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  1. I'm afraid I don't own it anymore and I think it used to be on psnow but it didn't make it to the new PS+ so I can't help 😬
  2. You can die, but if you die you restart at the beginning of the current Act.
  3. PSN: Da-Eastside Religion: Norse Most of these are from The Quarry and just reading the trophies/descriptions can be mild spoilers, so pick someone who doesn't care about it to process this 😬 Love: #41,847 Hunt: #41,850 #41,729 (sorry, forgot about Dragon being allowed :p) #41,763 War: #41,856 #41,857 Death: #41,862 (even though it says killed, it's really one of the main playable character who dies) #41,863 (same here, says killed but it's for having all playable characters dying)
  4. PSN: Da-Eastside Religion: Norse Travel: #41,812 Love: #41,817 #41,818
  5. 5/10 - 16 hours according to the PS5 tracker The difficulty in career is a bit off sometimes, everytime it rains or snows it seems that the AI drives like gods and you can end up like 30 seconds behind them even when not making mistakes or driving pretty fast yourself. And then the next stage, you'll be 1 minute ahead of everyone.. Anyway, it doesn't really matter since you don't have to win all stages/races, so overall the career is pretty easy. Now in 10 they added anniversary races and challenges. Again, the difficulty in the anniversary races is off, one race will be easy peasy and the next race you won't be able to make a single mistake, and they're all like 5-7 minutes long. This trophy popped for me after only doing 4 anniversary races for some reason, even though you're supposed to do 12, not sure why. And the challenges are also tricky sometimes, but thankfully there are many of them and you "only" need 10 gold medals. Also note that the platinum will take you a minimum of 4 days because of the 20 club events, since you can only join 4 clubs at once and you can only have 1 event per club every 24 hours.
  6. +3 Croatia, Estonia, Kenya all from WRC10. Thanks!
  7. PSN: Da-Eastside Religion: Norse Travel: #41,791 #41,800
  8. PSN: Da-Eastside Religion: Norse Hunt: #41,766 #41,769 #41,773 #41,776 #41,779 #41,780 #41,781
  9. 2/10 - 3-5 hours This game was already pretty easy but now with the addition of the rewind feature it's a walk in the park, just rewind when you miss a jump, get hit, etc. No need to capture all monkeys so this is pretty quick.
  10. PSN: Da-Eastside Religion: Norse Love: #41,726 War: #41,731 #41,733 #41,751 #41,752 #41,756 Hunt: #41,738
  11. 3/10 - Easy difficulty, only died a couple times, the combat towards the end have lots of enemies but as long as you slice the mobs to regain health you'll be fine. The challenges aren't too bad and are easy to farm. 6-10 hours - Took me around 7 hours.
  12. I remembered Shadow Warrior 3 was supposed to leave the dead PS Now and I was wondering if it would still leave with the new PS+, guess it was a good decision to do it today!
  13. PSN: Da-Eastside Religion: Norse Love: #41,670 #41,671 #41,672 #41,673 #41,674 #41,724 #41,725 War: #41,680 #41,693 #41,694 #41,697 #41,699 Hunt: #41,704 #41,705 #41,712 #41,719
  14. PSN: Da-Eastside Religion: Norse Love: #41,658 #41,659 #41,660 #41,662 #41,663 #41,664 #41,665 #41,666 #41,667 #41,668 #41,669
  15. +2 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas PS4 Resident Evil 3 PS5 Thanks!
  16. PSN: Da-Eastside Log Religion: Norse Travel #41,656 Hoopin' it Up Score at least 30 points in the basketball mini-game. Sorry V 😬 V: Easty I swear to God, I think I just gained about 20 new gray hairs. No. Absolutely not. Denied. DQ'd. All of the above. You were there when we made this a rule lmao. *cries in ED* Also my text colour editor still isn't showing up just for this thread. I hate today. Thanks a lot, Easty, haha.
  17. No pressure... ... I mean ... TO VALHALLA!
  18. 1 hour / 2/10 - following a video walkthrough, just be careful about missables/collectibles.
  19. +4 Ikai • EU Resident Evil 3 Ape Escape WRC 10 Thanks!
  20. +7 Ikai • EU Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Resident Evil 3 Telling Lies • EU Shadow Warrior 3 • EU Ape Escape WRC 10 Thanks!
  21. Took me 68 hours to finish the game at nearly 100%, on story difficulty mostly (was on normal at first but I thought the fights were taking way too long and switched to easy and then story). Obviously if playing on story difficulty then it's a 2/10 plat. Now for the NG+ trophies, it took me about 20 hours (save say 91 hours now) with a first NG+ playthrough on story mode to get 95 tokens and upgrade some weapons/armor/pouches, and then another NG+ playthrough on Ultra Hard. I would rate this at 5/10, if you max out the Wings of the Ten weapon and the bombs pouch, you're gonna have an easy time most of the run. The only difficult parts are when getting Demeter as you run out of bombs and there's no way to get components to craft more of them, and also the Gemini cauldron for the same reasons. The final boss is a joke, if you don't miss and always aim for its weak spots you won't run out of bombs, assuming you didn't use any for the fight before the final boss (he's weak to fire so just use a weapon that deal fire damage, it's not a very hard fight). Of course this strategy only applies if you haven't rushed the game on your initial playthrough, or used all your bombs, otherwise you might not have enough components to craft these bombs and it'll be way more difficult.
  22. PSN: Da-Eastside Preferred Religion: Yes
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