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  1. to unlock the last two is only by doing story missions? My last mission finished was ''A Wasteland Classic''
  2. I have two strongholds (jest and gutgash) and after being offline for 10 hours I got in total 134 scraps (67 each). And if it will be the same amount every 10 hours, I guess I won't be need a third stronghold
  3. How many stronholds do you guys recommend to get these challenges? I'm rushing the game and I'm a little bit lost. Don't know how to unlock gust gash, but already did the screw parts of jest
  4. Sup guys, I know it's a weird question because this trophy is sure to get while playing the game. The problem is that I started this game days ago and I don't have much time to play and I fear that I wont get the trophy until the server's closure. So I was wondering if there isn't a endless race that I can put a rubberband on my r2 button and leave it for a couple of hours... Thanks and don't mind english
  5. Guys, I bought the season pass but I'm not finding the driveclub tour dlc. can someone post the link here from playstationstore? thanks
  6. It seems I can't play or boost this game. I tried to play for a few days and every time either I get connection failed or I managedto enter the lobby,but after a few seconds I'm disconnected. The funny thing is: my internet is okay, my nat type is 2 and I tried wireless and wired connection and no luck... So my guess is the servers are really bad, but my friends in these few days I played, managed to join and play everytime, so I guess it is just me who have this problem...
  7. I need to get some collectibles but I have no idea how to tear off my head, is a skill that I have to buy?
  8. What happened with your youtube channel?

  9. I was wondering if is it fine if keep dying to the first enemy after my hero mode runs out and using continue... this method counts towards the trophy? edit: Nvm, I just got the trophy using this method.
  10. I hope so... Can you guys imagine that I was playing two weeks ago without problems and then this happened... if it wasn't for that damn professor trophy that requires you to finish the coop I already have done the online...
  11. So the platinum is available? Can I obtain all online trophies without any problem?
  12. Can anyone confirm that?
  13. How many players do I need to get the online trophies?
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