 80 as my platinum trophy I fear it'll be Anniversary races trophy I've started 5 separate careers doing 2 or 3 rallies a season hoping to achieve 12 anniversary races but I don't think it'll work that way So does WRC series get more difficult every year? Would WRC 11 be as tough do you reckon?
  8. Ok thank you, I was thinking that and yes I'd be host Thank you Terminator and Martain2 hugely appreciated
  9. CelticParkDude


    Would share play still obtain trophy? The anniversary race I'm struggling with if it wasn't for that I would be platinum the game any day now I'm honestly struggling I've got 6/12 and I've asked a few people who have steering wheels if they'd help If anyone can give me tips please do this game is driving me insane
  10. Before I continue my PS ID isn't CelticParkDude it's DavidMCoulthard I thought I changed this last year but it looks like I haven't Before I continue I have to thank Ducks_AWESOME12 for kindly giving me advice and doing co-op I messaged them a few weeks ago to ask for clarity on some trophies and they kindly gave me advice so Ducks_AWESOME12 thank you Now onto my question, trophy called Unforgettable and it's complete 12 anniversary mode events Anyone struggling just as much as I am? As I type this I've successfully gotten times for 4 Acropolis (start of the game) (career) Rallye Sanremo 1974 (2nd attempt) (Anniversary Mode in game not career) I did successfully a Mexico one something about 4th in the title (career) One of the New Zealand ones with RESPOL over the bonnet (career) Acropolis Rally 1973 ✅ Rallye Sanremo 1974 ✅ Rally New Zealand 1992b✅ Rally Mexico 2016 ✅ The rest I'm struggling big time I can't get close I've finished at least 20 without the time and trophy hasn't popped, any advice? Currently trophy wise I only need to get Reaching New Heights which is reach level 80 in career mode and take part in 20 club games which I'm doing with Ducks_AWESOME12 And advice would be appreciated DavidMCoulthard not CelticParkDude
  11. I'm struggling to obtain It's Not An Addiction, It's A Lifestyle trophy. I must have had over 100 races by now and still trophy won't pop. Do I need to disable crash cam? If so how do I disable crash cam?
  12. I spent I'd imagine almost 100 hours, Took me an hour after install to complete Symmetry puzzles without using a guide and before I did use a guide I spent ages wandering around the map looking for easy puzzles but didn't get far. But for me 2 years 1 month (trophies) but game time I'd imagine I'm around 100 hours
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