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  1. Long Story Short: Is there one de-facto Madden game that you all can recommend on the PS3? Reading online, there seems to be a million opinions... though generally speaking, Madden 12 seems to get **** on the least. Don't care about trophies, don't care about online play, just want something that plays well, looks good (for what it is) and isn't just a terrible game. Long Story: My father recently had an accident that has made it hard for him to hear. As a result, this has kind of effected his personality and he's having a hard time enjoying the things he usually does (especially in the winter here where there's little to do in the first place). Despite always being very, very aggressively against gaming my whole life growing up... to the point where its made me a bit neurotic about the whole thing, not that anyone asked... he asked me if I could show him some games that might help keep his mind occupied (goes to show how desperate the poor guy is). I want to lend him my PS3 next time I'm over at his house. He's a big football fan, Madden seems like a logical choice. I'm not a football fan, so I don't have any, and I don't know which ones are good. I'm going to pick up a cheap used one from Gamestop in the next few days. Figure if I'm going this route, I might as well look for quality. Is there one Madden game on the PS3 thats clearly above the rest? Thanks.
  2. Well, apparently if you ask mjc, $900-1000 to comfortably build a PC from scratch that can play anything you throw at it at 4K... is an insultingly absurd thing to even suggest. Rife with ignorance and misinformation, and deserves to be scolded, lambasted and directed to a "PC Master Race" subreddit (of all places) prior to his Overwatch game night and presumably several hours of frustrated masturbation to get over it. God forbid, we have a pleasant conversation. However, if we humored the idea (I know, I know, completely ridiculous and anger inducing)... I'd say with price drops, their bulk purchased hardware and the fact that consoles can generally do more with lesser hardware due to advantages in mass produced hardware configurations and optimization... not to mention an obvious 30fps cap on all of it... that $600 to break even, or maybe even profit some, is my guess. Though it also has the UHD Blu Ray drive... which was apparently expensive enough to keep Sony out of it. So who knows.
  3. Just flipping through those videos... Rise of the Tomb Raider, The Witcher 3, Crysis 3, GTA V... are/were fantastically optimized games... or years old, or remasters. When I say comfortably, I mean "any game you throw at it" like 1080P has become. I don't understand... https://www.reddit.com/r/pcmasterrace/wiki/builds#wiki_the_crusher Their "most popular build", tops out at about $900 with a Core i5 and a 1060 (the lower end of the 10 series). The cheaper iterations, I sincerely doubt can muster 4k on more than a handful of new games actually developed well, and even then probably won't be able to do so very long as games get better... and inevitably more lazily ported. This doesn't sound terribly far off from my $1000 estimate (which was actually with a better PC in mind, the site even recommends a 1070 for 1440P gaming at higher graphical settings)... which I admitted can be brought down with some luck and bargain hunting. You kind of sound like you're just looking to pick a fight... so maybe we are better off if you leave.
  4. It's a bit of a loaded question. Having recently dismantled my gaming PC, to sell off piece by piece and come back to the loving embrace of my Playstation's... I don't think there's hardware available good enough to confidently run every game on PC at native 4k. Probably a few evolutions of PC hardware away from that. That being said, people were achieving native 4k with single 900 series GTX GPU's (a few years old now) and Core i7 processors with some newer games already... it just depends how well developed/optimized the games are. Which more often than not, are poorly optimized and may even struggle at 1920x1080 with high end hardware (see: Quantum Break). With the recent 10 series releases, and whatever the AMD equivalent is/will be... I'd guess hitting that 4k mark is increasingly common. A 1070 (which is probably the best balance between price and performance) would run you $300-400. If you're building a high end PC from scratch, I'd expect to add at least another $500-600 or so for the motherboard, PSU, case, hard drives/SSD's, CPU. Some kind of cooling (water, fans, etc) ideally. When I first built my gaming PC from scratch, I budgeted myself about $1000. I'd say that's probably a safe bet price-wise for a higher-end PC at any given point in time, regardless of "generation". You might be able to cut a few corners or find some deals to keep it lower, but generally speaking. EDIT: Given how consoles have set hardware and receive a more focused amount of optimization, achieving a remarkable level of fidelity and performance from lesser hardware... I don't doubt the "Scorpio" could realistically achieve native 4k gaming at a $600 price point. But it'd probably be a very few select first party titles that support it (ie. kind of like games that supported 1080P on the PS3) as multiplatform developers have parity to concern themselves with... and I'd question how long they'd be able to do it before the hardware starts getting obsolete, and games graphically evolve past it.
  5. tl;dr ... Is there a way to disable trophy notifications altogether on both consoles? I don't really care if the consoles still track them on my PSN account, but I just want the popups to go away. Long Version (because rambling about my thoughts is therapeutic to me lol): Ever since I got a PS3 back in 2010, I've been trophy hunting. It may not look like it, because I don't have a ton of plats, but this isn't my only account (I've started over numerous times) and a lot of my time and focus on the Playstation goes into trophy lists, pouring through trophy guides, deciding what I can reasonably complete, what I can't. A lot of what I decide to play and decide to buy is driven by them. When a trophy demands too much, it legitimately stresses me out. If I get stuck on something, and I legitimately can't do it, but its something I really want to plat... it doesn't just ruin my day, it ruins my week. And everytime I take a break and come back, and still can't beat it, the cycle starts over again. Playing through Uncharted 4 has really choked the life out of trophy hunting for me. So badly do I want to get the platinum and complete the franchise on my profile... but between the completely unbalanced Crushing playthrough (I would never touch the hardest difficulties of any games if not for trophies lol), the speedrun playthrough (I HATE SPEEDRUNS, EVEN IF ITS PRETTY EASY), and now another frustrating trophy that just glitched on me and I have to start all over... it's not just ruining my enjoyment of such a great game, but it's actually souring me on the Playstation and gaming in general. Still love the idea of trophies, I think trophy hunters kick ass (as long as they put forth the effort to earn them legit) and I love this site... but I need to cut myself off. I want to go back to enjoying games for the gaming, and not for this obsessive trophy stuff. I know I can't "turn off" that portion of my profile, so whatever... they can accumulate... I'll have to deal with that. Probably by never looking at it. But if I can at least disable the popups, it'll help avoid occupying my brain with thoughts of trophy hunting as I try to simply enjoy my backlog without the strings attached. So if anyone can answer the tl;dr question, and point me in the right direction (assuming its possible, Google searches were a little unclear and rife with pointless bickering between fans of trophies and people who don't like them)... I'd appreciate it. Thanks gang. EDIT: I realize this is a trophy hunting site, and maybe this kind of question is some sorta taboo. But it's just honestly one of the only decent Playstation communities I'm aware of... so I wanted to ask here. Sorry in advance LOL.
  6. I'm a bit curious about this disc release as well. On the one hand, it's cool that I don't have to wait until all of the episodes are out for these Telltale games to get a retail disc copy in my collection... or buy the game twice to enjoy it earlier AND have the disc in my collection. On the other hand, I really don't like half digital releases, or 4/5 digital releases lol. Like the online passes of yesteryear, suddenly my disc copy only works with one PSN account and one PSN account only (though my days of account jumping are behind me anyways). It kills resale value and can't be bought used... and does kind of cheapen the whole thing. But if this is the only way I'll get disc releases of Telltale games going forward... I'll deal with it. It's better than no disc release at all. I've never seen this done before, so maybe I'm wrong... but logically the disc only has the first episode, since they can't put content on it that isn't created yet, so reselling (or buying used) probably isn't a realistic option. The "season pass" for Eps 2-5 is probably a one time use voucher.
  7. I guarantee, if you actually do work in this field and if you actually work at a company with enough layers that "no" sometimes isn't an acceptable answer, that you know full-well you occasionally have to stretch the truth. You have to say something is working or almost there, when you know it isn't quite 100% yet and you just need to get to your desk to think one or two more things through, because you know there's still a little more time in the day. I've been there. I've been up at 2am putting the finishing touches on something before the overnight jobs kick in, or watching the jobs run to make sure it finishes because I really didn't have time to test... it sucks. The day the "final" code gets stamped onto the disc must be agonizing for most developers that actually care about their work. The difference here being, they didn't just have their bosses or a small client base to worry about like most of us... but a violently aggressive gaming public on top of it that will literally rip your head off at the smallest indiscretion. That will dig up interviews from years ago, where you talked about something that was preliminarily added to early versions of the game, in a moment that you probably completely forgot about. LOL I personally think this is what happened with Hello Games. Overworked developers, with more "higher up" influence than they're used to, with a much more ambitious project than any of them ever worked on before, with the eyes of the entire gaming world on them... just trying to get as much done as they can, meet their deadlines, and keep everyone happy. But that's just me. I find it hard to crucify them because they charged $30-40 more than the end result was probably worth. I'll survive somehow. Then again, I am an apologist when it comes to developers, and until a game developer murders my family or does something really bad... I probably always will be. EDIT: If anything, this should be a lesson to not buy into hype... whether developers have the best of intentions or not, this **** happens. The idea of "making an example" of a developer shouldn't supersede the idea of educating and protecting ourselves as consumers (before it happens). Which is a trait the gaming community has lost over the years, in favor of an angry mob mentality everytime we get burned... just to learn nothing, go on stupidly spending our money on every shiny toy we see, hoping other developers saw the heads on the pikes and are too "afraid" to cross us again.
  8. I actually think that number has probably already stagnated. This isn't a very gray area. Either you're OK with them and the game, or you aren't. Anything short of the perfect reason for having done what they did, if there is one, will only rile people up more/again. EDIT: IMO, they're better off buckling down, fixing what the game does have with patches, and announcing some free DLC. EDIT 2: I think if/when they try to make another game, is when we'll hear about how they failed on so many fronts here, how they've learned from it... and I'm guessing this particular group of developers (if not most devs privy to the situation) will never be associated with another project as ambitious as No Man's Sky was. Which is a shame in a way. I want to see developers shooting for the stars, literally and figuratively, even if they fall short in spectacular fashion. I think they really, truly wanted to make the game they talked about... it was just never gonna happen, and they're learning that the hard way.
  9. As I said, I'm a bit of an apologist in these cases, take my opinion with a grain of salt... but I think an admission of guilt gets you crucified. They'd basically be admitting that they rooked people for their money, even if (however likely it is) that it was completely out of their hands at the end. The few people who appreciate their honesty, would be vastly outnumbered by the people salivating at the idea of more ammunition and blog/forum fodder. Especially if the answer to "getting the game to advertised level" is anything but "yes, absolutely"... which I think we can all agree is pretty unrealistic given the overzealous nature of what was talked about compared to what actually made the cut. EDIT: Not to mention, doing this now would thrust the game and the controversy right back into the limelight. Just as the world started moving on, and they nearly cleared all the death threats from their inboxes.
  10. A AAA developer wouldn't have attempted such an ambitious project. And we wonder why Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty developers play it so safe.
  11. Not saying mistakes weren't made... but I'd venture this is easier said than done, with so much riding on one of the biggest game releases of all time, and one of the biggest players in the gaming industry having their hand in the pot. We have no idea what was/is being said or done behind closed doors. That's just my theory. How do you address that honestly, especially at this point? This is a 15 person team of developers, graphic artists, etc... they aren't PR specialists. I'm guessing they're keeping their heads down and just working on post-release support.
  12. I think companies have done worse things than Hello Games did. Just the bigger the hype, the bigger the debacle.
  13. Why not just call it Season Three? Now there's a disconnect between the first two, and this one.
  14. I stumbled onto this post on Reddit (I was actually looking for the giant list of Hello Game's lies) and I thought it was interesting. Enough to post. Especially since I am a developer myself, though not of games, which is probably why I'm a bit of an apologist when it comes to the never-ending "outrage" in this medium. The one thing I can't imagine, which is thankfully something I don't have to work with, is the pressure of a small team to create such an ambitious project, with a massive company like Sony backing them, and so much riding on every aspect of the games release to the general public (especially a public as violently aggressive as gamers). I wanted to bring these questions in particular to these forums... I personally think Sony being involved was the thing that really killed this. Suddenly an ambitious indie project from an incredibly small team, became a "console seller". Murray has higher ups suddenly breathing down his neck to say (or NOT say) all of the right things, and as development gets down to the 11th hour, stuff has already been cut and more needs to be... what can you do? Not saying it's right, but I think its probably pretty realistic. Then again, the game probably wouldn't have happened at all without Sony helping pay these 15 Hello Games employee's living wages over the last three or so years. Would that've been better? Or maybe it's just that developers are human too, sometimes having a little too much pride in our creations, and probably aren't always the best people to be speaking directly to media or customers.
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