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  1. Really sorry to hear about HilariousGamer. May he rest in peace. My Vita library is definitely not massive, but if it helps, these are a few of my favourites: WipEout 2048 Jetpack Joyride / Jetpack Joyride Deluxe Sound Shapes Uncharted: Golden Abyss
  2. I will move my doubler to the Brighton vs. Chelsea game, and select Jota as my goalscorer.
  3. I went for 2/10 and 6-10 hours. I really enjoyed the game. It's a great intro to the PS5, and a fun, well-crafted game in its own right that is great for long-term fans of PlayStation. The game doesn't offer up anything too difficult. There are a small handful of artefacts and puzzle pieces that are tricky to find. I got most of them on my own following one or two runs through each level. There were a couple of collectibles I referenced a guide for, and I needed to do the same for the miscellaneous level-specific trophies. While only required for the add-on portion of the game, the final boss was probably the trickiest part, but it only took a few tries. The speedruns (also only part of the add-on) were very lenient in terms of the overall time limits. It took me about 9 hours from first to final trophy, but this included some breaks. I'd say it was closer to about 7 hours of playtime in total. I did have to play some of the levels more than once to get some collectibles I missed out on first-time, so you could do it faster if you work with a guide from the start, although it's probably more fun to play without a guide for your first playthrough, and it only takes an hour or two at most to backtrack.
  4. Looks perfectly readable to me. https://imgur.com/FfVfadL
  5. It's a pity she couldn't make it to 100. She had a long life full of great accomplishments though that will outlive her.
  6. Only just seeing this now. Sorry. It has been a busy few days. Assuming it's all okay to do so, I pick Kane as my goalscorer. I'll post this now, and I'll get on editing in the other games ASAP. Edit: Southampton 1-0 Brentford Everton 1-2 Leicester West Ham 3-0 Norwich (I would like to put a second doubler on this if possible, as one of my original two doublers got postponed)
  7. Happy New Year.

    1. FootballPsycho


      Happy New Year morphingryno. I hope you have a great 2022.

  8. Please use the Co-Op Partners Thread to look for partners. Thanks.
  9. Merry Christmas Robin. Hope you're doing well. ❤️ 

  10. Merry Christmas Everyone! Enjoy the holidays, and have a fantastic New Year.
  11. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

    1. FootballPsycho


      Thanks T. And the same to you. :D 

  12. @Darth_Krid Could we get an update for this or are you waiting for all of the fixtures to be cancelled? 🙃
  13. Please make use of the co-op thread to link up with other players. Thanks.
  14. Thank you. Although I'm not entirely sure if what you suggest is what caused the issue. I never went near CC12 personally, and there were no border issues in my entries this week, were there? Although it could be some issue that came about two matchdays ago.
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