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  1. anyone in australia want to boost online trophies with me? if so, let me know. PSN m0nk3y_aust
  2. anyone in Australia/NZ want to set up a pro club? looking to get Clubbin' but want a steady connection
  3. Looking to boost the following (maybe some more later) Thoughts? Here's What I Think Of This Generous tried to get these myself, didnt work PSN m0nk3y_aust
  4. during the game its lag free, but everynow and then, the game will freeze and try to catch up to the internet. turned off upnp, hopefully this helps - will try it later today
  5. no need anymore, got 1CC on single player FINALLY!
  6. Humanist When i first downloaded Resogun and the updates, I picked up all humans in the first 3 levels. Today I deleted my game data and redownloaded the game without the updates (didnt delete my save file though). if i want the Humanist trophy, do i need to save all the humans again on the first 3 worlds, or just the 4 and 5th. (since i already have the first 3 trophies)
  7. never played it pre-update but damn its just pure difficult on veteran.....insanely frustrating. so its possible to go back pre update.? just delete the game, redownload and decline all updates?? just means no online play until you update it???
  8. probbably answered already in this thread or even in the map (i probably missed it lol).... but i need o finish the game on Experienced and Veteran, two questions 1) can i play them 1 level at a time, or does it have to be in one sitting? 2) can i lose all my lives and then just continue on with the game and stll get the trophy? (one sitting of course)
  9. I'm thinking of picking up a ps4very soon so I can play fifa with mates. I'll be keeping my ps3 too, as I've still got some psn+ games on it to finish
  10. honesty, the only BS thing about this mode is the minimum 10pt win every game that you need. its fairly easy to get 40+pts with lebron, but that doessnt guaranteee you a 10pt win all the time, you get close but.... i had an 11pt lead in one game (think it was vs the cavs with john trice), 6 seconds left and they inbounded the ball after i scored - ran half way and threw up a half court shot and it went in i had 38pts 12assists with lebron, and only ended up with 2 star....because of one shot, i have to replay the game again!
  11. I'm still playing through lebron greatness. I've left three peat at stake on 2star I'll try for the third star later. And Chase, seriously why do you capitalise every word you type????? It's friggin annoying reading your posts because of that.
  12. is there anypoint in increasing quarter time to 7min or above? or is the scoring system too harsh at anything but 6min?
  13. so i finally got past the spurs game which was causing me trouble and i'm about to start three peat at stake....i saw a video on youtube where lebron gets injured, and the 4th quarter starts and you are down by 15pts. so to get the 3stars, you need to outscore OKC and win by double digits?? that all?
  14. Full Court Press Constant Pressure and what is with you capitalising every word in every post you make?????
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