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  1. I'm looking to boost the PS4 version for the Online Champion trophy. PSN: JasperJRPGamer (just mention the game in your friend request) Thanks in advance! EDIT: Got it, thanks to Duoshin-Aquito for the help!
  2. Hi everyone, I'm also looking to boost the Troublemaker Trophy! PSN: JasperJRPGamer Region: Europe EDIT: Got it, thanks to SchastorBig for the help!
  3. Thank you for the trophy guide and walkthrough, neosnake101! Wow this game was creepy, but tons of fun! I'm not usually into horror games, but this one was truly awesome! Loved it from beginning to end!
  4. Thanks for the guide and video walkthrough provided, scharn73! This wasn't the worst game I've ever played, but it was still reaaally bad! I had some fun and rolled with all the weird punches though, so it was quite enjoyable for me to get the Platinum! Especially with such an easy trophy list. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks for the guide and video walkthrough provided, Blaze Naruto Shippuden! Wow, this was such a creepy and haunting game! I loved the atmosphere, but the gameplay was a bit too clunky for me... The trophies were easy enough, although some of the drawings were pretty well hidden! Thanks again!
  6. Thanks for the guide and pictures, jumbrie! I really loved this game! Such a great and creepy atmosphere and the ending sequence was just jaw-dropping to me! The fact that there was no death-related trophy like the one in Limbo made this a lot easier to get 100% on as well!
  7. Thanks for the guide and walkthrough provided, Velvet! I found this game very confusing at first, but after multiple playthroughs the bigger picture started to become clearer, which was pretty cool! Getting the trophies was also easy thanks to your walkthrough, so thanks again!
  8. Thanks for the guide and walkthrough provided, Avan! This was a fun, short and easy game to get 100% on for the PlayStation Vita and I loved the creepiness and mystery! There's so many ways to piece together what could have happened, which I liked a lot!
  9. Thanks for the guide and video provided, Shinobi X! As old-school and arcade-y as it was, this was a pretty fun game, although I agree with some other commenters that this was way harder than a 7/10 for me! It also took me waaaay longer than two hours. But the key as usual was practice makes perfect. After about a week of playing a few hours every day I finally managed it and even got a score of $11,88!
  10. Thanks for the guide, walkthrough and videos provided, Wozamil! This game was an experience and a half! I loved every second of it, but I was glad to have a guide for the collectibles, since some were quite well hidden! Even though keeping everyone alive wasn't thát hard, those ''Don't Move'' sections were incredibly intense, especially at the end! Anyways, thanks again for helping with a rather easy Platinum!
  11. Thanks for the guide and videos provided, staytrue1985! Especially the video with all the hat locations was very helpful! I really enjoyed this game for what it was. I liked the style and I didn't have too much trouble with the time trials, so it was a pretty easy and relaxing experience.
  12. Thanks for the guide and walkthrough provided, Blaze Naruto Shippuden! This was a fun and unique experience and the easy Platinum made it that much sweeter! Loved the atmosphere and story, super creepy!
  13. Thanks for the guide, Fragpuss! This was a fun, quirky little game, but they could have done so much more with it in my opinion... It was a short and sweet ride to a platinum trophy though, so that's always nice!
  14. Thanks for the guide and walkthrough, Velvet! Cute little game this was and a lot funnier than I expected! The only trophy to give me some trouble was Face Invaders, I guess I'm just that terrible at it, haha!
  15. Thanks for the guide, Moosh! All the trophies popped for me with no glitches, but maybe I'm just lucky... Anyway, this was a very fun and cute little game and the ending was quite touching. A very easy trophy list made for a fun and relaxing experience, even though the controls were a little... off at times.
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