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  1. Happy holidays FootballPsycho,

  2. I finally started to dive deep into my backlog and got around to starting Metro 2033. So far I'm enjoying it, but obviously it's not the same as if I would have played it when it first came out. I liked the books though, so I'm looking forward to seeing all the changes and additional story in the games, even if I'm not sure if I'm going to play Last Light immediately after or not (probably not).
  3. Awesome work on the new design Labartu

    1. Labartu


      Right? Totally outdid myself there.

  4. A problem with the game nights before they were ultimately cancelled was the low attendence, something that I'm not sure would be different now.
  5. Hey,


    Your signature exceeds the site height limitations. All graphics, text, banners, quotes, spoiler tags and trophy cards need to fit in this box:




    Please reduce as soon as possible. Thank you.

    1. servus99


      Hi there, I adjusted it. It was because of the forum change. Somehow the video just popped up instead of being as a link in a text.

    2. Labartu


      No worries, all good! Thank you for adjusting it so quickly! :)

  6. I initially decided to delay my purchase of the PS5 because I was going to play Cyberpunk on PC and figured that will hold me over until next year anyway. Now that the PS5 is almost there and Cyberpunk has been delayed again (and I'm not convinced it won't be delayed to 2021 at this point) I'm really regretting that decision. Have fun for me too, guys!
  7. Just kidding. I'm really happy the update is finally here after being able to check it out a while back! Hopefully everyone enjoys it!
  8. Well, time to buy my first bumper sticker ever. :D

  9. *link*

    I wasn't even kidding... :whistle:

  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy birthday, Lab!!! :francis:

  12. Hey Labartu have a great summer

  13. Great job everyone, especially those of you that put up some ridiculous numbers! Spring Cleaning remains one of my favorite events. Once again it helped motivate me go back to games I would have otherwise not gotten back into, as well as finally play some of the games that kept getting sidelined for bigger games.
  14. Almost done with Virginia, but not sure what I have left that I can get done before the deadline after that. Here's hoping I missed something in my backlog.
  15. Just finished R&C II, took way longer than I thought it would take me. Mostly because I needed a couple hours to get back into it. Not sure what to play next, though. Think I need a break from the PS3, so probably something on PS4 since the years goal is long done anyway.
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