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  1. Voted 4. Ace difficulty and 1000 dogfights kills are the main contributors
  2. Voted 80 hours. Game population is really low and it takes quite a while to find games. It is also skill dependent on how good you are in dogfights in journey to 1000 kills
  3. Voted 4 and 40 hours. Got pretty luck that the first assignment provided the ideal opportunity to score 55k XP and to level up all other Operators other than Fuze. May take longer than that in the current situation to level up all operators.
  4. Voted 6 and 80hrs. Takes abit of time to get used to and some luck with the RNG Boons/Perks but once you find a comfortable combination, just stick to it.
  5. 3/10 and 30 hrs. Easy but tiring and boring and draggy story & collectibles
  6. 5/10 and 50+ hours. Great game, loved every aspect of it, minus the collectibles.
  7. Gave this a 4/10 for difficulty and 45 hrs for time, not sure how anyone would be able to plat it without a guide. The game was interesting at first and got boring very quickly, and also given how cyclic/looping the game is, where you have to do something in one area to progress a lead for another area was convoluting, i dont see how people are platting this under 30 hours.
  8. I have 45 guides? Are you sure? If you could PM me a list of those guide would be nice.
  9. Less than 10 hrs with a walkthrough/guide
  10. 4/10 and 40 hours or more, depending on how your approach the challenges
  11. Voted 3/10. Fun but not too challenging
  12. Don't understand how anyone could vote this above a 2/10. It's a just a pokemon-esque collecting game. Sub 20 hours.
  13. 3/10 on base story, 4/10 on the resistance mode
  14. I give it a 4/10 for difficulty also. Some luck is needed for some of the area completion/searching for materials. Plan the rice cultivation up front and read the guides on the net to make levelling easier.
  15. 15hrs, i skipped most of the text since the story is mostly the same as past games
  16. 2/10, some minimal grinding but not difficult at all
  17. I gave this 3/10. It's cheap, but compared to the earlier versions, not that hard.
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