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  1. Be aware this guide can only partially be used for the JP/Asian(?) versions on Vita since it has a different trophy list.
  2. The last level is glitched, but if you upgrade your equipment going into the final stage you shouldn't find it too bad. All enemies have their own patterns or behaviors so once you figure that out... I didn't really have trouble with the game at all after the first 5 minutes when I learned double jump was a default move... Oops. A few tricky platforming sections but no one level is *that* long. I'm OK at platformers, nothing special, and I didn't find it too hard of a challenge.
  3. I'm only just over half of the trophies through the list but there are some things I noticed that may help people with this game (or decide to not play it). I've finished the main story as well. If you are a trophy hunter, this is an insane grind. To get 1,000,000 rhythm points, you will be playing for hundreds of hours since you only get 100-110 or so on average per song regardless of difficulty. (Edit again> OK, I've seen that perfecting a song I already perfected only yielded 100 rhythm points, but I pulled a full combo on a normal difficulty song I hadn't played yet and got 180. I got a perfect on a song I hadn't played before and got 200. There may be a first time play bonus.) One trick that might make this game easier though is playing with two Move controllers and with Dual Shock count as two separate songs (for the same song/difficulty). The timing is looser with Move but the game is just button presses with the Dual Shock, so both have advantages. Even so, 30 Perfect songs on Hard is a pretty steep requirement. Full combo on 30 is insane as it is. Everything else should be doable over time with practice except for these few trophies I've mentioned, which alone put this up to a difficulty of 10 for me for now. Once I put a bit more time into the game I probably can give a better description of everything. I also heard DLC might be coming out for this. That could potentially help with the 30 Hard level Perfects requirement, but as it is now it's just nuts.
  4. Thank you for this. It looks like I missed Nitro Pumpkin...damn. I might as well finish the game can get whatever trophies I can. Maybe later I'll replay the game with a guide in hand.
  5. This is very specific, but for one trophy in particular (10,000 consecutive combo, oni 8 star or above only) it can be nerve wracking as there is no save file/cloud method possible and exiting to the main screen resets your combo anyway. The most efficient way (arguably, there is also Kagekiyo which is easier but with a lower combo) is to do Kurenai (紅) which has a 999 combo, so doing it 10 times in a row plus anything else 8 stars or higher (or the same song), but kurenai isn't exactly easy to consistently combo for many, so I was curious about this method (remote play script) after seeing it work so well with final fantasy 9. Since the controls allow for directional input, the arrow keys would work in theory. It is a bit fast and timing is an issue so I was thinking of starting the sequence on the first note (user would have to press it each time on the first note). Is there already someone doing this? I've already started but haven't tested anything yet. Is this a dirty method I shouldn't even consider sharing? I mean, people could just practice kurenai until they get it consistently (10 + alpha times in a row) or do Kagekiyo 14 times in a row and hope they don't screw up. EDIT> I know it is 156.3BPM, so converting to ms is: 60000 / 156.3 = 383.87715930902... divide that by 4 to get 16th notes: 383.87715930902... / 4 = 95.969289227255... This is not a nice number so I'm concerned about exact figures. I wouldn't want it to drift and risk losing the combo. I wrote up in shorthand the chart as broken down into 16ths : 0 = nothing, 1= middle of taiko, 2 = edge. I'm not 100% positive this is perfect: ; Measure 1 1010101011101111 1020202020020020 1010111110101111 1020202020020011 ; Measure 5 1020112010210120 1020112010210120 1020112010210120 1020112222111011 ; Measure 9 1020102011201120 1020102011201120 1020102011201120 1020111020111010 ; Measure 13 1020112010210120 1020112010210120 1011101020222020 1020112010210120 ; Measure 17 1020112010210120 1020112010210120 1011101020222020 2211221122111000 ; Measure 21 1020112010201120 1020112010210120 1011101020222020 1001002020001110 ; Measure 25 1020112010201120 1020112010002020 2010101020111110 ; Measure 28 1010101011101111 1020202020020020 1011111010111110 1020202020020000 ; Measure 32 1020112010210120 1020112010210120 1011101020222020 1020112010210120 ; Measure 36 1020112010210120 1020112010210120 1011101020222020 2211221122111000 ; Measure 40 1020112010201120 1020112010210120 1011101020222020 1001002020001110 ; Measure 44 1020112010201120 1020112010002020 2011101020111000 ; Measure 47 2211221122111120 1122112211221110 2211221122111120 1122112211221110 ; Measure 51 2211221122111120 1122112211221110 2211221122111122 2000202010001110 ; Measure 55 1112221112221111 1001201110201000 ; Measure 57 1011101120020010 1110001010020020 1000111010010020 1020112220112022 ; Measure 61 1000001020020022 1000001122102211 1122112211112211 2211112220101010 ; Measure 65 1011101110101010 1020002010101010 1110111010101010 1020002010102020 ; Measure 69 1110111010101010 1020002010101010 1122112211221122 2001001020111110 ; Measure 73 1020112010210120 1020112011221020 1120102011201020 1122112211221020 ; Measure 77 1011201120112020 1011201122112020 1111101011111010 2211221122111000 ; Measure 81 1020112010210120 1020112011111020 1122102011221020 1011112010112020 ; Measure 85 1011201120112020 1011201122112020 1011101010111000 ; Measure 88 1010101011101110 2010101011101110 2011101020201110 2011101020101110 ; Measure 92 1112221112221110 1112221112221120 1112221112221110 2000000000000000
  6. And I will thank you as well, again. I just got the platinum today after restarting from an earlier save so I could get the rank S trophy. All is well.
  7. Thanks for the guide. I really appreciate it, and I'm almost finished except for a few small trophies now. I did have to restart for one, though. I don't mind, it's just going to take more time. The Rank S is most certainly missable and I have the save file to prove it. I said this in another thread but I basically sped run through the whole game for Excalibur II, not grabbing anything except if it was right in my way, then went for everything else I could from disc 4. Even with all the chocobo hot and cold treasures, hidden treasures, and everything available to you in the game at that point, you can find yourself not able to get S. (I got B rank and there is nothing else I can do to increase it now)
  8. I've already started a new game to rectify this, but you can lock yourself out of S rank, making it impossible to achieve. I blasted through the game as fast as I could for Excalibur II, only grabbing the few chests right in front of my face. Once I got it and went back to the overworld I did the chocobo hot and cold quest and got all the chocographs, treasures, all hidden treasures on the overworld, got all the Stellazio (and gave back all 13 instead of keeping them :/), all the auction house items, and with the use of two guides, went and got every chest and (!) item I could in disc 4 (the areas accessible at that point in the game), but it wasn't enough. I'm rank B and there is nothing else in the game for me to get apart from the gastro fork for 99 frogs (I'm at 70) but that one item isn't going to push me from B to S rank. I have another game with the jump rope key item and hippo race items, was going to pillage all areas prior to disc 4 (before pandemonium?) and hold on to the 12 Stellazio after getting them back and collecting the 13th and I hope that's enough.
  9. I finished this in just under 5 hours of game play. I got all the checkpointless achievements in about 3.5 hours and I got over 15 minutes in endurance mode (almost 20 when I messed up) after another hour or so of play. I probably could have said 6-10 hours to allow for leeway to practice.
  10. Not sure I would give this a 9. Thumper is a lot harder than this, even with the ability to replay each section until you get it right. I got through all three difficulties on all stages without checkpoints after about 3-4 hours of play. Stages 5,6 and 8 gave me the most trouble. I didn't have any trouble with stage 7, though. All that is left are the endurance trophies. I played yesterday and got to about 6 minutes and played today and got to 9:50. Just before the 10 minute mark and just after the start of those cars in the blade runner segment. I figure after some more practice on the last levels and while it is fresh I could finish it all well under 10 hours, maybe under 5 if I get lucky, but for difficulty I'd put this much lower overall, like 4 or 5. I do like that it is more a mental game than one of raw difficulty in endurance mode. Edit> just got it, first try of the day. From 9 minutes to almost 20. I said 0-5 hours but with practice required and memorization ability as well as keeping your wits during endurance mode to not screw up, maybe 6-10 is a better estimate for some people.
  11. My time said just under 21 hours, though a bug wiped my progress early on so I needed to redo a few levels. It's definitely possible to do it in just under 20, I think. Grinding out the 10000 kills and unlocking all skills at level 99 is the biggest grind. It was only around 11 hours for just about everything else for me.
  12. I'm torn because the one DLC (Marksman) makes getting Ss in everything much, much easier. However, even if you don't have that, once you hit skill level 99 and have all standard skills you should be able to get through it without a lot of trouble. I recommend turning down the sfx and voice volume and keep the music up to help keep the beat. The revenge cannon stumped me for a while before I got the hang of it, and once I got that, the rest were a breeze. It was just a grind fest after that. The biggest problems for most people are the ad-hoc trophies. It's not unfeasible to get a used cheap copy and borrow another vita just to get those out of the way. If you can hook up, the actual trophies are trivially easy. Depending on where you live, though, that might be easier said than done. I figured an easy 3 with that DLC and high 3 or 4 without, assuming you have a means to get a hold of another vita player and this game (maybe a big assumption) If you live in a dead region for the vita and know nobody, the difficulty on the platinum might as well be 10 unless you are willing to buy a 2nd vita and another copy just for this.
  13. I'm very very late on this, but there is a nasty bug that will wipe all your stats except for S rank stars. It's a bit random, but from all the cases I read about it involved the battery getting low or dying and then reloading your game, but for me I had finished the game for the first time, it played the ending animation, and then when it reloaded my data the last few levels were missing and the movie player didn't show I had cleared the last level to get the ending animation. Another guy in Japan reported he backed out of the stats screen, backed out to the title screen by mistake, loaded his game back and all the data was gone. I just kept uploading my data to the psn cloud after every few stages and hoping nothing goes wrong in the meantime.
  14. Well, at this point I'm probably the only one still playing this game but I got all the multiplayer trophies due to a second vita to replace the one with two broken analog sticks, and an extra copy of the game for 100 yen. And I S ranked everything on all difficulties. My big secret, and the one most commonly used by the Japanese players to do this, is one small annoying piece of DLC called "marksman". It's under a dollar, but it isn't free. It cuts your ranged attack power to 80%, but it increases your range by 200%. That is a HUGE advantage, almost unfairly so. In any case it was a cakewalk with that. I'm just grinding out the 10000 kills, walking 42.1... Km walk, getting the last skills through leveling up, and playing another 25 or so rounds to get 100 clear. When I'm done with that I may write more.
  15. Well, I managed to get online very briefly when others were on today around 8pm my time (GMT+9) and I actually won one of the team matches so that's that trophy done, but I still have to level up to level 5 and after that group disappeared suddenly I'm stuck with nobody on any server for the past hour. I'm at level 4 so it shouldn't take much longer... If I can actually find someone online. Edit> since last night I've been up doing other work but leaving the ps4 running all the while and couldn't get 3 others online at the same time on any server. It's now Saturday morning here in Japan so I'm hoping I'll have more luck tonight. It's painful to only be a match away from level 5 and there is nothing you can do about it. I really hoped they would have allowed bot matches to count. The servers are a ghost town. Edit 2> On Saturday afternoon (my time) I finally found 3 other players, all level 1, and we played a match that raised me to level 5 so that is done. I stuck around for a while because I wanted to help the others reach level 5 but one of the others quit and we couldn't find another player in an hour so the others quit and then so did I. Oh well, back to the single player mode. I may go online from time to time just to help others with this problem.
  16. In Japan here. Got this game yesterday from the big sale and all online servers were dead when I played in all regions (June 15th, around 3pm my time then later around 10-11pm) I still have confidence I'll find players on the weekend but I would really like to get those trophies out of the way.
  17. I've had the game for over a week now and most of the trophies are straightfoward. The game is very linear overall and I don't believe anything is missable. Some things that help: EDIT> Now that I have the platinum I can fill in a few more details * For me it was about 26 hours to the Platinum though I have seen reports anywhere from 20 to 30 hours on average * There is a skill you can use to detect how many unopened treasure chests are in your present area. This is incredibly useful. Most chests are plainly visible but a few of them are hidden behind pillars or houses or behind secret paths * The path through the game is pretty linear and the overall world is not that big * Auto-skip battle is incredibly helpful to blast through battles with lower level enemies. (You see only the results screen) * The Kabillion challenge to get 300Million damage is 24(?) turns requires some fine tuning of your Max HP to maximize some of your skills in order to pull off that kind of damage. Also make use of repeat gems (randomly repeat skills at no extra cost) and burst rings (greater chance and damage for extra burst damage) ** (Addendum) I was actually able to achieve 400Million damage through HP manipulation. The trick is to not use any of the HP master or ALL Master items until you are already level 999 (which you can get by farming metal slimes fairly fast), then work on adjusting the last 3 digits of your HP to get 9s as appropriate, each "9" you have in specific places (different per character) will result in one more hit granted with the appropriate special skill. It sounds confusing, but once you see it in action, it isn't that bad. * There is an EX monster challenge which requires you to beat level 200, however if you get 100Million damage in the Kabillion Challenge, you get a ring that lets you skip 10 levels at a time making it much easier * There is a small island with metal slimes. Once you can tackle them around level 70 or so (depends on gear and patience), you can very quickly level up to Level 999 (the max). With EXP bonus equipment this can be done in 30 minutes or less. * Don't worry about adding a +999 modifier to a weapon. By the time you grind slimes enough you should have ample money to buy 45 massive weapon bonus addon materials from the north-eastern most city on the map for 12.5M coins. You can easily buy a few sets of them leaving and coming back if you want. * There are a few enemies in the EX Monster challenge that can do >100,000 damage to you for the one trophy that requires it. * Getting a 200+ hit combo is very doable with everyone doing multiple hit attacks on a single enemy like in the Kabillion challenge repeatadly (having high speed helps) * The in-game trophy list correlates pretty well (not perfectly but close enough to be useful as a reference) to the PSN trophy list. If there is a need I might work on a trophy guide but I don't really have that kind of time right now.
  18. Update: I think I see what might be causing this. The camera in my Vita is flaky and whenever it stops working (the camera image(s) in the game stop updating) the game is stuck. It will work fine except all sound will stop (for whatever reason) and you are no longer able to enter sleep mode by pressing the power button nor get back to the vita bubble menu screen by pressing the PS button. Trophies still pop in this status unless you press the PS button, in which case nothing happens, and all trophy updates stop despite the game still working. The only workaround is to hold the power button and force a hard reset, which brings up the recovery menu, from where you can boot normally and get back into the game. My Vita has well over 1,000 hours logged and the wear and tear might have already done it in (both analog sticks pull down, too) so it may be time for a new one, but for the trophies here, if you miss getting something that happens only once in the game, you may have no choice but to restore from a previous save if you have one on the cloud or something or restart the whole game. Edit> I managed to platinum the game anyway despite the problems I'm having but I guess I'll just leave this post as an un unexplained mystery of sorts. I'm curious if a faulty camera really is causing all this.
  19. I seem to have a lot of trouble with this game. It was free on PS Plus a while ago but I never got into it that much. Anyway, I collected all the papercraft plans, including one of the sun and two special ones for completing that game but the trophy did not unlock. I see the two other specials I don't have (mini iota and mini aoti or whatever) are *not* required for the trophy but is it worth trying to earn those to see if it pops or should I start a brand new game (which I don't want to do)? I am missing the completionist trophy because of some missing scraps and confetti but I'm not sure if they will help unlock this trophy or if completionist won't unlock because of this. This game is very unstable on my vita. The sound doesn't work at all and the game crashes (freezes; I have to hold the power button and do a hard reset) my vita if I try to put it into sleep mode or press the PS button. I'm not sure if I should delete everything and start over or what. I could back up my save to the cloud and restore it to see that happens there, perhaps. Any suggestions? I don't have any other issues with other games like this (the freezing). Is data corruption a thing? This game used to work just fine when I first booted it up.
  20. I already reported this trophy popped after 93 blue quests but all my other glitches trophies finally popped all at once and I have my platinum now. Odd, I ended up not having my ps4 connected to the Internet and when I played in that offline state everything worked fine. Oh well.
  21. OK, the 80 sidequest truly just popped for me after 93 side quests. Even by not counting the photo ops and distress calls I was well over 80 so something is going on. Anyway, it popped for me after the Crestholm Channels quest for what it's worth.
  22. Yep, 90 sidequests here and no trophy. I counted by hand to make sure I had at least 80 blue sidequests completed (not hunts) and still had nothing. I didn't bother with fishing at all until recently but I got that up to level 2 and nothing happened then, either. Costlemark Tower is also glitching on me so I'm not having a great time with trophies. My other games are all working fine for trophies so I don't know what is going on with ffxv. Did the latest patch break something?
  23. I was about to give this a 3 from personal experience, but music games are my forte, so that might be unfair to the general populace so I bumped it up one. All trophies except for getting at least an A on all songs on the hardest difficulty and perhaps the next lower one are all easy, even for those not so great at these types of games. The hardest difficulty is notably harder and will take a few tries to figure out at least, but everything else, including all the story mode and extra story trophies are all very easy. It's just 1 (maybe 2) trophies pushing the difficulty up as high as it is, but even so I was able to breeze through this game to a platinum without much difficulty, so I could understand a range in difficulty opinions from 3-5 or so. I saw an old trophy guide site that rated this a 6 but I honestly think that is too high.
  24. This was free on PS Plus this month so I downloaded it and was quickly able to finish off the platinum. The story kind of drags but none of the songs are too difficult at all, except the end. I believe there are 27 or 28 songs in total you get to with the "Live" option in the main menu and there are four trophies tied to getting at least an A grade on every song on the four difficulties. The hardest one is a bit crazy at first sight but if you have been playing the other difficulties it isn't too bad compared to some other music game trophy requirements like Superbeat Xonic or Hideboh. There are a couple trophies for failing at the last stage of the final two chapters which might not be so intuitive but even if you miss it you can play just that chapter later anyway. It was about 3 or so hours for the main story, another 2 or so for the extra story and all the rest (4 hours?) going into getting an A or greater on every song. If you have trouble with rhythm games you may need to tack on a few hours to practice though the timing windows are rather large so hopefully it won't be too daunting.
  25. Thanks for the reply. I have been playing through on my vita again and had a close call. I'm making two saves everytime I save and already I've had a case when one was corrupt and wouldn't load despite both being saved one after the other. I'm on the road a lot so portability is something I usually need but if the ps4 version at home crashes again I may get the overseas version.
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