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  1. A lot of people on here scared because of some dude's statements. SMH. Got my Platinum in only 3 days. Definitely a 2/10. Did my 2nd playthrough in only a freakin hour.
  2. Who's man is this? Somebody claim him asap. Trophy guide is accurate. Never heard of the touchpad as a mouse or pressing triangle to breeze through conversatons.
  3. For those who couldn't get Sylvan to leave in the bar of Chapter 2, you need to ask him first and choose all the top answers. Then do the hybrid girl or the human. Making him last won't let you pop this trophy
  4. You can! After downloading the jap voices, before selecting which save file to load on the main menu, press triangle to switch from ENG to JAP
  5. Hey guys, I created my very 1st level and it took me a lot of hard work and no eating Please leave a comment, ENJOY!!!!! Lvl: Beast Survival Instincts Uncut
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