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  1. That's why I used the phrase beginning of the end. Since that moment in history you have gone from the biggest team in the world to being pumped by Watford/Brighton, finishing below both Arsenal and Spurs in the same season and fighting it out with West Ham as to who can avoid going into the Conference League. You have done that despite assembling the most expensive squad in British history.
  2. Posted at half time lol. Lets get this out of the way first as anybody can look a genius/stupid if they can see into the future. Without that ability let's have a look at what you thought would happen. West Ham would score one goal in their one match. Leicester would score three in their two matches. Everton would also score three in their two matches. Palace would score two in their two matches. Sample size of one person maybe, so let's look at the other ten players. No one predicted West Ham would score more than one. Three said they would blank completely. Nintendo (isn't he usually good at these games?) had both Leicester and Palace scoring four times across their games, whilst multiple people also had Everton scoring four. I am using those teams as they contain the players that were up against Bowen for a place in my starting XI. Was always going to start Jota and Son. Yes City weren't at full strength but that back five they did put out would start for every team in the league bar Liverpool/Chelsea. At half time on Sunday it's easy to label me 'braindead' but the above pretty much proves that every person in that prediction league would have done the same thing as I did even if they didn't think Daka/Iheanacho would start both matches. How I love prediction games. You can understand me benching Bowen against Norwich but not against City, who have the best defensive record in the league? Come on. Unbelievable! You still can't say it. Oliver Giroud played in that same team as Pogba. Do you think he would be better than Aguero if he got a move to the Spanish capital? Steven Nzonzi played over half an hour in the final. Let me guess. You think he is twice the player Fernandinho is? This isn't just a 50/50, my opinion vs your opinion debate. We are talking about one of the greatest central midfielders in Premier League history v Paul fucking Pogba. You then have the audacity to accuse me of making ridiculous comparisons. We can go round and round for eternity, arguing about everything from the World Cup final right the way down to Spartan South Midland League. We can be measuring our dick sizes in our 70's when it comes down to who has done what in FPL. You dying on this hill proves without a shadow of doubt you know nothing about football. The vultures are circling... How has it remotely been proven as shite? Go to the stadium. The atmosphere is absolutely dead. Not just my opinion by the way. Singing section anyone? Tourists and day trippers getting in left, right and centre is to blame. You despise everything about football that doesn't include the self appointed elite. Why would somebody with this mindset know anything about the lower ends of the football league/top end of non league regardless of their location? I have been beating you over the head for five years about you supporting a clown club and you have never once said you actually go so I am afraid I am going to assume you are once again talking bollocks. So six times the price of last Wednesday? And you are trying to use this as part of your argument? I already told you that the season was pretty much over last week as far as non league goes. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/u21-premier-league/besucherzahlen/wettbewerb/GB21 Your under 23's average less than a 1000 fans. 'proper club'. I will tell you something about your next generation. That kid who came on against Liverpool. The lad with the daft hair cut. He showed more determination and fight in twenty minutes than Pogba ever has. Hope he has a bit more class than the last success story from your academy. Flipping off your own fans in the car park. Oh dear me. And he's apparently a United fan. City got 30k in the third division. They were down on their arses and they didn't resort to vandalising the property of their board members, breaking into their own stadium to get a game postponed or calling in a bomb threat on their captain's house. https://www.givemesport.com/1787618-premier-league-attendances-how-full-has-each-stadium-been-this-season I know of two people that work for companies in the south east that get to go a couple of times a season as their work has season tickets that they hand out to their staff. One was able to give their ticket to someone who didn't even work there so you get all sorts going up every other week. Throw in all the day trippers and tourists that go and I think you will start to understand why you get out sung by the likes of Middlesborough. Utter bollocks and confirms my suspicions about you going. There are loads and they sell hundreds if not thousands every game. The obsession with getting a souvenir at the football is so tinpot. It's not a bloody museum. If you are over the age of twelve and you go to match and buy a half and half scarf you aren't a fan. https://www.ebay.co.uk/b/Manchester-United-Football-Scarves/27393/bn_18413364 Oh the humanity.
  3. Never once said you should stop watching the PL. The hypocrisy comes from you steaming into the PL thread whining like a little girl about what a despicable country Saudi Arabia is all the while carrying on watching WWE. If you are happy watching that company then you don't complain about the takeover and welcome them to the league with open arms. The sole reason you are against it is your club has another team to go up against. How they treat woman, homosexuals and goats has nothing to do with your outrage. Me pointing this out is 100% me besting you. Those bits of tin are why you aren't a Grimsby fan so you were absolutely gutted when you lost to Villarreal. Outside youth cup finals you ain't winning anything else anytime soon. The more you post stuff like this the more I am convinced you have never been to Old Trafford. It was £1 a ticket and outside the odd cup final and playoff game the non league season has finished. Every ground hopper living north of Birmingham would have taken advantage of the cheap price of entry to knock the ground off their list. A large percentage of those in attendance when your first team plays are tourists/day trippers (I reckon I saw more blue and red scarfs when you played Chelsea recently than yellow and green and red combined) so if you think that 60k were there to see the next generation of Mason Greenwood's then you are off your head. Are you actually going to die on this hill? Imagine if Kahuna returned and claimed that the MK Dons right back would be be better than Alexander-Arnold if he played for Real Madrid. You would rip him to pieces. It's a frankly desperate stance you are taking on a player that doesn't give a fuck about your club. Let's end this once and for all. Is KDB a better player than Pogba? Yes or no. Oh right. There was me thinking you actually had some kind of proof I had been wrong. You think your FPL rank somehow makes you knowledgeable about football. It doesn't. Posted after the final whistle. Meeks played West Ham AND Leicester players against Norwich. Why aren't you congratulating him?
  4. You are just as guilty as me of going over old stuff and mentioning things said in other threads so I am afraid you can fuck off with that line of thinking. The fact you always end up responding and then tapping out is undeniable proof I am living rent free inside your head. Have to say there is plenty of room in there what with you not owning a brain.😘 Another person whose opinion on FPL is apparently not worth hearing winning the big one ahead of you. I bet the last few years have made your hair fall out and shed enough tears to fill a rather large bath. You showed fake outrage regarding the Saudis. I exposed you on this. You're willing to overlook them mistreating woman and executing homosexuals to get your wrestling fix. These are cold hard facts. That was me besting you. You pretended you didn't care about the Europa League final (you were back in hiding last year) so I dug up your posts from the previous final to prove otherwise. That was the last trophy you won. Five years on you are desperate for any silverware so you absolutely care about the Thursday Cup. These are cold hard facts. That was me besting you. Your master plan for the World Cup was full of more holes than a dozen golf courses and it pretty much came down to you having a hissy fit because a stacked Italy team didn't make it. I quoted your drivel for all to see. These are cold hard facts. That was me besting you. You support a commercial club who rely on tourists and day trippers to sell out and are in complete denial about this. These are cold hard facts. That was me besting you. There are plenty more but you get the point. Bet that made you physically sick typing out the C word. What would you do without Wikipedia. Norwich were only one point off Watford and had only conceded two more. Palace were at home and were fresher. It didn't work out but to say it was the worst decision since I have been on this site is drivel isn't it. You said Paul Pogba is better than Kevin De Bruyne. And years on you still won't admit you were wrong. To accuse others of having zero football knowledge shows just how clueless, out of your depth and deluded you are. I could pick 15 Bournemouth players in this game and say all season I made the right call and it still would not top the above and your frankly unbelievable decision not to admit you got it spectacularly wrong. You have pointed out that I made a bad choice this week. The fuck was I wrong about five years ago? You are judging me? Is that supposed to intimidate me? You are a parody of a football fan who thinks they are knowledgeable about the sport. You were born in 1988 so that's why you support the team you do. If you were born a decade later you would still support Man United. Two decades later, you would support Man City and a decade before 88 you would be looking forward to the Champions League final with the rest of Merseyside. Knowing all that. You can think what you want. I take your thoughts and I wipe my arse with them. Rent free baby.
  5. I win. AGAIN. And say what exactly? In hindsight it was a very shit pick but I did it as Palace were fresh and West Ham had gone all in on the Europa. Had no clue about the team news and it wasn't like Palace had a difficult fixture was it. Two games eh... Can he do it? Can he admit he was wrong? Is it worth tagging in all the guys that post in the PL but don't play Draft as this could be a monumental, once in a life time occasion and I wouldn't want anyone to miss it? So which is it? Are you watching my every move are you only checking to see who I have started at 6pm on the Sunday? You are a joke. I know that. In English? I don't have to prove anything to someone like you. You are a gibbering idiot who not only tarnishes the image of football fans but the whole of mankind. Would it be nice to win? Yes. Is it the be all and end all. Absolutely not. I'd take Wednesday going through last night, United not making the CL again next season or you 'stubbing your toe' every time I go to town on you over a win in this or any other game every day of the week.
  6. It happens at all points of the season though. I believe when I first mentioned it we were in the group stages of the CL. West Ham tired eh? Maybe Bowen wasn't such an obvious choice.👀
  7. 7pm on a Friday evening dlm responds. He then spends the next eight hours trawling through Twitter getting advice on his FPL team, pausing for half an hour to reflect on Son's score from the precious week as tears start to stream down his cheeks. 3am he responds again to me. He then goes to bed thinking about me. Rent free. Like hell you will. Where were you when Tom pulled your pants down, bent your over and rogered you silly? Or when ahmed won? Moving the goal posts probably. So you weren't off the site for nearly a year? The shit just continues to flow doesn't it...💩 A good lad that you regularly slag off. You are such a fucking snake. You will be playing on Thursday nights next year after spending a billion pounds. The Dog and Duck would batter some of the shite in that competition. Whining about whining. You little bitch. Come back to me with a sentence like that when you admit KDB is twice the player Pogba is. Add up their points perhaps? Obviously there is going to be some hindsight in a discussion like this. No but everyone and their dog knows he is injury prone so you are always taking a gamble on him not breaking down. It's only Krid who has an obsession with strikers. Maybe that rubbed off on Meeks and his crazy DCL pick. No I am not. I am pointing out that you are wrong and you can win from any position providing you pick the right players. Would walk into your team. You have been stubbing your toe an awful lot the last few years haven't you. Clumsy. Up until this season none of them have been the big ones have they. Look at the size of your lead and how you closed out the main game this year. You are so shit you actually made your team even more like Martz's by bringing in Son. The fact you posted it AFTER the game had finished proves just what a clown you are. There is a word that perfectly sums up your post. Can't for the life of me think what it is. Give me a sec, it will come to me eventually. Urgh! This is so frustrating. Oh yeah, got it. Fucking hindsight. Considering some of the lopsided trades you have sent out over the years I have always wondered if one of us clicked accept by accident would you then veto it?
  8. I have bought this up before. You see it fairly regularly A 2-0 prediction doubled but not a 4-0. I don't get it.
  9. I know you offered Tom a trade and you are so small time I wouldn't put it past you to hand my rivals the likes of KDB etc. You were to scared to post for nearly a year but are aware of me apparently calling you out every week. How the hell does that work you dumb prick? Tweets from @JHChiBullshelped immensely. Was so good to be able to browse the PL thread and not see any elitist drivel being posted. 'oh poor me. I could never win with the eighth pick. Boo hoo.' That isn't whining? How are your points remotely irrefutable? With the eighth pick I am pretty sure you could have got Trent, Jota, Cancelo, VVD, Saka, Bowen, Laporte and a few half decent strikers. Would that team win or not win our league? You bitch quit after three posts. AGAIN. I win. AGAIN. Hilarious that you post that a few weeks after boasting about not giving me a long response. Only to end up giving me a long response. You will read it. A nuclear warzone? Always thought the exchanges on here were very civil. Forgotten what happened the season before the incident you're referring to? How many points were you ahead of Tom again.
  10. Nerves starting to kick in. Apparently over the two legs the games will set an attendance record for the Football League playoffs. Insane stat considering it's not even taking place in the Championship.
  11. 7th May Derby Exeter Mansfield Newport Northampton Sheffield United Stoke 11th May Leicester 15th May Wolves 16th May Newcastle
  12. Don't tell me dlm is so desperate for me not to win he is trying to offload his best players to help others? If true. Confirmation. Rent free. And i'm the whiney cunt... Like brilliant, those words must have a different meaning in Grimsby.
  13. You know you could always admit you were wrong and then the argument would end? When you came out of hiding last year and I bought up your Pogba comments, a normal person, one without an ego, would say 'yeah, you know what, I got that badly wrong'. No shame in it. Everyone says something that in the future looks daft. For some reason. Upbringing, I would guess. You can't do this. Instead you said something on the lines of 'well I am technically not wrong as he hasn't gone to Madrid'. Say KDB is twice the player Pogba is and I will never mention it again. Go on. Somewhere between your legs, there must be a pair of bollocks. That happened 24 years ago and I forgot about it. You had enough because I quoted your posts one on top of each other and made you look like an utter moron. Your argument for why certain teams should go into a World Cup automatically boiled down to some arsehole deeming Italy had a stacked team. 'Has nothing to do with how many times they've won it.' 'Sadly the only way to do it would be to put any previous winners straight in.' There wasn't even 24 days between them either, let alone years. Not even close. And you reckon I shit the bed when posting? I don't either. I linked you the HoF thread when you made a fool of yourself making all kinds of ludicrous claims about who played and who didn't. Took a minute to look it up. I criticise you because you are a twat. You had to pick those players to get the best chance of landing Lukaku. You then got even luckier when Ronaldo was bought in. You made the choice to start with a points handicap. Don't use it as an excuse. Did I say that? Knowing who potentially is going up in price is a little different to someone picking your team each week. You can get plenty of help without posting a single letter. Getting advice on the main game is infinitely easier than tips on the Draft game. Open up YouTube and put in FPL. We all saw your advice for the Draft a few months ago. Basic is an understatement.😘 I would say it was as soon as you decided to play this season. Second best? Assuming you have Man United's fourth best centre midfielder at one where do you have Salah, Cancelo etc? Do you even watch the highlights? 'nice to get him' You came in your britches and changed your team name you were so pleased. Utter bollocks. You can win the Draft from any position. Stop making excuses. If you genuinely believed that you would have bitch quit as soon as the order came out. Aren't you the tit who said the 16 team Draft couldn't be won if you picked outside the top five the year WeaselDude won picking, you guessed it folks, outside the top five? It really is a constant stream of shit every time you post isn't it.
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