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  1. Took me 35+ hours using a guide here and there but mostly doing it on my own. Fantastic game, don't plan on putting this down anytime soon.
  2. I gave it a 4, I did use a rough outline guide to help me out, even then I spent a lot of time just wandering around looking for what I needed
  3. Took me around 6 hours but I definitely took my time. If the map was a little better designed it would've cut some time off.
  4. I voted 3 as well. Some of the animals can be a pain to find but it's a relaxing, easy game
  5. https://www.neoseeker.com/blair-witch-2019/walkthrough Has everything. Text walkthrough with pictures for all collectibles and trophies.
  6. I believe the same applies to the Proving Grounds missions. The mission for discovering each place will show up in Completed but the "Trial XXX" will not since they're repeatable. Threw me for a loop yesterday when I couldn't figure out why I was missing so many side missions.
  7. True Vault Hunter Mode is a second playthrough you unlock after beating the game once, same as the other games in this series. You start over from scratch in the story and the enemies will be tougher.
  8. I got a modded shield and gun, started one of the small arenas and stopped after round 1, I doubt I'll ever do these. At the very least I'm waiting until they release a patch saying they fixed the crashes in the large arenas. This DLC is just not enjoyable.
  9. Yeah I did these on the 360 and it sucked. Unless I can find someone to dupe me a modded shield and weapon I'm not touching this DLC this time around.
  10. Thanks for the great walkthrough. Made the plat a breeze after I finished my first playthrough without a guide.
  11. You can complete everything after you beat the game, there's free roam. But I'd advise doing the random crimes as you come across them, it was a pretty boring grind to finish all of those after I beat the story.
  12. 3/10 Once you get the hang of the combat it's a breeze. Great game.
  13. This. Took me a few tries but once I stopped using L1 it was much easier.
  14. Yeah I'd bet that's cause you were playing on 1.00, tons of people had those initial missions bug out and prevent them from proceeding.
  15. I wonder if the new save system will allow me to copy my original save off my external hard drive, doesn't sound like it from the description. I started over after Atlas Rises but would be nice to be able to jump into my old save once in awhile.
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