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  1. No worries! I added you. I ended up getting Polyamory done, but i'm around to help if you need me and i'm online
  2. PSN: Crispy_Oglop Time Zone: GMT Times i'm usually free: I'm usually free from 7pm weeknights and all day and evening on Weekends Trophies I need: Polyamory, Lucky 7, Harran Athletics and I'm also up for getting The Bozak Horde done too
  3. Haha! eBay sounds like a good destination for this. I decided to give the level 50 trophy another shot today and by some miracle, I managed to get it. Are you a fan of Adventure Time? I'm insanely late to the party and only just started on the show, along with another one called Steven Universe which i'm loving.
  4. Oh weird, I had to hunt around for a physical copy quite a bit, I might be wrong but I don't think they are manufacturing physical copies of these games anymore.
  5. It's an absolute nightmare, I'm at a point now where I'm actually thinking about giving up. The Limit trophy (get to lvl 50 of the Nightosphere) is completely doable from a skill point of view, but it has crashed in every single run i've done so far. So now i'm at a point where i can either keep going in the hope that it won't crash and potentially pour needless amounts of hours into getting through, or just give up and go and play something else. If you do pick it up, I hear it is freeze-free on PSNow in the US, sadly it's not on the EU PSNow otherwise i'd do that. Good luck, i'm out!
  6. It's the disc version, yeah. I've been progressing normally since then (at the moment working on the maxing out character trophies). The 'Beautopia' trophy (which you get for finishing the Susan Strong 'boss' fight) is missing, even though I have trophies for the next few boss encounters. I'm not too bothered now as I think the window for any tricks or tips to repeat her encounter within this playthrough are too far back. When I get back to her in my second semi-playthrough, I think i'll do a USB save backup.
  7. So I was at the level 50 boss and it successfully completed, then the small snail autosave icon appeared on the top right screen and the game completely froze, locking me out. I restarted the PS3, then the game, it put be back in the hub world and it registered that I completed the boss, but hadn't given me the trophy. Now it looks like i'm going to have to restart the game at some point to get that level 50 boss trophy. Has anyone encountered this kind of thing before with this game? Any solutions?
  8. So I've just got my platinums in Yakuza 0 and Yakuza Kiwami. Both have been two of the most memorable gaming experiences i've had in years and two of my most challenging and satisfying platinum trophies. I loved every single minute of this series and am pretty annoyed at myself for not playing into it sooner. I'm praying to the Dragon of Dojima himself to not let these two things be present in Kiwami 2 where going for the Platinum is concerned: • RNG elements to Climax Battles - the Climax Battles system has been challenging, but some of that RNG business was infuriating. • Final story sequences that are up to a couple of hours long with no save options. I'll still beat the game if these things are in there, but I'm really wishing they won't be.
  9. Oh man, I was looking online for physical copies and it looks like some folks have also realized this, because they are selling copies for high prices. Shame, would have liked to collect the platinums considering a brand new game is coming out this week. Thanks for the insights there
  10. Hey all, I think i might be going a bit mad, it looks like the PS4 digital version of this game is no longer visible on the PSN store. Is anyone else seeing it missing? Weird that it seems to be available outside of the EU and you can only get the PS3 version here instead. Wonder why this is
  11. I ended up finishing season 1 of Dark on Netflix and I've moved on to finally watching The Punisher on the same platform. I'm really loving this depiction of Frank Castle, only a few episodes left!
  12. I've spent 3.5 billion on trying to get Dry Branch, Happy Doll & Straw Effigy. I've tried it across multiple search variants and nothing. This feels like it's beyond RNG, feels broken.
  13. I don't mind that they release these editions, I love this stuff, but for me it feels a bit like they are releasing them as editions of the games rather than standalone collectors items
  14. That game free edition of the game makes literally no sense. Either their marketing team has had one too many lines of coke before coming up with this or they've just handled it clumsily. Bethesda have also done this before too, with the Panzer (?) edition of the game - but it was marketed like an edition of Wolfenstein 2. Which is just one giant contradiction with a dollar value.
  15. I'm about to make a start on Season 1 of Westworld for the first time. Most of my friends are raving about so really looking forward to seeing what's in store.
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