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  1. Hello. Looking for help in getting Numero Uno and Backseat Driver, last 2 trophies I need. I have a mic. From New Zealand. PSN: evOlvingParasite
  2. Hello. I need help getting all Metro Stations trophy. I have all stations unlocked in my game but the trophy didn't pop for me, so glitched out. I am hoping someone will let me join their game and help with their Metro trophy and hopefully unlock for me as well. Thanks PSN: evOlvingParasite
  3. I heard of fix that worked for this guy I was trying to join. 'Go to network settings on console and turn off connection so you are offline. Start up Dying Light and jump into you game and set to single player in online options menu. Go to console network setting and connect to go online, then change in game online settings to public, wait for a bit until it connects to servers then send an invite.'
  4. Send me a friend request and invite me to your game.
  5. *PS5 only* *UPDATE* - I can't help with trophy anymore. Game glitched on me, it sold my valuables instead of upgrading a weapon mod. I couldn't download backup save because I would lose collectables. Sorry everyone. Duplication glitch still works though and I can help out with 100 kills. Thanks. Hello. Through duplication I have 1 million worth of valuables I can drop for people who want the 'Who Wants To Be a...' trophy. Will only take a few minutes to get. Me and another guy helped each other to get 1 mil but decided to backup save to allow others to easily get trophy. Warning: it can break the game a little bit because you can now buy whatever you want. Doing it legit takes a very long time, at least 100+ hours. PSN: evOlvingParasite
  6. Make sure to read Powerpyx guide before playing. There are a few nasty missable trophies that if missed will require a new game (no ng+). Bugged story trophies, so make a back up save every few hours or so. Platinum killer trophy get '1 million old world money'. Doing it legit will take hundreds of hours. There is a co op duplication exploit that shortens it down to 60 minutes but if developer finds out they could patch this soon. https://www.powerpyx.com/dying-light-2-trophy-guide-roadmap/ ***Going to need a co op partners thread for this one.
  7. Hello. I rate the difficulty 2/10 and 25hrs to platinum, easy game and all collectables have excellent tracking.
  8. 20 hours to platinum and 3/10 difficulty for me and that is following a collectable guide because there are heaps. Hardest part being nightmare difficulty but it wasn't that difficult if you play smart.
  9. I recently got my Kena platinum after finishing the game on Master difficulty. Thought I'd share what helped me. I found an excellent channel on YouTube that helped heaps, don't think I would of got the platinum without it. His vids are 'no hit' master on the bosses. There was no way I got no hit but it help me get the right method and tricks to make it easier. Link below , video of 1st boss but he has vids of the rest of them:
  10. 29 hours to platinum and I rate it 7/10. It can be frustrating on master difficulty.
  11. Finally they have fixed the bugged trophies, just got my platinum. The collect 20 hats and 30 weapons trophy were bugged for me and are now fixed. I had 20 hats already in inventory and trophy auto popped when I started game. I had 29.8 weapons at 4 stars so one mission for xp and it popped at end of mission.
  12. 5/10 for me and about 75hrs to plat. I didn't find Returnal that difficult compared to what others like Powerpyx giving it an 8/10. As above comments, it is difficult starting off and can be a bit of a turn off for casual players, but like all rogue likes you gradually unlock stuff and get better at the game. I have the platinum in all From Software games so that could be why I didn't find it really difficult, don't get me wrong it did get difficult sometimes but a very fun difficult. Honestly the hardest part was grinding out the last collectables. Easty is spot on about the electropylon driver, makes things so much easier, shoot gun then concentrate on dodging while the gun does the work for you.
  13. I agree with above as well. It is impossible to get the platinum solo with bots, so 10/10. With a team of 3 friends doing insane runs I think its 9/10, all 3 have to be dam good at the game, know the map and enemy spawns inside out and have a solid plan of attack with excellent communication between your friends. I cheated to get the insane trophy by using the 5 person exploit, made insane more like a 5/10, really sucks they patched it. Even with all that I have two glitched trophies so platinum is currently unobtainable for me and is the same for a few others. I am just waiting for the fix update and I will have platinum. Overall trying to get this platinum has been tedious and frustrating, no fun at all, would be a different story if things worked the way they should. *I actually did extreme and half of insane with just the 4 person exploit, with 4 people its bumps the difficulty up to 7/10, but doesn't really matter now that its been patched.
  14. I can confirm this. Was doing the 4 or 5 player exploit and 2 people in my team had this happen to them.
  15. New update out today. Patch notes said it fixes the max 30 weapons trophy. Just got 30 weapons to 4 stars and no trophy, also hat trophy still bugged for me. Getting really fed up with this half baked game.
  16. It's a Cover, Not a Hat (collect 20 hats) is bugged for me. I have 16 in inventory, made a backup save just incase then I purchased 4 from the store and trophy does not pop, have tried it a few times. Jeez this game is broken.
  17. Hello. I have a group of 4 looking for a 5th person, must be competent and be max level for insane run through. Also someone that can fit around our schedule, we are mostly from Australia/UK. My psn: evOlvingParasite
  18. There is a forum on psnprofiles about this. Someone had 30 weapons auto updated to 4 stars, no trophy, got one of the new weapons to 4 star and still no trophy. I think they have glitched the trophy with this update, so if you don't have trophy then platinum is unobtainable. Thanks devs, you fricken idiots, hopefully they patch it soon. Only work around is to delete/backup your save and start from scratch again, I doubt people want to go through that grind again. 😠
  19. Champion of Elysium Clear Elysium with the 'Extreme Measures' Condition Anyone have any info on above trophy?
  20. Reloading an earlier save does work if you miss them but the two for me were suppose to be there but weren't. They must of glitched and never loaded, even a save reload didn't work.
  21. Hello. Looking someone to finish the last chapter for me on hard, I have done everything else. I stopped playing the game for a while (back when it released) and then found it difficult to get back into it. PSN: evOlvingParasite Available anytime.
  22. Thought I should list the extra cards and changed cards, the steam guide was little confusing with their location. Nanophage card 70: Room 207 (Her Fearful Symmetry side quest), as soon as you enter the room, turn left. It's on the fridge. Nanophage card 71: Room 037(Her Fearful Symmetry). As soon as you enter the room, you will see a hole, go through with it, when you reach the end, turn left and check the wall/pipe. It is right in the corner and easy to miss this one. Nanophage card 72: Theodore Witkiewicz's dream sequence (Her Fearful Symmetry), Ground floor, check for a drawer with a mirror on top of it, near Rooms 004-005. Nanophage card 73: Theodore Witkiewicz's dream sequence (Her Fearful Symmetry), Attached to the basement door before you exit through the hole, at the end of the sequence. Clarification: There is long tunnel you go through at end of dream sequence, don't go in it yet but turn around and collect card. Watch the Fearful Symmetry trophy video on steam guide and look at time 11:53 to get idea of what to look for. Nanophage card 74: Room 108 (Errant Signal), Enter the room with red/pink light coming from it, turn right and check the ground. Nanophage card 75: Room 018, (Errant Signal), in one of the lockers at back of room, if you follow video in steam guide you got to pick up a object in a locker for side quest so look for a card as well. Nanophage card 76: Stanley Tkaczyk's dream sequence (It runs in the family), When you enter the long corridor in the hospital, kept left and look for a small trolley table with a metallic tray on top, card is on metallic tray. -Nanophage card in Room 017 is moved to Room 208. Can't access room 17 in Redux. This card is now in room 208 and you will be required to get this to get a side quest trophy. VERY IMPORTANT: you go to tattoo parlor as you progress main story, after main dream sequence you enter code on the seat, go through new doorway and make sure to pick up KEY TO ROOM 208 on counter. -Nanophage card in Pieta's dream sequence is now behind the machine, where the mini game is supposed to be. See PureRuby vid at 10:18 for the machine (now not there in Redux), go behind it and look at the bottom for card. -Nanophage card in Amir's main story dream sequence (4th card) is now under the column when you reach the final area with showers. Interact with the column and it will move, check the ground and card will appear. Clarification: It is under a shower not a column, under the first shower you come to.
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