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  1. Anyone know what's needed for this trophy? What does get the top score mean exactly? Thanks
  2. Came to find out as well... the guide on PSNP doesn't mention any but better to be safe than sorry
  3. i know this is an old question but its also the only one on the thread! the bronze spoilers are from getting first in all races on a Grand Prix on any difficulty. gold ones are for getting first in all races on 150cc grand prix. its a fun little game... its no mario kart but my daughter loves garfield and kart racing so... a happy combo 😁
  4. Just came on to find this out... with the Gold edition on sale, might pick it up and hope the servers don't randomly shut down. Thanks
  5. This actually aligns more to my of thinking... I often give the star wars example myself. But thank you all for your advice
  6. This just an FYI but Yakuza 3, 4 and 6 were censored in the West for incredibly stupid reasons - if that bothers you, then play the JP or Asian versions instead (though you will need to know the language if you go down that route) :).

  7. i have a question regarding the yakuza games. i own them all but havent played any yet. is yakuza 0 the best place to start? or does the story ideally begin elsewhere? thanks in advance
  8. to the people worrying if 2 months is enough to do the online, don't worry. i started last night, did 3 story missions, forged each of the areas, quit the game, restarted and within a few minutes, vendetta missions started popping up. time between 1st trophy and vendetta mission was 2hrs 45mins. the mission was also for someone not on my friends list. so, if you're worried, i don't think there's a need to be
  9. This is correct, happened for me this morning. One thing to note is that (at least from what i observed) scrap earned during the A Penny Saved won't carry over. So if you earn 600 scrap before logging back in, the 100 extra scrap won't carry over to the Dividened requirement.
  10. yea, fair enough... double edged sword for sure! thanks mate
  11. i wonder why they canned ps4 fall of cybertron while ps3 war and fall are still up?
  12. Does anyone know if this trophy usually glitches out? I got the first rank trophy fine, but I'm currently on level 13 and I haven't got the rank each rank 10 trophy yet? I've only played one DM match and the rest King of the Hill... could it be the game mode? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Edit: Thinking back, when I levelled up from level 9, I unlocked a big amount of XP in KotH so it jumped from level 9 to level 11 in one go. I'm thinking this may be the issue. Hopefully it'll unlock when I jump on tonight though. Edit 2 - I did it on my second ps3. Turns out the online stats are saved to your local profile, so it started from level 1 again on my 2nd console. i made sure to actually hit rank 10 this tine and it popped as it meant to.
  13. I started yesterday with no loading issues. i know this is an older thread, but have you tried deleting the game data and reloading it? try load it on a different profile... see if it works there? hope it got sorted out in the end
  14. My mate and I couldn't connect yesterday when i went to help him out... hopefully it's just temporary
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