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  1. Scream 5 - 4/10 Well....it wasn't the worst movie I've seen. Just a lot of fan service. I don't even know how to word this upcoming sentence, but there we go. The whole movie is basically just an unfunny parody of itself while at the same time, poking fun of itself while trying to be a serious movie. Really no redeeming qualities in this movie. Unfortunately I can see them make more of them, which they should not. They shouldn't of even made this one.
  2. Finished up Miles Morales, now I'm starting the Assassin's Creed grind with Valhalla.
  3. The Matrix Resurrections - 6/10 It was alright. Really seemed just like a cash grab and nothing more. I still got some enjoyment out of it and it was nice visiting that universe again, but outside of that.... meh.
  4. Now that I got myself a PS5 for Christmas, I'm back at the trophy hunting game. So now I'm playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Enjoying it....all the good stuff from the first one.
  5. Good luck @Viper! I always thought you'd be a good addition to the staff.
  6. Only if I didn't work so much overtime and have no time during most of my work week, I might have a shot at this.
  7. Been hearing a lot of disappointment from season 2, as of course they stray farther away from the books which is making people upset. Also, seems like they're just setting everything up for the next season apparently.
  8. Since I got a PS5 for Xmas, my goals now are just to get back into console gaming. With that, I'll be getting back into trophy hunting as well and actually get myself to 100 platinums!
  9. Been playing Skyrim again. Just waiting to be able to play some Elden Ring when that comes out.
  10. So that's how ROH is going to live on until they're back from their hiatus. I guess that's good, as I do like ROH and thought they had a good product, even if it did go a bit downhill when AEW came around and the Young Bucks and others left.
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