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    I'm kindhearted and helpful.
    Try to infect everyone with my good mood ~
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    Gaming ofc duh~,
    no seriously i love gaming,going out with friends and biking :3
    I Love the Neptun

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    Freedom Wars
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    finishing Freedom Wars ^-^

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  1. Yeah no problem it was just a idea ^-^ Thanks it looks great :3
  2. so i wanted to place another request if its okay x3 Signature Render/picture : i have 2 ideas so try what u think would be best x3 1. http://img09.deviantart.net/45d2/i/2014/062/1/b/anime_render___noire_hyperdimension_neptunia_by_xxartcafexx-d78r1ab.png http://orig05.deviantart.net/14c9/f/2013/278/4/7/hyperdimension_neptunia_black_heart_by_aman_by_96sotl-d6pee56.png use the both on the signature if possible x3 second i dea was this one http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/hyperdimensionneptunia/images/e/ea/Makise_Noire.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150518092955 just change word to the text i will mention ,if u use first idea just add it there x3 Text: Noirne the Black Empress good luck and hopefully the result will be awesome like the last one x3
  3. i Just used your map for the 3 mentioned trophies,thanks for making the map x3
  4. I donated 5$ cause i really like that site,pls keep up the good work and maybe i can help in the future too ^-^
  5. alright ^-^

    many thanks for the help ^_^

  6. I'm PM you in a moment with some codes. Can't use code in VMs >_<

  7. it looks really great i love it ^-^ thank you so much :3
  8. oh I didnt know about the visitor message >/////<, thanks Aeirou-san x3

    and yeah i would use links under my signature like other for example ,PSNProfiles or PSNTrophieLeaders and other links but idk how to do it and can i change colors for the linsk too? sorry for all the questions x3

  9. I got your request ready for viewing: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/5161584-post57.html


    Keep in mind that this image is 290x high, and the max signature size is 300 on the site. You will have to either put your trophy card in a spoiler tag or use a small row of text to link your PSNProfiles page. I can help if you have questions about it.


    Also, I noticed below that you're commenting on your own wall to respond to others. When you do this, they aren't notified that you responded to them. You have to post on their wall instead. It's easier if you click the "View Conversation" option and respond back using the box there. It automatically puts the visitor message on their wall instead of your own. :)

  10. SO i want to post a request now if its okay x3 avatar/signature text: OphisSera the Ghost Maiden http://i.imgur.com/Cnt9oOo.jpg I'm curious how it could look as a pop out,so u can try it,if possible x3 if it dont work its okay too ^-^
  11. I really like your art,what i could see so far ^-^ Be sure i will come with a request very soon :3 Keep up the good work ^-^
  12. Cause i loved Oblivion and Skyrim,i will give it a try x3
  13. So im kinda curious about the gameand would still try it out even with the crashes,so can someone tell me about it a bit first? I want to know about it a bit more and well its better to hear, who someone played/still playes,what she/he has to say right ? :3
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