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    I'm Australian. Enjoys music and PS3.
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    Victoria, Australia
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    Music, PS3, vinyl records.
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    Mechanical Draftsman

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  1. So I just killed nefarious on playthrough 1. If I go back now and collect bolts, do planet specific trophies etc, will my progress save when I move on to challenge mode? The guide says it doesn't, but then says the patch fixed it. So can anyone confirm if my progress will save. Or should I just move straight on to challenge mode. Cheers
  2. Pretty great guide, thanks mate. Got a quick question - am I able to do the Usurpation Ending right up until the final boss, back up my game, complete it for that trophy, and then reload and get the Firekeeper eyes, and then do the boss again for the Ending of Fire trophy? Will save a lot of time, cheers
  3. I'm looking for a few NG+ rings and all of the ng++ rings. Will be eternally grateful if someone could help me out. Trading items in the game doesn't seem like enough thanks, and I doubt you'll need anything. Maybe I can drop some $$ in your PayPal account or something as thanks. Will pay it forward or drop them back to you, whatever you want. I'm in Australia. Psn is "wottagunn" cheers
  4. absolute legend! thanks mate, that all makes sense. you've saved me a bit of headache there trying to figure some of that out. cheers
  5. sorry, I completely misread some stuff. I'm confusing myself here and some clarification would be much appreciated. I need to do sirrus' quest line to get the gesture and ring, which ill do in NG+ and get the "end of fire" ending. NG++ ill do yuria's and anri's stuff and get the "usurpation" ending. I need a few NPC summon gestures. Pale Shade Londor, Heysel, and Black Hand Gotthard seem like they can mess things up. Just wondering how I can fit those summons and Sirris, Yuria and Anri's quests in to those 2 playthroughs. apologies for the complicated question
  6. Ive just started NG+ and need to get the “The End of Fire” and the “Usurpation of Fire” endings, but I also need the “Proper Bow” gesture from Heysel. Is it possible to get the gesture in either of these playthroughs or will talking to Rosaria ruin both of them? I also need to hand in shackles. The mound makers wont negatively affect anything too, correct? Thanks in advance
  7. If anyone wants to boost Concord Kepts I'd appreciate the help. Will definitely return the favour. SL130 NG. I'm in Australia too so time difference may be an issue Psn is "wottagunn" just send me a message or friend request. Cheers
  8. No doubt this has been asked before but I couldn't bring up anything with a search. Do covenant items carry over to ng+? I've got 30 shackles but missed out on the mound makers. Can I go to ng+ and cash them in? If they don't carry over I'll be crushed!
  9. Me and a mate are looking for fellow Aussie's to do the raid with, either difficulty. I've been on level 29 for far too long, played through the raid but only with Americans. Need something more time zone friendly. Add me on PSN - wottagunn Hit me up. I'm on a lot of the time after 4pm daily.
  10. ah. well im on the PS4 so should I start a new campaign or just chapter select? anyone know if chapter select works?
  11. seriously? why? im not going to do it all in one sitting, and im definitely going to be on the multiplayer.
  12. I've already beaten the campaign, on easy. Now for Hard, do I start a new campaign or is chapter select good enough?
  13. God of War 1 (the best in the series mind you) on God Mode was easily the hardest of the lot. I completed it on PS2, and did the same on PS3. Anybody that finished GoW1 on God Mode knows what im talking about. Ares could kill you in one hit.
  14. I have re-uploaded everything so hopefully it all displays correctly now.
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