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  1. I finally started to dive deep into my backlog and got around to starting Metro 2033. So far I'm enjoying it, but obviously it's not the same as if I would have played it when it first came out. I liked the books though, so I'm looking forward to seeing all the changes and additional story in the games, even if I'm not sure if I'm going to play Last Light immediately after or not (probably not).
  2. A problem with the game nights before they were ultimately cancelled was the low attendence, something that I'm not sure would be different now.
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      Hi there, I adjusted it. It was because of the forum change. Somehow the video just popped up instead of being as a link in a text.

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      No worries, all good! Thank you for adjusting it so quickly! :)

  4. I initially decided to delay my purchase of the PS5 because I was going to play Cyberpunk on PC and figured that will hold me over until next year anyway. Now that the PS5 is almost there and Cyberpunk has been delayed again (and I'm not convinced it won't be delayed to 2021 at this point) I'm really regretting that decision. Have fun for me too, guys!
  5. Just kidding. I'm really happy the update is finally here after being able to check it out a while back! Hopefully everyone enjoys it!
  6. Well, time to buy my first bumper sticker ever. :D

  7. Great job everyone, especially those of you that put up some ridiculous numbers! Spring Cleaning remains one of my favorite events. Once again it helped motivate me go back to games I would have otherwise not gotten back into, as well as finally play some of the games that kept getting sidelined for bigger games.
  8. Just finished R&C II, took way longer than I thought it would take me. Mostly because I needed a couple hours to get back into it. Not sure what to play next, though. Think I need a break from the PS3, so probably something on PS4 since the years goal is long done anyway.
  9. Not sure what to think, honestly. I was really excited for it when the game was first announced, but watching the gameplay didn't really give me that excitement back. I'll still grab it though, so here's hoping I enjoy playing it more than I did watching it (Not the first time that that's the case).
  10. Messed around in Ratchet & Clank a bit and made some progress...I think? I saw some cutscenes, so I guess that's good. Starting to get back into the swing of it though. Also made quite a good amount of progress with Critter Crunch. ~25 Challenges left for that to be done, but I'm kind of sick of the game at this point. Only thing that keeps me going is that I know that if I don't complete it for this event, I never will. Good job on the years everybody! I'll go through my backlog of unstarted games tomorrow and see what non-ezpz-but-still-easy games I have in there to help with the completions.
  11. Tried to get back into R&C II, but didn't remember where I left off, so I decided to finally play Life is Strange: Before the Storm and finish up Yooka Laylee and the Impossible Lair. Maybe I'll actually try and figure out R&C II now...?
  12. Yeah, I would dread doing it without the Save State function, but being able to just try a level over and over again until you get a time you're satisfied with is actually fun and exciting. Yeah, that's pretty much what made me realize I'm probably not finishing it for this. If at all. I'm still chipping away at it here and there, but with each level I finish, I'm less and less motivated to keep going. It's a shame, because it could be fun if it wasn't so god damn long.
  13. Unsurprisingly, speedrunning Sonic is much more fun than collecting the Emeralds. So, that should be done soon enough. Not sure I'll be able to finish Critter Crunch though, might just play Ratchet & Clank 2 instead to finally get the last plat of the trilogy done.
  14. Ugh, yeah. I didn't enjoy them at all. In fact, I still have a couple episodes left that I just couldn't bring myself to go through. Maybe if we're cutting it close I'll play them, but here's hoping we don't.
  15. Playing both Critter Crunch and Sonic The Hedgehog right now...and not particularly enjoying either. To be fair, in the case of Sonic thats because I don't like the Chaos Emerald Bonus Stages, I'm sure I'll enjoy speedrunning the game at least. Together they'll net me a sweet ~20 years though, so I'll try and pull through.
  16. Decided that I'll save the FF7 Remake Plat for my 200 Milestone, so as soon as I beat the story I can start working on some games for the Event. Probably gonna start with Arkham Knight as I only have a single trophy left for the plat in that. Maybe R&C2 after that?
  17. Probably on PS5, depending on when it releases - or rather, when I find the time to play it. Mainly because it would be fitting since Black Flag was my first PS4 game.
  18. Well, guess I'll just skip Odyssey then. Far more interested in this one, and I've been feeling the AC itch again recently. So I'll just wait for Valhalla.
  19. No better way to start being more active again. PSN: whatev0r V: Updated to here!
  20. PSN: whatev0r Timezone: GMT +1 Looking to Boost: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Abstergo Employee of the Month)
  21. I'm really looking forward to the game. I wasn't sure about it being First Person when they first announced that, but it looks pretty dope.
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