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  1. I voted 0-5 Hours Following the great walkthrough on this site it should be a quick and simple platinum. takes about 4 hours
  2. I voted 1/10 Following the great walkthrough on this site it's a matter of copy and paste.
  3. I voted 4/10 and 0-5 Hours Nifty little game that requires some skill and luck. specialy the last level is a little bit luck based depending on where the boss sends its bees. The platinum only took me an hour and 15 minutes, but it's a small game and I struggled some. Gave it a 4 though it is somewhere between 3 and 4 for me.
  4. I voted 2/10 and 0-5 Hours Game's easy enough. Some levels takes a few tries, but you only need to beat 18. The rest, apart from dying comes along the way. Took me 25 minutes
  5. I voted 1/10 and 0-5 Hours There's an excellent text guide out there which makes it really easy and quick. Took me 50 min to complete
  6. I voted 3/10 and 1-2 Hours The boss gave me a little bit of trouble. and the 50 kills without taking damage took me a few retries aswell. Other than that the game is not that hard. You'll quickly learn the enemy patterns and have good control of the map. Took me 1 hour and 20 min
  7. I Voted 1/10 and 0-5 Hours Very quick and easy plat. just hold down the fire button and try to stay alive. You have unlimited lives so there's no problem if you die. I took me just over 20 min
  8. I voted 1/10 and 0-5 Hours Game is better than the first for sure, but still really easy. everything just pops after some clicking. And it takes 5 minutes
  9. I voted 1/10 and 0-5 Hours What the actual f*** was that game? Takes 15 min tops just pressing trying to figure it out, then the platinum pops
  10. The DLC trophies for Bugsnax only seems to appear in the PS4 version and not the PS5 version trophy list.
  11. Will the trophies be added to the trophylist on this site ? Or has it just been forgotten ? (I'm doing manualy checklist)
  12. I voted 3/10 and 6-10 Hours Gave it a 3 as the aiming is not the best here, and the precision aiming is even worse. The game requires precision and adjusting the arrow only a tiny bit can be problematic with the joystick. Had to do 113 levels for the 250 stars and grind out the first level for a few hours for the last 25 k trophy. Took me about 7-8 hours in total
  13. I voted 2/10 and 0-29 Minutes As opposed to the person above I didn't even know level 4 was started until I finished it, so might have gotten lucky. Cool little game with an interresting consept. Took me 15 minutes to platinum, and it's quite easy.
  14. I voted 3/10 and 0-5 Hours It's a quick, terrible little game that's next to free. Takes and hour or two to platinum and the kill 50 without dying trophy can be a little annoying
  15. I voted 3/10 and 26-35 Hours This game took me about 30 hours to 100% (DLC's included) and an extra 2 hours AFK'ing the 1000 mile trophy. It's a very easy game, and I didn't have "trouble" until two of the races in the last DLC pack. I found it boring after a while and is one of the worse Dirt games I've played
  16. I voted 3/10 I gave it a 3 as it takes a liiiiittle bit of skill to master. It's more like a 2.5/10
  17. I voted 0-5 Hours Game takes just under 5 hours to platinum. Gets repetetive and boring and buying upgrades don't seem like they're helping as the enemies 'upgrades' in the same speed.
  18. I voted 3/10 and 0-5 Hours The game can feel a little tough in the beginning but quickly gets easier. It gets very boring and repetetive very quickly so it's a case of just getting through. Did the PS4 plat and then the PS5 plat, and I'm so happy I'm done. Took me just over 5 hour the first time and around 4 the second.
  19. Hello I can't seem to find Death Tales for any platform on the site. Has the game not been added? I've got a PS4(EU) version and a PS5 version of the game Thanks in advance EDIT: Doing a quick google search for a trophy I found the game with all it's versions, however it dossn't come on in the search engine for this site
  20. I voted 0-5 Hours and 2/10 This game is not at all hard. It is a grind fest from start to finish, and the hardest part is realizing that 'level' basicaly is the tasks you're meant to do in the main menu. When you've completed the tasks in a 'level' you'll get the trophy. Doesn't matter how far you run otherwise. One of the levels was glitchy to me. It said 'Run 1000m without a powerup' and it seemd to be comulative, but if i finished a round at around 500m, doing 500 m the next round was not the answer. I found out in the end that I just had to do the whole 1000 in one go, which did it for me. Took me around 2.5 hours
  21. I voted 2/10 Gave it a 2 as it is really easy but you still need to get a HOP scene done in less than a minute, so some effort is required
  22. I voted 0-5 Hours Following the great text guide provided this takes less than 5 hours
  23. I voted 3/10 Gave it a 3 because of the terrible controls. Game itself isn't that hard, but these controls will get on yer nerves. Battle through it and it's an easy platinum
  24. I voted 0-5 Hours Probably one of the worst games I've played controlwise and level-design-wise. I'm glad it's over and it took me about 5 hours
  25. I voted 1/10 With the wonderful guide provided it is just a copy/paste thing. Quick, rather fun and easy
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