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  1. I got it ultra quickly by playing early stages of new hope on the hammer head with liea and a 2nd player. (About 1 - 2 mins in) Player one just needed to wear all 3 bits and for lack of hassle from more troopers just clear screen so no more going to attack you. Then player 2 shoots the armour off you and player 1 just pops it back on again. You shoot the trousers off first 1 hit takes them clean off and then go for the other 2 parts, for some reason shooting body or helmet first explodes and kills player one which can send the parts flying resulting in you maybe losing a part.
  2. was just about to mention this to save folks wasting credits on these two cars....unless they wanted the cars anyway that is I bought these two because of the hash tag and they mention winning the le mans. and i previously bought the Suber Mercedes for the very same reason. This trophy is utter bollocks....how hard was it for PD to just state the cars online or hash tag the friggin cars they expect you to acquire like #legendary24 PD have truly dropped the ball with this game and we all know the reason this trophy is so vague is the hope you get so pissed off and out of credits that you spend on micros to buy similar cars when they appear. Fuck sake yesterday i got about 20 invitations to buy cars mostly all 3million+ and they set a deadline to buy them, can only be to entice the gamer to rush buy and top up with micros. GREEDY HOPEFULL BASTARDS.
  3. Then there's the mercedes 300 sl (wi94) '52.......no le mans hash tag but the info claims it won the le mans race. So confusing this, as at 11 million that took me about 2 weeks to get it would annoy so much if its a dud.
  4. Have any new legendary cars popped up after the MAYBE Sauber Mercedes? There have been 1 or 2 that have the hashtag le Mans but the info doesn't mention anything about winning the race or even coming close to it. Still non the wiser what ones to take a risk on.
  5. I had all the other combos it was just this one that wouldn't work for me. But after say roughly 2hrs of constant retries it finally did. What makes it so annoying is you never use the shit out in the game world, and the final fight with the old woman in the area was so easy, you wonder why the hell was the training harder than their so called invincible warrior? The game as a whole started off great but slowly turned became a chore and sometimes tedious. Because of silly stuff like this.
  6. I took a punt and bought the Sauber Mercedes at 3million, totally wiped out my funds but at least the car is great and handles like a dream so i can use it (down tuned to under 800PP) to Enter the final 5 track 800PP series which nabs 60k per race win and 150k bonus when you win the series. And every then do the circuit de scarth 800PP race and earn minimum 70k for 5 laps. I love te game but really hate this credit scrimping and the pathetic excuse why they did it. After them credits roll and the cafe has been completed and folk have raced every track how else did they think people earnt credits in every single GT? THEY RACED THE SAME TRACKS OVER AND OVER to buy new cars. PD & Sony just pissed people rather do this than buy their extortionate micros. Now the review scores are bombing i can see a climb down on the cards, but i think they have tarnished the brand for years to come with this permanent online for the sake of it and microtransaction pushing. The online thing annoys me more than the credits/micros.....should be online only to race online with others like all the previous GT's.
  7. Going to be even worse now they nerfed the prize money in order to push their rip off microtransactions. A real dick move if you ask me.
  8. How the hell do you do this? Multiple people online try explaining it but none of it works. i get the 3 R1's but from then it goes tits up. can anybody explain the combo better than the actual game itself and others online who do not much better talking about flashes and just holding R1 & R2 at the flash. R1,R1,R1, wait 1-2 seconds then what? Do you hold R1 again and release it followed by holding R1 & R2 held down? i been trying for over an hour and not fluked it at all. Videos are no good as they cant explain the actual combo presses. all i know it always fails after this pause bit.
  9. But you can only have 20 million free credits max at any time on the game, so everybody will need 3 major grinds or more should one of the potential 20million cars you buy ends up being the wrong one. (as some here have claimed they bought car/s that mention le mans in info and the trophy didnt pop ) SO unless folks spend real money the grind is going to be terrible. Think i will be waiting for a confirmed car list before wasting credits just in case, as who wants an extra slog grinding out for a car that could be gone from the dealer by the time you reach the target again.
  10. Thanks for the info, must keep a regular eye out for le mans and 24hr tags in the legends shop.
  11. No problem, take all the time you need. I still need plenty of credits anyway LOL.
  12. What are the Three Legendary Cars, with them costing so much credits i dont want to buy the wrong ones. Seems as this game is doing its best to be a scrooge and drip feeding the credits/rewards.
  13. Once on my first play about 30mins in. I walked through a door and was surprised by an enemy and the gun jammed and health dropping fast so put the boot in and as the boot raised towards the enemy the game crashed....screen was frozen but sound still there but all buttons bar the playstation logo did nothing. Not happened since and played around 20hrs or so since Monday.
  14. PS5 its heavily been reported/moaned about on Codemasters forums. They are well aware of it so i guess it must be a glitch/bug as going they their response from the 1st reporting they claimed nobody else mentioned.....then the waves of reports of folk having it on ps5 started rolling in. Just a list of many codemasters screwed up with the next gen version. No voice control wait for it and i quote from codemasters....Due to technical limitations, the only platforms that have voice commands supported in 2021 are PC and PS4. Seriously technical limitations.....so all the extra power they have to use over the ps4 and they cant get voice control....and what about the x series being that tad more powerful...not powerful enough it seems LOL. They clearly didn't know how to use raytracing either and removed it not sure why as it seemed fine when i had it day one. Pit stops that forced you into the walls of the garages then tossed you back out onto the pit lane. Interviews that contradicts what just happened in the race.....your team mate got diver of the day and placed the highest he ever done and yet the interviewer asks you.... your team mate had a terrible time today any response? Im not so sure codemasters are even trying anymore
  15. It happens on any background that has any of these info boxes on screen, it not just limited to interviews. Really poor from Codemasters as if even a single dev play tested the game they would have noticed it instantly. Not surprised really seems as the game riddled with glitches year in year out that funnily most seem to re occur in the next instalment. Just waiting to see when Australia gp comes up will the tyre compound glitch be there for a 3 or 4th year in a row
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