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  1. still not got the Force of Nature trophy. I'm sure i've done over 5 now.
  2. 8/10 Personally prefer this series to the Dirt Rally games. It might not be quite as graphically impressive, but there is a lot more variety in terms of locations. The fact you have official rally events and official drivers rather than the rather ad hoc, online centered structure of Dirt Rally is a bonus. Only gripes are that the returning events from WRC 8 feature exactly the same stages and there is still a HUGE variation in how competitive the AI is from one event to the next. Sweden i was winning by 2-3 minutes on medium settings, Germany, barely scraped 2nd overall. The manufacture objectives can be annoying and also make little sense, such as not using certain tyre compounds for two rallies. Often i'd just ignore these. Also, seems to be a bit of a sound glitch where the engine sound fades out randomly, though it might be my new headphones.
  3. Why have you double quoted someone then made a catty comment utterly unrelated to what they were saying?! Incredible.
  4. Although i have a few trophies left, they are related to travelling a certain distance (1000km) or can be cheezed (win on max settings) and thus not skill related. I gave it a 4, playing on pad on around the 80-90 AI difficulty. Having played 8 I had some experience as to how the game plays and all the same stages are featured for the returning rally's. Might be higher for newcomers to the series. Germany is the most difficult in my opinion, especially the vineyards stage, and with the endurance stages it can be a drag keeping you concentration up for 15 mins, but certainly no where near as challenging as the Dirt Rally games. Also, I've noticed if you are having problems dealing with wet races, sometimes you can quit to the title screen and return to the rally and the weather becomes dry. Think this is because the time your car starts is randomized.
  5. don't recall any 'gold rings' around the regions? Just have to get ticks in all three collectible types in all regions.
  6. 1/10 exceptionally easy for an old skool shooter like this. Got the plat in about 2 hours of actually playing time. Just play on easy and use rewinds if you make a mistake.
  7. Don't have to win a race, just have to complete one
  8. No-one seems to have put any guide together for this game. Basically, the most difficult trophy is getting 20 million points. This basically requires a perfect run with NO DEATHS, capturing every mini-boss and maximum use of the alpha/beta beam counter system on the main bosses. Thankfully, the ability to use save states and the fact you can do it on the easiest difficulty level makes this pretty manageable. Take the top route and exploit the autosave and save states on the final two bosses to really get their patterns down. Also, don't miss the extra life that appears in the caverns on stage eta.
  9. I noticed Powerpyx has already uploaded some trophy guide videos for it. That's dedication.
  10. OK, seems at least 1 person has almost got the platinum on this before the game has even been released?!
  11. Not sure what to do here. How do you change the stage order?
  12. I noticed last night that a new trophy set for DLC4 has appeared, yet no extra stages seem to be available yet (bought the delux edition, so should have access to all future DLC)
  13. Are you able to change difficulty mid game? Despite being an avid sci-fi fan, i missed out on these games on PS3 so this is my first experience thus playing on normal and really just want to enjoy the highly regarded stories.
  14. Looks like the classic hard shoot'em-up is back to break a few joypads! Never beat the first two games in a straight run (had to use level select and invincibility cheats on the 'R-Types' compilation and Dimensions to see the endings). Beat #3 on the SNES and Delta and Final on the PS1/PS2 though.
  15. Played all the R-Type games, even Leo once, and even on 'kids' difficulty, this one is quite challenging compared to the 2003 game, especially if you lose your pod. Graphically it looks decent, but the music is pretty forgettable.
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