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    I've got 5 kids. Gaming history spans 34 yrs - arcades, Atari, PC, Sega, PSP, PS2, PS3, & more!
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    Ohio (USA)
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    motorcycles, video games, flying planes, computers, writing, and photography
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    self employed

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    Yucky, keep it away!

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  1. Would like to see more pics of the lady in your post avatar. What is her name?

    I'm not referring to the one on this profile page. I'll look her up on yahoo and get an eyefull. Thanks Kryp.

  2. Hey I seen you have that group about making videos. What would be the best device to get to record gameplay for my set up? I have a 360 and PS3 both through HDMI running 1080p...

  3. Thanks for the L.A. Noire vehicle guide.


    Burn Notice rocks! :)

  4. Nice to see you around KD, how are things?


    Oh and a very belated birthday wishes!

  5. Fort Eigh! Happy birthday kryp :D

  6. The BIG 40! Happy Birthday dude :drunk:

  7. Haven't spoken to you in ages man. How's things? D:

  8. not a lot man,just dealing with things,my father passed about a month ago so thats been tough to cope with,other then that just looking for work and hanging at a buddies house on occasion gaming,same old same old

  9. Forgot to thank you for your LA Noire Vehicle Guide. Helped me with a few I was missing towards the end :)

  10. Hey mate. It's been a long time. How you been?

  11. Congrats on the A+ Award KD.

  12. woah! It's been a long time dude. :D

    So, how's everything? i'm currently loving you LA Noire car guide ;)

  13. Hey, KD. Was wondering if you're still updating your Participation thread.



    Cheers, Bandar

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