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  1. I have a question for you dude but I'm not sure if you ever even come on here.
  2. Can anyone confirm that by joining someone else's game on Supreme Jerk right before the last boss it unlocks Supreme Jerk for the player who joined the game once the boss is defeated?
  3. Riiight? Goddayum! I checked all the stores for the stacks and wow dude, why so much for an old game like this? Don't suppose these will ever be discounted in any of the PSN stores? I'd like to give this game a go and take a shot at all 6 stacks but $30 for the NA digital Vita and $25 for the digital PS3? Hell no! At least on eBay I can get the physical NA PS3 stack for a somewhat acceptable price. I haven't even checked for the EU versions because once I saw how much the NA versions were there was just no point to pursue this any further as common sense indicates it'll be just as expensive.
  4. Know what's crazy? I watched this speedrun video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PkJbZmlEsck in its entirety just a bit ago and he made it look really easy. Not gonna lie though, having watched this video I started to become bored with this game due to how repetitive it is.
  5. I've actually wanted to play this game for quite some time now but I always pass on it when I see it on sale. Why? Because when I see a trophy like this: Tales Of Glory Finish the Nightmare mode and read all the horror stories that come with it I'm immediately put off by it. This trophy sounds like no fun at all whatsoever. I read that one dude even busted one of his controllers out of rage due to this trophy! Me with my short fuse and dynamite temper should I really be putting myself through bullshit like this just for a trophy and the eventual platinum? Nah, probably not. Given my explosive temper in the past there will likely be a lot more broken shit in my house other than just a PS4 controller if everything I've read up on about this asshole of a trophy is true. Having to be glued to a YouTube guide, following it step by step with like next to no room for error I just can't see where the fun is in that and why for the love of god people enjoy trophies like this?! Failing over and over again, having to redo entire sections of a game over again due to a simple mistake. Having to be next to perfect for a damn near flawless run just to make it through each section... how in the fuck is that enjoyable?
  6. The Vita version doesn't have a physical copy right? Or...?
  7. Not gonna lie, this one was one of the rarer Mundi games that annoyed me. It also dragged on and on and on for far too goddamn long. I definitely did NOT like this one. A 3/10.
  8. I know my response will likely not help your situation but I had a save prior to this puzzle that I reloaded.
  9. Am I missing something here??? I'm having quite a bit of trouble just trying to finish an easy puzzle in less than a minute!
  10. Simple and relaxing but goddamn the controls are awful. 1/10
  11. There's nothing difficult here. A few semi-annoying QTE puzzles but there's no penalty from failing as you can just keep doing them until you get it. A 2/10 in difficult is fair to say, I believe. The walkthrough for this game, however, has its problems so all that "perfect walkthrough" praise I've read has me a bit confused. Others have even pointed out some of these problems. Nothing's been done about it to fix it so I won't even bother pointing out some of the other issues that I experienced. Lets just say that as a result I had to refer to another walkthrough quite often, especially during sections in Chapter 4 where several steps were completely missing.
  12. There is no Difficulty Rating thread but I guess there doesn't really need to be one if you're following a walkthrough because there's never anything difficult about these Mundi games. I rate Queen's Quest 4 a 1/10 in difficulty.
  13. This game wasn't hard at all but there's a reason why I say that: I piggybacked off someone else's Tactician/Honour mode playthrough so it only took me a few minutes and a worthless one-month Plus subscription to earn the corresponding trophies... and not because I couldn't do it myself, because I could have easily done so. But if there's an easier way to do shit I'm always going to take the path of least resistance. Besides, this game is long enough as it is. Playing on Tactician/Honour would've dragged this game out much, much longer. I did earn every other trophy in this game by myself though and lord, lord, lord let me tell you it was UNBELIEVABLY TEDIOUS! I did not like this game. At all. From the very beginning I just didn't like it. Clearly it's me and not anybody else because I've watched/read tons of reviews, messaged tons of people about this game and not one single person had anything bad to say about it and they all gave it very high praise. This is the type of game where you have to be very careful with everything you say to NPCs and be very careful with everywhere you go. The game likes to force you into dialogue and/or combat quite often and this aspect annoyed the living shit out of me. For a game that's all about "freedom" I sure didn't feel very free. It's sooo easy to mess something up and screw yourself out of a trophy that it's almost mandatory to follow this walkthrough: https://psnprofiles.com/guide/8219-divinity-original-sin-2-tactician-honour-mode-walkthrough. I went with a 4/10 just because of how tedious it was. It took me over a month to platinum this game.
  14. It absolutely works 100%. It's how I beat almost every level (there were a few where I beat it in time so I didn't need to exploit it). Do NOT pass on this game, it's freaking awesome!
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