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  1. 3/10 and 30 hrs. Easy but tiring and boring and draggy story & collectibles
  2. 5/10 and 50+ hours. Great game, loved every aspect of it, minus the collectibles.
  3. Gave this a 4/10 for difficulty and 45 hrs for time, not sure how anyone would be able to plat it without a guide. The game was interesting at first and got boring very quickly, and also given how cyclic/looping the game is, where you have to do something in one area to progress a lead for another area was convoluting, i dont see how people are platting this under 30 hours.
  4. I have 45 guides? Are you sure? If you could PM me a list of those guide would be nice.
  5. Less than 10 hrs with a walkthrough/guide
  6. 4/10 and 40 hours or more, depending on how your approach the challenges
  7. Voted 3/10. Fun but not too challenging
  8. Don't understand how anyone could vote this above a 2/10. It's a just a pokemon-esque collecting game. Sub 20 hours.
  9. 3/10 on base story, 4/10 on the resistance mode
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