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  1. For One with Wood trophy, instead of crafting all maple lumber, I've been using the maple lumber to craft maple clogs (it only requires maple lumber) so I save gil since I already have from crafting maple lumber and then I sell it back for 2 gil so I make up for all the maple logs i've bought. its not bad if you think about it
  2. Bambi

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    thank you soooo much!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Bambi

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    this is not working: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/final-fantasy-xiv-realm-reborn/
  4. how long will this last? im getting the same.... i really need some help asap
  5. nobody added me yet I need all trophies... please help me! Feel free to add me for Trine 2 trophies, I have no trophies yet and would love to get 100%
  6. this game is so hard i barely passed 2-8. i wish it would offer online co-op cause i dont have anyone to play with him the game is so fast.. theres more zombies than sun... i cant even afford things on time i really wanted to get 100% in this game but im not so sure now
  7. This is ONLY for japanese consoles right? I have a US PS3 but a Japanese psn account cause most of my friends and family are from japan and my japanese psn is my main account, I use usa account (my dad's) to buy games. This doesnt affect me, right?
  8. I need help with all trophies, I have no idea what I'm doing in the game I cant even do "This wasn't the plan" trophy alone. Please help me! PSN: GarconDePate Trophies: ALL (I'm super noob) Time: Pacific Standard Time (San Francisco Bay Area)
  9. Thanks for the tip.. but sometimes idk if the pirate is attacking or defending. I failed the sword fight in story mode more than 10x i just kept pressing everything maybe this will help next time
  10. Do you have to pass the entire plane challenges? for the plat? I hate the plane game... cuz I dont know how to maneuver the plane correctly, I've always hated war/cod/or anything that requires me to move a plane or aim correctly. I'm not good at those.... Can I use ps move for the plane challenges?? how to connect?
  11. I have a few questions: I missed a few grabs in a few chapters.... do I have to replay the FULL game to get them? or can I select the level, pick up the grabs that I've missed and quit afterwards or do I have to finish the entire level? Also, how do I play with PS Move? I connected my PS Move controller but I don't see the pink light - its a white light. I have a hard time passing the airplane part in the story mode and the sword mode. so I tried to use the PS Move but it doesnt seem like its working properly, like when I want the plane to move down/left/right/up.. sometimes it doesnt move at all And you said that I have to replay the game 3x one with each characters, do you mean the story mode? I dont think I can play as the dog the entire story mode or captain.... how does this work? And the Co-Op mode... which is it? Is it the non-story mode? You dont mention which it is? And this Co-Op mode... is it required to have 2 people to play or can I use a second controller for the second player? Thanks
  12. Flight Instructor Juggle an enemy for 10 seconds When you stand directly in front of an enemy and press you will throw the enemy back instead of shooting them. The easiest way to do this is to back an enemy into a corner and just spam until the trophy pops. A good place to do this is in chapter 6. In the same location as "Laser Assist". When juggling the penguin he will hit a wall that he can't pass until you do. Just stand there holding to make your life easy. PLEASE EXPLAIN WITH CLEAR ENGLISH! I don't understand what you mean by "to back an enemy into a corner and just spam until trophy pops" when I use R1 it shoots. What corner are you talking about? HELP!
  13. I cant get 1st Place in Advanced and Expert I crashed all the time. Help! How to get 100 hits trophy? So I hit the cones and restart the game to hit it again??? Does it count if I restart? Can you explain how to "rewind"? I don't get it! Please explain.... I don't see any "rewind" that I could use that could have prevented my loss in the game I lost the race again
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