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  1. I am going to replay chapter 3 and 8 on normal difficulty to change dresses for Tifa and Aerith, then get Clouds blue dress as I play chapter 9. For the third dresses for each can I just do them on my hard playthrough?? It's probably a silly question but i thought maybe i would need to do them all on one playthrough or something, confirmation would be nice
  2. Awesome, thank you very much for the clarification
  3. In order to get the trophy for crafting every item. Is it necessary to get the wedding ring which can only be crafted in multiplayer?? Therefore, do I need to start a new game in multiplayer mode to get this trophy? It would be really nice if someone could confirm this for me
  4. I can confirm TT is not needed for the trophy! Thank goodness
  5. My hardest tracks, Tiny Temple Dragon Mines Sewer Speedway Deep Sea Driving
  6. Boshafty, In order to beat any time trials you need to master the boosting mechanic.. This includes being able to achieve perfect boost on every boost you do, gaining and maintaining SF and USF from boost pads.. Being able to build up your reserves for long periods of time. And hitting corners effectively! Also, you can learn the shortcuts on any track if you simply follow Nitrous Oxide and watch the shortcuts he takes ) Good luck, it is do-able, if you have the patience for it!!
  7. What is double blue flame? I know of USF but not sure about double blue flame. By the way. I can confirm the bonus tracks are not needed for the trophy
  8. Hey so I have been slogging away at TT for hours now.. Is it needed for Time Trial trophy??? Thnx
  9. Can anyone help me make a list of hardest Time Trial tracks. I personally prefer to do the hardest ones first and then easily pick up the easier ones later.. As far as I know, Dragon Mines is possibly the hardest track I've played so far.. Thanks in advance for any contributions!
  10. Hooray!! Thanks for the reply!! I hope to get the trophy this weekend!!
  11. It would be really great if people could confirm for me that you only need to purchase the skills from the Sculptors Idol, and don't require the other skills like from shops or bosses. This is my fourth playthrough where I hope to get this last trophy, and I really don't want to do all the xp grinding, just to realise I have missed a skill from a merchant or suchlike and have to do playthrough 5!! Thanks to anyone who replies )
  12. I have been playing Gwent beta and LOVE it! But I don't want to play any more until the full game is released, along with the trophies. Does anyone know when the full game with trophies will be out? Also. Will all the cards and resources I have acquired remain with me after beta?? Or will they be reset??
  13. That's fantastic! Thanks for your help..
  14. I just have a simple question. I am going for all the level 10 skills + Careers trophies as my first step towards platinum. What is the fastest way to reach level 10 on each skill? For example, if my character is in focused mood does his logic skill improve quicker? Does playful mood boost comedy skill?
  15. Heyo. I am just hoping someone can let me know if there are any missable/collectible/difficulty related trophies on the campaign before I dive into it?
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