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  1. Yeah got this after a few days trying. I think it was the wired connection that did it in the end. Only had one of them wired at first but found another ethernet cable lying around and after that i was always going up to around 600 compared to 100-300 only before. Twice over. First time stopping at 920 something and the second time it went all the way up to 1026.
  2. Not working for me... Yet atleast. First few tries with different scripts i couldnt even make it past 100. But then one atleast got me in the 300s or something. I guess ill just have to try around a few different scripts maybe. But i see some people saying you should change the latency or screen resolution. Im completely clueless with computers and stuff. The screen settings is that in the actual computer settings or in the remoteplay settings somewhere? Not sre where i can find that. Also with latency. Is that in the actual script where it says "latency"? Ive seen some suggesting changing with under or over 5 and try.
  3. http://www.ps3trophies.org/images/news/boosting2.png Co-op Boosting Thread Refer to the Trophy Guide and Roadmap What your post should at least include (but not limited to): Your PSN ID Online trophies you're wanting to boost Your time zone Please keep all discussions and planning in the coop boosting thread. Please do not create another thread if you're looking for a partner. __________________________________________________ If anybody wants to try this in coop I'm currently trying to complete babel. Ive done the first 2 stages by playing with 2 controllers but struggling a bit with the other 2 so looking for some help. PSN ID is dompa112. Just message or send a friend request or post here and we can try it. I'm not that good at it though as I only completed 2 of them and that by the 2 controller method
  4. 4 days 14 hours 36 minutes. Or 120 or so hours in total. Thought it was more? Certainly felt like it. I guess thats just the SP but the MP to be honest wasnt that bad. I cant see it being more than maybe 50 hours or something. So just short of the 200 hour mark if the stat page is correct,. Which as i said i doubt really felt like more. Bought it on release and completed it just now (not that ive played it non stop since then though)
  5. Maybe it has already ben noticed but you dont need the carolina parakeet. Got the trophy without studying it. Its listed in powerpyx guide so i was going for it but had so much much trouble spawning it and went after the others i had left and got the trophy to pop without it.
  6. According to powerpyx. No missables. No difficulty. Fantastic. If possible even more excited bout this game now. Really happy not having to go through hardest difficulty. Man thoose were a pain.
  7. Just as bad as before. Finally hit level 50 now so im done and over with online. Thanks fucking god. Still have lots of SP to do but atleast the single player was fun. I will never ever turn on red dead online again. Its a real piece of shit. Dont know what rockstar was thinking.... pulls up the map to put a map marker. Goes back to game only to see myself being tied up y some fucking douchebag. How is this fun? Yeah blame the players for being dickheads but rockstar should have known this could be a problem. If the SP is 10/10 the MP is a solid 0/10. Rockstar got away with it with all the 10s they got. If you count in the mp the score should be alot lower tbh.
  8. You sure about this? I have the trophy and im pretty sure i dont have 100 manual presses as ive mostly played with auto. I think auto might count. ut im not 100% sure as i switched a while also but im pretty sure i didnt go all the way to 100 criticals on manual.
  9. If you go to the place in the video you shouldnt have any problem getting enough fish for both bronze and silver. Works every time for me. How many dynamites do you throw? Ive thrown 5-6 and no problem. Ive also noticed at one point i got an award for spending money after buying dynamite. I rode down to the river thrown the dynamite and quickly did the disconnect trick and when i loaded back the game the award for spending money was not completed. So the time window seems to be quite large. Only problem ive found is when you level up. There you need to be extra quick and careful about the whole thing. I usually only do the bronze award for leveling up and just throw one dynamite. Just to be on the safe side.
  10. No it still works. I think hes doing some step wrong. I tried uploading a video unfortunely the step when you go to the psmenu dissapears when making a video from ps4 so its not shown. But yeah as you say double tap psbutton then double press X to disconnect/connect then double press ps button again and join free roam again. Rinse and repeat.
  11. If you cant get animal kills up to 99 or herbs up to 99 theres an extra 300 xp right there. 100 animal kills come same time as fish. For the herbs, if you use my place theres a herb right by the lake so just pick it up throw dynamite and theres an extra 100 there aswell. If you do both bronze and silver for fish thats gonna be like 650 or something xp each time. Another award you could go for is trade reward for spending money if you get really close to the requirement and then just but some ammo from the buy book (left directional button) . I went up from level 23 to 29 in a 2 hourish session earlier today. Worked great except for one time when the award got stuck upon leveling up. It seems very random when this happens. Btw a funny thing happened while doing this. Upon loading the game i was running down the lake and someone was theres fishing. And im not talking about dynamite fishing but ACTUALLY fishing. . I thought maybe i go down there and blow up some fish with dynamite to see how he/she would react. But it seems kinda dickish move. The person was just enjoying some good old fishing. Looked peacfuly. And there are enough dickheads in the game already. Dont need more than them. Btw. I love the name for this method. "Dynamite fishing". Much more fun than the regular shit.
  12. Go to the location hold L direction button buy some ammo then go to pause menu and story exit game. Maybe not necessary dont know but thats what i did andit always puts me back at that spot. This is one time only though once you use the disconnect you just load back up from free roam. No you set yourself up at the spot. Go to dashboatd go into settings and network. There you should see yhe option to connect/disconnect. Now double press the ps button throw your dynamites see the xp and quickly double press the ps bitton to bring up the network menu again and double press X to quickly disconnect/connect. Then just load up free roam session again and repeat. You should have all your dynamite back. Sorry for grammar and spelling writing of my phone. Im fairly sure that step is shown in the video? Didnt check thr video but maybe you just skipped past that bit? Edit. I see now that the bit where i go to the dashboard is not there. Maybe it cant show when i go to pshome menu. But hopefully the text explanation is good enough otherwise check tinyzeus post a side or two back where he explains better
  13. OMG THANK YOU. Fucking godsent. Finally the awards didnt stick when i leveld up. And so much faster with disconnecting like this. Im doing like you say. One below bronze throw 4-5 dynamites and get both bronze and silver. 300 something xp each time. And ive found a great place to do this where theres ton of fish, enough to pretty much always get me enough for both bronze and silver. Just to the left of rhodes. Just bring out the fishing rod, sometimes you dont even need to do that as theres already so much fish. I made a video showing this location. Definetely the way to go.
  14. But whats the point when it always locks on leveling up? I mean it takes time to work up the requirement.
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