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  1. I managed to persuade (jedi mind tricks) a friend to give Survival a go last night, as it's essentially the only game mode left for me to pour some time into. We did Tatooine on Normal, found all the tokens and didn't lose a single life - breezed it. So then we figured we'd do Endor on Hard....Wow We finished it with no lives left in the pot. Granted we made a few mistakes here and there but still, the difficulty jump was crazy. It's got me thinking Master difficulty is going to be an absolute pain in the ass. Has anyone else completed these and got some tips? If it was for having to protect the pods, I'd find somewhere safe to camp and take out the enemies slowly but I'm not sure that's an option.
  2. LOL I think you're missing the trick that my name is Ben
  3. Today I dusted off the PS3 which had been sitting up stairs connected to a modern TV via component cables. I brought the console downstairs and connected to my essentially brand new monitor using HDMI cables. It worked first time, asking me to change the settings for HDMI etc, and then came a couple of updates. The update went a bit haywire between installing and downloading so I restarted the console and to cut a long story short, everythings fine and up to date. The problem is my PS3 now refuses to show up on my monitor. I just a blank screen. I've tried reformatting the PS3, changing the display settings whilst being hooked up to a TV, holding the standby button down til it beeps two or three times, changing HDMI cables, changing HDMI ports etc. I can't get it to work. I can use HDMI cables on my TV and it works, I can use component cables on my TV and it works. I can't get my monitor to work. Please help me! It's driving me crazy. Thanks
  4. Thing is I actually have Kylo-Ben already as myself and some friends made alternative accounts with a Star Wars twist to use whilst playing Battlefront. So it's out of the two (Bennyaw, Kylo-Ben). Gonna have to think on it. Thanks for the input though guys, fully appreciate it. Nice to have a place not full of trolls!
  5. Bennyaw Kylo-Ben UncannyXBen My current account is Bennyaw but I'm strongly thinking about changing it. Kylo-Ben and UncannyXBen are Star Wars and comic book references, me being a fan of both. What do you guys prefer?
  6. Really sorry to bring back an old message but I'm having a bit of trouble with this. A few names I checked availability of and we're all free are now saying they're taken, even though I know they're not. I've even made some ridiculous names which are available, then back out and tried again - at which point it says they are taken, just to experiment with the availability. Just wondering if anyone knows how long these names stay in limbo for?
  7. Thanks for your help gents, I reloaded a save and rested at franklins crib til I received the phone call again and this time it worked. Had me worried for a moment!
  8. Damn. Well considering its a taxi mission, will I have other attempts at getting it?
  9. I dropped the customer off about 10 minutes ago and no trophy has popped? Any ideas?
  10. Goro Unconfirmed, but some people have reported unlocking a Goro costume this way: Kintaro Goro: Unlocked by beating Klassic Tower with Goro, on Hard, with a Gold rating. I'm pretty sure this has been confirmed as false, so be careful.
  11. I'm level 59 and just finished doing every faction. That was with some heavy grinding thrown in too.
  12. I have the kombat pack and Jason wasn't available for me this morning? I've noticed there's a background/icon/border set for beating a member of the Deb team, maybe it's one of them?
  13. I thought it was chip damage? Ie, when the opponent is blocking.
  14. somewhatdamaged is both wrong and right. Currently, the app is the only way to get those skins. He is right though when he says the app is buggy. Try logging out and then back in, as I've had to do a few times to get some rewards. Also in the mobile game menu, there's a tab which you can find where you can 'claim' rewards, so it might be worth trying there too. I got Future Raiden the very first time I logged in but Ninja Mime Johnny took a few days and retries.
  15. Nah, it's definitely not that as I've already maxed them out.
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