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  1. After somebody to boost rouge trophy UK Time Zone PSN Winsfordlad
  2. Got a level 30 Hunter, 25 Warlock and 15 Titan also have the DLC but never raided on it and only done 1 Raid on VOG. Looking for people to do raids and night falls etc. I'm on GMT zone on various times, already in a clan so you can join if you want its PS4UKRAIDERS If interested send a friend request to PSN winsfordlad
  3. If you look at the small print on your code voucher it says redeem by october, so I guess the first pack will drop then and then every week there after, it also says you have to redeem your pack within the 7 days or you LOOSE it.
  4. After a boosting partner for :- keep you friends close, Harder-better-faster-stronger and Gone in 60 seconds trophies PSN winsfordlad usually on GMT 9pm - 11pm but sometimes can do it at other times just send me a message on psn thanks All done now thanks to Jjos
  5. Cant wait look a good game glad ive got plus
  6. If i had £1 everytime somebody used that excuse why i was running the thread then id be a millionaire by now, people do it to see if they get away with just to be lazy. Ive republished my stuff but all you have to download is pages 2 and 3 of my mods, leave page 1 as you have already done them but it wont show up as ive republished them thanks
  7. Hi m8 YoHoDoMeSloDoh didnt reply and as for a3069namebke he download only a small part of my stuff so both are TO BE KEPT WELL CLEAR OFF
  8. Regarding the hot lap question i have read that if you get within 5 seconds of the 1st place you should be fine also try on a weekend as more people play then so so you should be fine upto 7 seconds behind 1st place, not sure if its true as i still need this bloody trophy lol, To reach rank 30 takes at my experience 4 months but can be greatly reduced by getting another or a couple of users to republish yours and there stuff and keep downloading each others stuff but can be mind numbingly boring
  9. No worries m8 thanks anyway

  10. Sorry for going offline there. I see Toaster has sorted it. Let me know if you need anymore help.

  11. Hi m8 thanks for taking over the thread and goodluck with it :-). The following users asked to be added but didnt get back to me before the thread got signed over 17-4-12 YoHoDoMeSloDoh 18-4-12 a3069namebke Will let you know if they reply or you do your own test it upto you m8, Thanks again
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