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  1. So on my first run of the game. We stopped at mission 6. So only did the first 5 missions as a hacker. Second run my new partner needed the Agent trophies so I continued playing with the hacker. As did my very mission as the hacker again the trophy for completing all mission popped given that I still didn’t finish the last mission as a hacker. So we finished the run got my trophy for beating mission 6. Switched roles. Completing the first mission as an agent it gave me complete all mission with both agents. Again I only completed all of them with the hacker 1-5 twice, mission 6 once. And only mission 1 as an agent. Not sure if it’s because I have completed them twice with hacker but last one and once with an agent game saw that I have done all twice gave me the trophy for completing all of them. Not sure what the hell happened but I thought I share what I have encountered.
  2. Be sure to have it set up to single player only. Maybe that what causes it to pause. Or try to attempt it offline. Even with trophies on my PS4 run reach the observatory trophy didn’t pop, lost count on how many times I reloaded my save no trophy. Did join some random matches no trophy. My first attempt on the trophy being completely offline PS4 offline it popped. So being offline or having your game set to single player might help.
  3. I already got the platinum for the game on both PS5 and PS4. I honestly don’t know what triggers this quest. On my PS5 run, the quest never came up. Had to join an online match to get the collectible. On PS4 run I actually got the quest and was able to finish it on my own. Don’t know if I accidentally did something not realizing it which it triggered the quest. I don’t think the quest is bugged, I think it has some prerequisite stuff that you need to do in order for it to pop.
  4. Dying Light 2 Trophies Pilgrim’s Path Unlock every trophy. Into the Unknown Reach Villedor. First Shot Use an Inhibitor for the first time. Herzlich Wilkommen! Enter the Bazaar. Under Pressure Activate your first Water Tower. On the Trail of the Enemy Learn Waltz’s location. Light in the Darkness Activate your first Electrical Substation. Get Outta My House! Defeat the Renegades attacking the Fish Eye. Debris and Ashes Reach the Observatory. We Will Be Heard! Restore the radio broadcast tower. Known Associate Learn the whereabouts of Veronika Ryan. Brush with Death Wake up after the missile strike. Going Down Enter the X-13 elevator. Family First Find your sister. Your World, Your Rules Complete the game with any ending. Municipal Services Assign all Facilities. Tunnel Entrance Activate your first Metro Station. Tube Map Activate all Metro Stations. Sancho Panza Activate your first Windmill. Tickets, Please! Use a Metro Station to Fast Travel. Don Quixote Activate all Windmills. Can’t You Read the Signs? Collect all Inhibitors hidden in GRE Quarantines. Find Anything Interesting? Open all Airdrops. It Wasn’t That Hard, Was It? Defeat your first GRE Anomaly. Revenants Defeat all GRE Anomalies. Flag Burning Clear your first Bandit Camp. Ban Hammer Clear all Bandit Camps. You Never Forget Your First… Craft your first item. Oh, So This Is How It Works! Modify your weapon for the first time. A Friend in Need… Help 50 survivors in Encounters. Parkour Master Achieve maximum Parkour Proficiency. Combat Master Achieve maximum Combat Proficiency. Boot Licker Reach City Alignment 7 for any faction. Who Wants To Be a… Collect 1,000,000 in Old World Money. Man On a Mission Meet all your Sparker love interests. Ultramarathon Travel at least 960km. After the Fall Fall from a combined height of at least 10,994 meters. Good Night & Good Luck Survive your first night. Can’t Touch This! Kill 20 enemies in a row with melee weapons without taking damage. Night Hunter Kill a Volatile. Death From Afar Kill a Spitter using a ranged weapon. Tanning Salon Use the UV Flashlight to kill a Viral. Terminal Headache Perform 50 headshots with a ranged weapon. Slow Poke! Lose the maximum level of Chase. Being All Social Join a co-op session. That’s Teamwork! Kill 100 enemies while playing with at least 2 other players. Lightning Reflexes Perform a Perfect Block 10 times in a row without taking damage. Modder Modify your weapons at least 50 times. Fit as a Fiddle Max out your Health. Ironheart Max out your Stamina. You’re Going Down! Perform 50 takedowns. Don’t Look Up Perform Smash on at least 50 enemies. Get the Point? Kill 50 enemies with a Spear. True Nightrunner Complete all Nightrunner Trials. Bing Bang Boom! Perform an Air Kick after a Double Wall Run. Archivist Find all Collectible Notes. Audiophile Find all Collectible Recordings. Street Art Aficionado Discover all Graffiti Tag Collectibles. Source PowerPyx from the looks of it. It’s going to be a grindy game. Really hope it’s a fun grind. And we also have a cross save. Already pre ordered the ultimate edition so I got both versions. Since it’s a long game I am hoping for a cross save. What you guys thoughts on the trophies. Anyone excited like myself. I really hope this sequel worth the wait. I am a fan of the first game. Enjoyed my platinum hunt and 100% was fun.
  5. Episode 2: Pagan: Control available Tuesday January 11th 2022. Trophies wise already been out for some time. But we kind knew what we’re getting. I think all the mind dlc trophies are going to be similar/little different.
  6. I know @devaster, this new dlc/season one stuff is ridiculous. I mean we spent countless hours grinding getting every single item in base game and dlcs for a trophy getting to higher power to beat and get apocalypse plus trophies. Yet, after all that we get a dlc that we can’t use any of our stuff and we can’t even play it in co op to help each other. Do not get it at all! I mean so when season 2 starts does that mean all season 1 trophies are unobtainable. I finally managed to get my 100% back earlier today. The gird to to level 45 was so boring and sucky by all means. Even if you beat missions on the highest apocalypse plus possible it barely move the bar or get a decent amount of seasonal xp. However I used an xp exploit found in PSNP by @ Nicco555 I’ll add it to this post. adventure difficulty tower run gave me headaches especially level 22. I started to back my save after each level after I lost my first life which was after first boss. Ended up beating it with 2 left. I keep reloading save as soon as I die. gave up on apocalypse run for awhile after so many reloads, and focused on getting my 100 towers trophy which it is so easy using the default difficulty. Went back to fresh apocalypse run. Backing up my save after each level. 2 to 3 days it took me. As I was switching back with other games. Level 22 again gave me headaches. But I finally got my 100% back. Also, you would of thought if you beat the tower on apocalypse you will get a lot of xp but nope. It barely moved. Don’t get the xp thing on this dlc. xp exploit found in PSNP by @ Nicco555 1- Enter the tower on any difficulty 2- Kill the boss at the 30th floor 3- Don't leave through the door, use the pillar to teleport back to town instead. 4- Exit to main menu, close game. 5- Back-up your saves with PS Plus or USB 6- Enter the game again 7- Re-enter the tower 8- Leave through the exit door 9- Exit to main menu, close game. 10- Download your character save (not the profile and settings file) 11- Continue from step 6 12- Repeat ad infinitum Doing this gives you around 4-5 levels per hour. Edit: If it doesn't work / trophies don't pop, change your system language to English. Original Post on PSNP
  7. New update. So I was able to help two of my friends they were able to pop trophies immediately as soon as they load in to my game and were able to equip the gold bird. But we were all in the same room they logged in my PS4 and joined me locally. I tried help online friend when joined no trophies unlocked and are unable to equip the gold bird. So this trick only works if you were to join someone locally and both of you are on the same PS4.
  8. Hello all as per the title. if you were to join someone who is in level 45 or higher season 1. You will automatically unlock 2 trophies. Level 10 and level 25 trophies. Same time you will be able to equip the gold bird to beat the new level and you get the trophy for that level. Without the need for actually leveling up or reaching level 10, 25, 45. You can just focus of beating towers few times and done with game. Admins closed my other post thinking I was looking for co op to boost the game. I’m just sharing my findings here. As I need it to be opened to able to add more stuff or just post here.
  9. Hell all, As per the title. Okay so I was struggling with the apocalypse tower run and asked my brother to join my game. As soon as he loaded in my game. He got the level 10 trophy and level 25 trophy. Was able to equip the Gold bird. He didn’t play a single game since new stuff were added. Don’t quote me on that just yet. As he joined me same PS4. Unfortunately the new tower game mode can’t be completed in co op it has to be done solo. But I learned something new with trophies auto pop. If someone want me to invite them over to my game as I’m the host to test and see if they will get the two trophies associated with leveling and able to equip the gold bird. Send me a message on PSN zaid5hz I’ll be happy to help out and I’ll invite you. We can speed run the new level to get the gold something something trophy. As for the 100 towers it’s easy farmed with the default difficulty. Adventure difficulty run was not easy gave me troubles. But got it done. But the apocalypse is a nightmare but will eventually get it done. hope this helps.
  10. I still can’t message you. Every time I try to message you it says I can’t and unable to add player due to their settings. We can’t keep communicating through here. Adjust your settings and message me. So we can set up a plan. Thankyou
  11. Added you. Tried to message you for further communications I wasn’t able to send or add you to a message. Try to adjust your settings and message me on PSN. and yes I’m going to platinum all series games. thankyou
  12. Co-op Boosting Thread Refer to the Trophy Guide and Roadmap What your post should at least include (but not limited to): Your PSN ID Online trophies you're wanting to boost Your time zone Please keep all discussions and planning in the Co-Op boosting thread. Please do not create another thread if you're looking for a partner. __________________________________________________ Hello I am looking for a Co-Op partner to boost and Platinum the game. We Were Here Together & We We're Here Too are on sale now and looking for a Co-Op player to boost and platinum both games. We will be following the TrueAchievement.com Guides for the games to make the trophy hunt and boost easier. Message me on PSN: Zaid5hz With planning ahead, I can be on most times and days. GMT time zone thank you
  13. Hello looking for a co op partner to boost and platinum the game. We Were Here Together & We Were Here Too are on sale now and looking for a co op player to boost and platinum both games. we will be following true achievements guides for the games to make the trophy hunt and boost easier. MESSAGE me on PSN Zaid5hz with planning ahead I can be on most times and days. GMT time zone thankyou
  14. Special operations map now available and accessible. Which means finally we can have our 100% trophies back. Got it done on both PS4 & PS5. Got my 100% trophies. Remember guys, if you plan to get the special operations trophies on both PS4 & PS5. Beat Mastery Level 2 to unlock level 3. Then upload your save to the clouds BEFORE completing it on Mastery Level 3, so you don’t lock yourself out of the trophy. Same thing for Mind Level 5. You can’t earn either Mind level 5 or Mastery level 3 trophies twice on the same save file. As far as Vaas dlc collectibles, you can leave one of each, transfer your save file to unlock the trophies quickly. Be sure you haven’t completed Mind Level 5 leave to the end. You will be able to unlock the pages and visions trophies early in the game. As they are quick to collect and unlock. Leave one location undiscovered better if it’s the gun located bottom left of the map. As when you go there you unlock 2 trophies for all locations and all weapons. For the others leave one each. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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