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  1. Official Xbox Site I wouldn't normally post something related to Xbox, but this has obvious and huge consequences for PlayStation users. Scum, scum, scum. Nothing more to say on it.
  2. I think this is another one of those things that people are reading too much into. That patent was also filed years ago and then got updated a number of times since then, so that isn't new either. We already know that Sony can do PS1/2/PSP emulation quite easily, but PS3 is a completely different story for obvious reasons, and it's something I don't ever see Sony doing in a true back compat manner. Streaming PS3 games via PS Now is the best anyone can hope for, and I can't see that changing. It's just too expensive, time consuming and difficult for what would be extremely small returns. I'd love to be wrong though.
  3. Cheers for this mate. I had the exact same issue and followed your advice and it worked a treat. I used the machine behind the bar to reset my progress rather than deleting saves and starting again, and I only purchased the tools and ignored the explosives and the key. The goggles appeared after 2 runs.
  4. 0-5 I got it finished in 5 hours. Would've been slightly less if not for the various bugs.
  5. 2 It's easy but it's also buggy in parts. The black (lava run) key took ages to spawn for me, the VR goggles didn't appear so I had to reset my game progress using the machine behind the bar, and finding the space key via eating the mushrooms was a horrible experience because I kept getting the 'small as a mouse' mushroom instead, and as a result I had to keep rebooting the game because of the stupid perspective change with the gloves.
  6. 6-10 It took me 12 hours the first time I earned the plat and 100%, but second time round I did it all in 7 hours. I was probably taking my time on the first attempt as I usually do, so the 7 hours time is much more accurate.
  7. 2 I could've sworn that I already posted here. Anyway, I played the NA stack recently so it's fresh in my mind again. The first time I played this I probably would've voted 3 because of the no death trophy, but being familiar with it a second time round it was much more straightforward, so I went with a 2. Even if you had to do the no death run legit it still wouldn't be more than a 3, because the only place you might fail is the final section against the boss, but even that isn't so bad. There's no real challenge other than that, and even the puzzles are very easy to figure out.
  8. KFC has always been fairly bad in my experience. I've tried out a few different locations and the quality tends to vary quite a lot. Even 2 KFCs a mile apart could be completely different to one another. I don't know if it's looser quality standards with the franchisees or what, but every time I've ever had anything at a KFC it's been horrible. And they're expensive as shit as well. I tend to avoid them now at all costs.
  9. #550 - Moss Together We're Twofold Not much to say about this one. It's one of my favourite VR games and I enjoyed jumping back into it a second time.
  10. Yeah saw this earlier on. It must be on the way relatively soon then. A PS event has been rumoured for February so I imagine if it's going to happen then it'll be at that. Seems too big a deal to throw in a blog post. I'm very much tempering my expectations, though. A lot of people are hyping this up to unrealistic levels, thinking this is going to be a PS version of game pass, but I suspect it's going to disappoint in a lot of ways, especially regarding older PS1/2/PSP titles. I don't think it's going to be much more than a simple Plus/Now restructuring with a few mediocre bonuses thrown in.
  11. Nice. I've just got the Elite mode left to do. Been putting it off for ages, but it's about time I finally write this game off for good. Agreed, it's awesome. Very underrated game, but Killzone has always been underrated, from the first game to this one. I think it's a great series though.
  12. I'm playing the NA stack of Moss, which I snagged when Sony were doing the Play at Home thing. I love the game so I didn't mind jumping into it again for more trophies. I finished the story and the no death run so I just need to clean up a few miscellaneous trophies for the plat. I have a lot of VR games ready to go, so my plan is to binge everything as I've been putting off my VR backlog for too long now.
  13. Log: https://psnprofiles.com/THE--ALCHEMlST/log Trophies: #19709 / #19721 / #19725 / #19726
  14. No it isn't GT, but it's still a game where driving is a main component. If someone didn't enjoy car/racing games then I have no idea why they'd go near this game to begin with. But that's beside the point I was trying to make anyway. It's just another example of people complaining about something semi-difficult in a game. I never remember such complaints during the PS3 era, when typically games were more difficult in comparison to games these days. I don't know what kick-started this mentality of moaning every time something remotely challenging appears in a game, especially when it really isn't that bad, like this race for example. Maybe it's the emergence of EZPZ that gave rise to a sense of entitlement in todays gamers, I really don't know, but it seems as though there are complaints whenever a game doesn't automatically hand you the platinum. I typically only give myself a pat on the back when I beat a truly difficult game, so there was no need to in this case. But thanks for the snark 😊
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