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  1. I don't know if this has already been answered but is it possible in the same playthrough to do only the priority missions on Insanity and side quests stuff etc. on the easiest difficulty or will this void the Unwavering trophy?
  2. I am trying to find the Ender portal in the most recent tutorial world. Does anyone know the coordinates?
  3. Did you have any luck finding more up to date videos? I'm on PS Vita and am looking for help getting some of the more tedious trophies like Into The Nether and On A Rail.
  4. I am surprised to see so little community around this game and getting it as a PS+ game for April 2017. The meta score is also fairly mediocre. Is this game just dead on arrival or what? I can't seem to find anything, litterally, ANYTHING about trophy guides, tips, etc.
  5. THANK YOU! <3 I just started playing this last week and was very much missing a trophy guide. You are my hero
  6. I just got this recently when it was on sale on PSN and have been unable to find a roadmap anywhere. Does anyone have a good source on how to get the most out of playing while going for the platinum?
  7. You can do Monkey Around really easy on your own by just walking into fire until your health is low enough and then use the rope ascender on a nearby zipline. Do it right 3 times and you'll get the trophy.
  8. Edited: I have now done most of the online trophies except "I'm all that!" (win a ranked match in every multiplayer mode). Don't really think I can be bothered getting to level 60 as there're still 33 levels to go, ugh PSN ID: Hytekdk Time zone: GMT +2:00 (Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin) I am online a couple of hours during evenings on random weekdays and random times during the weekend. If you see me online hit me up and lets do some quick trophies.
  9. Cheers! Thanks for the feedback.
  10. Being fairly new to hunting achievements in Destiny I was wondering if getting the DLC would be worth it in regards to being able to easier find legendary and exotic gear?
  11. Casual EU based player looking for strike and raid experience with a PS4 gaming clan. I miss people to play with in Destiny and would also like to obtain as many trophies in the game as possible. PSN: Hytekdk GMT+1
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