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  1. I voted 21-25 Hours Took me in the range of 22-23 hours to beat, struggleing most at the sky levels..
  2. I voted 6/10 Gave it a 6 as I only really struggled at a few levels. The worst bit was just getting through all the levels at first I got bored easily. It was more exciting going for the times and all the boxes. Taking on the DLC now
  3. I voted 1/10 and 0-5 Hours Super easy plat that took me under 7 min to complete..
  4. I voted 1/10 and 0-5 Hours Relaxing game that takes 30 min to platinum. Super simple.
  5. I voted 0-5 Hours Takes you about 50 min to platinum
  6. I voted 2/10 Easy and satisfying game.
  7. I voted 6-10 Hours Clocked in at 5 hrs 57 min. Fun game that needs playing to master. Once you get a few upgrade it gets real easy. There was a few hour grind at the end for me. Specially the last level was boring, cause I beat it with few upgrades, then I had to replay it quite a few times for upgrades, unfortunatley this is the only level with few ‘coins’ so it needs replaying alot
  8. I voted 2/10 Gave it a 2 as I didn’t find it hard at all. It’s very similar to a mobile game I’ve been playing. Very fun and interresting with a bit of a grind at the end.
  9. I voted 2/10 and 0-5 Hours Gave it a 2 as there were no real chllenges part from the under 10 seconds one. Spent 50 min on the game.
  10. I voted 1/10 and 0-5 Hours Following the trophy guide on this site it’s just putting in the commands without looking at the screen. Took me 30 min
  11. Great guide. Just wanted to let you know that the commands for lvl 35 is the same as 34 and therefor incorrect. I just skipped the level and still got the trophy.
  12. I voted 3/10 and 0-5 Hours This took me just under 2 hours to complete. Didn’t find it to difficult as you only have to play the last level on the more challenging modes.
  13. I voted 2/10 I pretty much copied a videoguide so I always knew where to go. Playing on casual it was no problem.
  14. I voted 0-5 Hours I followed a video guide and it took me about 4.5 hrs in total. It was quite a fun game.
  15. I voted 1/10 and 0-5 Hours Gave it a 1 as I used a guide. Would be struggeling without it. Takes 20 min of not looking at the actual screen to platinum..
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