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  1. Find, beat a gorilla and then ride it, using the square button you can let the gorilla smash the ground so you can squash (and thus kill) the frogs.
  2. PSN ID: xBurnoutx Here comes a new challenger trophy GMT +1 although this trophy is timer based so it shouldn't be too bad.
  3. Didnt pop for me either however I do know what caused it. I accidently went back to the main screen but i didnt do the frog trophy yet so I thought what the freck lets do that before i move on with the game. But because I used the up and down to spawn the frogs and kill them with X, without thinking, I accidentally hit New Game which resets you continue game. As mentioned before by others using chapter select doesnt work so I have to get it in my second playthrough whilst getting the hats.
  4. I'm also looking to boost all multiplayer trophies. Online in the evenings and mostly weekends. GTM +1 PSN : xburnoutx
  5. Im also looking to boost the MP trophies and a couple which are easier to do whilst boosting. PSN : xburnoutx Timezone : GMT +1 I'm online quite often in the evenings.
  6. I'm interested i getting all the challenges done plus a couple of co-op trophies. ID : xBurnoutx Timezoe : GMT +1 - Netherlands I have a headset When sending the request please refer to Aliens so I'll know
  7. In the guide you dont recommend the air barry's or gravity belt. I found that while having played this on iOS and on android that this combination is really the way to go and saved me countless of times where it wouldnt be possible to dodge the beams without them. Having an extra token doesnt compare to the speed you receive to dodge beams. I got to 6615m with this gadget set. Off course it still depends on what your game style is. I couldnt get far with the turbo boost gadget where i can imagine some ppl would love it.
  8. 3/10, like others said the level 31 in the challenges is where I needed quite a few tries. I do think I have a new arch enemy ... Random moving bats !
  9. In the Europe store its 1,99 and worth every cent :-D
  10. Voted a 2, its really easy however trying to rush my last playthrough on hard i died a couple of times as I wasnt paying attention and get fed up with the slow firing sniper rifle
  11. I think i spend about an hour on this, it wasnt too bad only for the fact i kept dying around 9200 - 9300 points :-p It surely isnt as bad as allot of other trophies in other games like Dead Space 2 hardcore trophy for example.
  12. Agreed, Zurkon is awesome, he actually leveled faster then my default blaster lolz
  13. If anyone has a EU code left I'll be really greatfull
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