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  1. Hope you find a good partner. Wish I could join but I never feel comfortable to play MP since I’m deaf. I am not able to pick any sounds (I don’t wear hearing aids and headphone as well). Good luck!
  2. I checked the options and didn’t see anything to reset for outposts etc.. I play for PS4. Maybe yours could be different than PS4.
  3. Only one left for achievement is Right on Target. I realized that I’ve captured all bonfires and outposts. Nothing left for me to seek for “red diamond” enemies. I’ve been seeking everywhere. I’ve found some and set up for more than 50 feet away to use owl to make waypoint for target. I threw spear and nothing happened. So frustrating for one left achievements for 100%! I’ve been debated that I should have start new game to start over again. I don;t know.
  4. I think I’ve completed everything like two big Boss fights and all outposts/bonfires. The last two trophies are difficult to find enemies because I looked everywhere to find them as I tried to stay far away like 50~70 feet away. I kept trying and trying but seems it didn’t pop up. Even thought, I use OWL to pinpoint as waypoint to tell me the distance is. Nothing else I can do. I thought about create new game (start again). I don’t want that. Too long to get long bow and spear etc… Any tips?
  5. tjwhite1990 Question: where I can find simmed through my BAL career? I seem couldn't find it. only is to 'skip match'? help me to get there somewhere? thanks
  6. I'm not 100% sure to understand how to proceed this boosting for FUT Online draft. Do I need to use 4 different accounts that means I have to purchase 3 PS plus membership fee to pay for 3 different account or use my primary account and add up 3 draft separately? How it works? I'm not sure if I can get trophy since I'm not very good but just average skills. Thanks
  7. Hi all, I'm looking for a partner to boost a friendly season, Co-op and a FUT friendly season with. Add me if interested, my PSN ID is Rbvols1. Time zone is EST. mostly on weeknights and weekends. (No mic required).
  8. Hi kings. My PSN is rbvols1 My time zone is Eastern Wanted trophies: I'll take that Party planner (invite another partner). I have someone to invite but avail?
  9. I need to get trophy for Here we go for head to head season (online). Can someone can let me win? PSN ID: rbvols1 Time: 7PM-10PM Eastern Time Thanks
  10. PSN: RBVOLS1 MORE TO COME GOING PRO MY time zone is EST Usually, play evenings and sometimes free on weekends No mic req.
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